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Shepard did not, in fact, start popping skulls. "They're taking him into the building," Garrus groaned, watching the scene unfold through the scope of his Mantis The turian was torn between cursing at Shepard for stupidly getting himself into such a sticky situation or laugh at Jack for beings to wrong about what the Commander was going to do next. Ultimate, the ex-C-Sec Officer decided to do neither. Shepard and I have been through worse before, Garrus reassured himself, he knows what he's doing.

Jack, on other hand, didn't have that level of confidence in their commander. "That's it!" She shouted angrily, "I'm going down there!" Jack was cold, she was angry and she was fucking tired of waiting around. Blue lightening flashed across Jack's skin, highlighting ever angle of her mostly-exposed form as she coiled and leapt from out of the crevice.

She didn't get far. In the same instant that the tattooed biotic made to jump, Garrus's hand flashed out. His iron grip snapped around Jack's ankle and roughly yanked her back in. Garrus rolled on top of her, pinning the small woman to the ground. "We go," the turian growled at the woman trapped under the weight of his armor, "When Shepard gives the signal." Though his voice was calm and level, Garrus's cheeks flanges were spasming uncontrollably in rage.

"Fuck you," Jack growled, pushing back with inexorable force. The turian may have been larger than Jack, covered in dense bony plates and wearing heavy armor but it was really no contest. The small woman was the strongest biotic ever produced by the human race. There wasn't even any need to hurry. Cobalt power crackled across Jack's limbs as she forced the turian off her body with upper body strength alone. "Fuck you," she repeated, her words as inexorable as her motions, "Fuck Shepard and fuck your signal! Get captured was not part of the plan! I'm done with this fucking waiting!" With a mighty push the turian was flung off Jack. He bounced against the ceiling and would have landed back on the woman he had been grappling with if she hadn't already been moving.

Through the haze of pain, one clear thought cut through Garrus's head. He had to stop Jack. If she charged in now, Shepard was as good as dead. The Suns might want to take Shepard prisoner now but as soon as they saw he had allies, they'd put a bullet through his head. Garrus tested his limbs but nothing was moving yet, catching her wasn't going to work especially since she was faster than him and already partially out of the crevice.

"You owe Shepard more than this," Garrus croaked out, unable to do anything else.

It seemed to be the right thing to say as it halted Jack dead in her tracks. Slowly, she turned to look at the lies prostrate on the blue stone. The fury drained from her eyes. "I don't owe Shepard sh-" came the automatic response but she knew it wasn't true. He's right, Jack realized miserably as she sunk back into a seated position. The man had saved her life again and again. He'd freed her from cryostasis on Purgatory. He'd even tried to free her from her past on Pragia.

But most of all, he treated her like a human being. For that, the ex-con owed him more than anything else.

So, even though it went against ever fiber of her being, Jack sat back down next to the turian. They shot each other vicious, hate-filled looks. "I'm doing this for Shepard," she growled at Garrus, "not you or anybody else."

"I don't care who you're doing it for," Garrus growled back just as venomously, "as long as you stay here and way for the signal." Garrus couldn't stand being crammed into a space with this woman for much longer. If he had to stop her from doing something stupid one more time, it might be permanently. Put it away, Garrus, the turian told himself, the mission comes first. Shepard is going to give the signal any second now…

Seconds passed. And then minutes. And then an hour and still no signal came across their radios. Jack fidgeted and shivered next to Garrus. The turian, by contrast, was completely motionless. After Shepard had been dragged inside, two guards were left at the entrance to the compound. Garrus's bead stayed resolutely trained on the merc to the left. The moment the signal was given, he'd abruptly stop needing a helmet.

The waiting was grating on Jack like she was rolling around on sandpaper. It was bad enough that she was cold and uncomfortable but she was stuck with Garrus-Fucking-Vakarian. To say that the turian annoyed Jack would have been the understatement of the century. In light of recent events, her dislike of the alien was growing even stronger. She was stuck out here with one of her least favorite people in the galaxy while Shepard was probably having all sorts of fun with the Blue Suns trapped inside the base with him…

It was finally too much for the tattooed woman. She jumped to her feet, lightning crackling across her wiry frame. "I'm going," she ground out daring Garrus to stop her to. To the ex-con's surprise, Garrus's only response was a wave of one of his three fingers: the turian military signal for "go ahead." Maybe he's not so insufferable after all, Jack decided as a manic grin split her fine-bone face nearly in two.

Even before Jack started moving, Garrus's finger had been steadily increasing the pressure on his Mantis's trigger. Another millisecond and he would have fired. Garrus couldn't decide if the fact that his patience had broken at the exact same time as Jack should amuse him or piss him off.

Garrus didn't have time to make up his mind because at that instant, his radio blared to life. It was Shepard's voice. "Pull yer pants up, ladies! I'm coming in hot!" Excitement, adrenaline and sheer terror conspired to make Shepard's voice near unrecognizable but there was no mistaking what they meant. In Lysander Shepard's world, this is what passed for a signal. Garrus glanced over at Jack, from the fact that the sadistic grin on her face had somehow manage to widen, the turian decided that Jack had heard him too.

It was a damn good assumption. Jack roared something incomprehensible and leapt out of the sniper's nest, arching high into the air. Blue fury coalesced around her lithe form as she rocketed down towards the building below. Like a vengeful comet, the ex-convict screamed towards the guards who could do nothing but stare.

At the same time, Garrus's finger caressed his Mantis's trigger with all the gentleness of a man reuniting with his like a long-lost lover. The barrel barely kicked at all as the bullet sped from it. The small projectile raced Jack down the hillside towards the hapless mercs below. It almost lost.

At nearly the same moment, the first merc suddenly became half a foot shorter while the other was surprised to discover that someone had replaced his chest-cavity with a tattooed fist. Both crumpled like puppets with their strings cut.

"My dear Jack, would ya be so kind as ta hold the door fer me" Shepard asked over the com's with ironic formality. The sound of gunfire, screamed orders and running feet could be heard clearly behind the Commander's voice.

Jack made an angry rumble low in her throat and she casually pulled the door from its track. "Call me 'your dear' one more time" the biotic threatened, "and I'll pull your skull out through your ear." I'm nobody's fuckin' 'dear.' Least of all Shepard's… she reminded herself viciously but a part of her that she tried to ignore was pleased at Shepard's endearment.

Garrus wished Shepard wouldn't flirt with squadmates on the public channel. It was highly unprofessional and quite distracting. The turian opened up his private channel to Shepard. "You know Commander, one day she's going to follow up on those threats," he reminded Shepard.

The turian could practically hear the shit-eating grin plastered across his friend's face, "Then I'll jus' have ta get ya ta save my sorry ass when she does."

"I won't always be there, Shepard."

"You're here now, ain'tcha? Speakin' of that, see ya in a sec," And the com went dead.

Gunfire rattled out of the opening where the door had been followed quickly by the sprinting form of Shepard. Jack watched him whiz past for position against the side of the building. The asshole was really booking it. His silvery-blond hair was slicked with sweat and plastered against his skull. One of his arms was pumping furiously while the other cradled a cloth-draped spherical object to his chest like a footfall. At every step, little shocks of biotic energy ran down his legs. Jack peaked into the door-hole and saw why.

At least twenty Blue Suns were sprinting down the hallways after the convict's fleeing commander. Jack couldn't have been happier.

"Call fer evaaaaac!" Jack's commander shouted unnecessarily loudly.

She grinned. A corona of brilliant azure fury exploded from her tattooed skin. "Shut up," she growled dismissively at Shepard and charged into the oncoming mercs.

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