I love you so much. You have given me everything, even things that I don't deserve. You are always forgiving, and always showing me love and compassion. Wow! You are truly amazing. Lord, though I don't deserve it I ask that you help me. For I am becoming caught up in wordly things, and not focusing enough on you. I need you Lord! Please tell me what to do, and help me to listen. You are so amazing! I want to thank you for everything. I want to change for you Lord. I want to be able to read your bible forever without getting bored. I want to be able to talk about you to my friends without getting nervous. I want to be able to pray to you without falling asleep, or becoming distracted with wordly things. Lord, I want to fight off the devil and have you right by my side through it all. I want to learn more about you and grow spiritually. I want to talk to you forever without thinking about what my friends are doing, or what I could be doing at that moment. All I want to do is focus on you. But how do I get there God? How do I get to that place where I can do all those things and have my life finally feel complete? I just want to get to that place where nothing can stop me. Where I can be tempted with anything and still stand by you no matter what. I beg of you to help me Lord. Because YOU deserve this. It's the LEAST that I can do for someone who sent his only son to die for me, for MY sins.


God Bless

Authors Note: Do any of you guys feel like this? Like you want to love the Lord and not think about anything else but something is blocking you? Leave a review and tell me your opinion.