Naraku No Hana

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Chapter 1: World So Cold

"I'm too young to lose my soul/ I'm too young to feel this old/

I'm so alone, I'm left behind/ I feel like I'm losing my mind!"

-Three Days Grace "World So Cold"

I'm weightless...floating again... Floating until I hit something. "Ahh...What the heck?" I mutter. I stand up, realizing I'm much smaller than when I went to sleep. I looked around, my eyes feeling much less heavy than they always did.

I saw a soft light ahead of me, thoughts I hadn't had for several years coming to me, it's late, and I should be asleep. Wait, I don't hear Daddy snoring... what's going on? I walked toward the light I could see originating from a small crack in the door ahead of me, pushing on the worn door, its white paint chipping awfully. I looked and saw a boy my age standing over two bodies I could tell were my parents. I gasped sharply, and the boy turned to look at me, "I-I can explain!" it said in a voice I didn't remember belonging to the person I remembered.

I began to cry, falling to the floor and wailing before I screamed "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, NNY? I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND!"

The boy walked up to me, slapping my face as he hissed at me, "Shut up, you pathetic wench! Friends? HA! The Darkness needs no friends!"

He calmly walked over to the old time, lit, oil lamp, "I guess since I've been 'found out' I may as well finish the job. I was going to be nice and let you live, but I guess that since you know, you should go with them."

The boy smiled darkly as he hurled the lamp to the ground which immediately caught fire. He ran to the open window, and with a final smirk, shut it tightly. I screamed before smoke began to enter my lungs and cause me to choke and sputter as my world went black.

My eyes snapped open as I looked around my new room. I'd just ran-err-moved away from my old house and rented a cheep, run-down old one that was in front of a worse off home that I felt was still being lived in for some odd reason.

Just as I'd suspected, I had crashed on the sofa from total exhaustion before waking up two hours later. I sat up and leaned down to stare at a hole in the floor, internally shaming myself. It has been 14 years, Jen, 14 YEARS! It's time we let the past go.

I sighed and got up, walking to the mailbox outside. The mail man was obviously too lazy to take his time and make sure the letters weren't tampered with too badly. Note to self: Find mailman, cut off fingers.

I rifled through the mail, classifying in my mind. Garbage, garbage, more garbage, lame, hello? What's this? It was a brown envelope with my name on it, and exact address... but that wasn't the most interesting part, it was the return address...

To: Jenny G. house 667. From: Johnny C. house 777.

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