Naraku No Hana

Chapter 4: Taking Over Me

"I look in the mirror and see your face/ If I look deep enough/

So many things inside that are just like you are taking over!"

-Evanescence "Taking Over Me "

I left off with meeting back up with Nny, and I do admit that I missed having him as a friend. "I'm really glad to see you, I have been trying to apologize, but no one knew where you were." he said, walking over to his couch.

He sat down and motioned for me to follow. I also walked over until I saw a floating bunny head make its way over to Nny. I stood there frozen, "Who the HECK is that?" I asked, stepping back.

Nny looked at me curiously, "Who?" he inquired.

"She means me." Said the bunny's head.

He looked over to the head and back at me, and repeated that action a fair few times. "Oh, Jenny, this is Nailbunny. Nailbunny, Jenny." he said nonchalantly

"Nny, why did you invite this girl over?" Nailbunny asked. "This couldn't have something to do with the wall, does it?"

"I'm not going to ask." I replied, taking my seat on the couch a short distance away from Johnny. "So, what did you want to tell me?"

Johnny sighed, "I wanted to apologize to you... I know you think I did something horrible, I can promise I never did. I've been living with the knowledge that you hate me, but I've never accepted that fact. I... wanted to know if you'd be willing to...start over." he said.

'Here it is! This is your"in" on your revenge,'

'Huh?' I thought back, I was really confused that Nny had been trying to apologize for the whole 14 years.

'Idiot! He's just making it so easy to let you come in and slowly kill him from the inside out! You need to be the poison running through his veins that will let you have what you've been wanting since it happened! Think of all the years of pain...the straightjackets...the shocking...the injections to get your "sanity" back.'


'Who said you control me? If anything, I have been controlling you! I made your freedom possible! I'm the one making sure that a needle will never pierce your skin ever again!'

'...Shut up.'

'Heck, why don't I take control about now.'

I felt something crawling around my brain, consuming every crevice and every cell being eaten alive, 'Come on, Jenny, let's have some fun.'

"Jenny?" Johnny inquired, coming closer, "Are you ok?"

"Yea, I'm fi-" I began, before falling to the ground, clutching my throbbing head.

"JENNY!" Johnny cried, standing over me, he stood there for a few minutes before he yelled, "I'M GOING TO GO GET HELP!"

"No." I managed to croak out, before the voice took me over completely.

I stood Jenny up, looking to face Johnny, "I'm fine, it was just a really bad headache." I lied, in all truthfulness; it does hurt quite a bit when one of us takes control of her head...but enough about that, it's my turn to be Jenny. "Uh, ok, you kind of scared me there...I thought there was something really wrong." Johnny said.

'No! Nny, there really is something wrong! Get out of my head, Malice!'

'Shut it, it's my turn to take this plan into action.'

"So, um, about starting over..." Nny started shyly, I think I even noticed a blush there too.

"Yes." I said, smiling widely.

"What?" He asked.

"I'd love to start over." I said, my voice dripping with fake happiness.

"Um, thank you, do you want to start catching up?" He asked.

"Yes, but it's a little late. I have to be at work until six tomorrow, but I promise I'll meet up with you wherever you want." I said sweetly, handing him a piece of paper Jenny had written her own number on so she could remember it. "Call me, Kay?" I said

"Yea... uh, ok... see you then, I guess." he said, as I smiled and winked at him before turning and leaving the poor excuse for a house. 'Why do you have to do that to me?' Jenny asked me angrily.

"You were plummeting, darling; I could stand to see you embarrass us like that." I replied out loud.

'But taking over my head is so not an option!'

"Whatever. Do you want your vengeance or not?" I said hatefully.

'I do, but...'Jenny thought sheepishly.

"No buts. We're doing this and that's that... You can have your head back now." I said, reluctantly handing over my control.

When I was finally back from Malice's control, I couldn't help but feel...used. She strung me up like a puppet and I couldn't fight her back. I was ashamed of myself...but I also felt an unexplained wave of guilt.

I know I had been waiting 14 years for revenge, but I wondered then if that was what I really wanted.

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