Taken Away

Sorry for taking so long, but I was busy with some stuff. So this is ch 2 of taken away also I forget to say in the last chapter that the only thing that relates to the movie or the bible version is the characters themselves and the setting in Egypt and the Hebrews are slaves. Also please excuse my spelling and grammar mistakes.

Also the characters and anything else is in the prince of Egypt does not belong to me.



Chapter 2: Getting Away

Moses' Pov

After getting out of the palace walls while avoiding detection by the guards, Moses got to the city, where he saw all the Hebrew slaves working on some building. As he saw them work, he thought 'Is this what I would have happened to me had the pharaoh and his wife not adopted me.

He then saw a Egyptian guard beating a old Hebrew slave for drop his sack in exhaustion. He almost went to the guard but before he could the old man quickly apologized and wisely got out of there as soon as possible.

Moses thought 'I need to get out of here to think without all this anger and pain in my way.'

Moses then went to the city walls and found a small opening in the wall. Which he quickly squeezed through just as a group of guards came by.

'That was close. To close for my liking.' With that though in mind he quietly slipped away from the city and ran into the dessert. When he got about a mile from the city, he heard the siren from the palace.

'Well, someone found out I was gone. This is getting interesting.' He thought as he slipped away into the darkness trying to put as much distance between him and the city before the guards decide to come into the desert on horseback.

Again sorry for taking so long. I hope you don't mind the spelling and grammer mistakes. I promise next chapter will not be in Moses' Pov but in Ramesses. I will also have more then just Moses and Ramesses' Pov but this is mostly from Moses' Pov with a few others every once in a while.