A/N: Hello my lovely readers! This story is based on a prompt on the GKM, where I started posting but I really wanted to share it with you too. I've included the original prompt below, so you can see what inspired this idea (skip it, if you don't like spoilers). Also, please note that my plan is to make these updates shorter, so hopefully that means I can update more often. Enjoy!

PROMPT AU, Kurt lives in Ohio and Blaine lives in New York. They're both in high school. They meet on Tumblr and become best friends, talk on Skype a lot, text each other, etc. They end up developing feelings for each other and start dating.

I'd like to see them being cute over Tumblr, like sending each other cute messages, reblogging those pictures with sappy quotes and stuff and tagging them with each other's names, maybe being in a fandom and flailing over stuff together?

Eventually Kurt visits Blaine in New York, and Blaine shows Kurt around the city and they just be all cute and boyfriends and stuff.

So it's kinda more plotty than kinky, but as for the sexual stuff I tried not to add too much detail because I'm fine with most things except hard kinks, so I'll leave that up to the filler.

FILL - Chapter 1

It had started out innocently enough. Kurt logged on once or twice a week to look at pictures from Broadway musicals he'd never get to see, to read the first hand accounts of people seeing those said musicals & to lament his small town life. And honestly, he couldn't pinpoint the moment that it became so much more than that. Slowly, he started to share pieces of himself that he hadn't even shared with Mercedes or Rachel (and they were his best friends). The number of followers he had increased steadily, until one day it was a three digit number and he didn't know where they had all come from or why they were there. But just knowing that they were made all the difference some days.

Today was one of those days.

He barged through his bedroom door, flung his school bag onto his bed and turned on his computer. The soft hum that filled his room immediately eased his aching heart. He sat down and logged into his tumblr: newyorkbound. He saw the little red number above the envelope and a flicker of happiness passed over his face before the moments of today flashed before his eyes again. He clicked on a new text post instead and let the pain of Karofsky stealing his first kiss pour through his veins and out his finger tips. Obviously he couldn't be too specific but he had mentioned the bullying before and some of his followers kept a running tally of the different slushie flavours the jocks had used. Not because they were being cruel, but because it showed Kurt that someone cared. That someone noticed.

He clicked create post and stepped away from his computer. He stripped off his clothes and climbed into the shower. The hot water carried away his tears as Kurt promised himself this would be the last time he cried over Karofsky. The jocks would not break him.

He dressed in his favourite pair of yoga pants and soft grey t-shirt before he sat down at his computer again. His post had 10 notes already. Most of them were his regular online friends sending their support, but one comment caught his attention. It was from a tumblr he didn't immediately recognize. He checked and saw that it was a blog that followed him and that Kurt followed them back. He was shocked when he realized that the blog was in his Tumblr Crushes (someone he reblogs from the most), and yet he didn't even know the blog owner's name. He clicked on warbleringthrulife and read the brief intro: "My name's Blaine." Kurt learned that Blaine loves coffee, bow ties and was the lead singer of his school's show choir. A small flutter of hope pulsed through Kurt's body as he scrolled through the tumblr. No wonder he reblogged so much from Blaine, they had a lot of the same interests. He would definitely pay more attention the next time he reblogged something, so that he could make a witty comment. For now, he went back to his own page to change the title. Blaine's single word comment on Kurt's soul baring post was perfectly in sinc with Kurt's post-shower determination: COURAGE.

A/N: Yes, I did create their tumblr blogs cause I'm crazy like that! Follow them, if you want, but I promise everything significant will be mentioned in the chapters.