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Challenge Accepted
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Roy easily dodged the fist and struck his bow stridently at the man's jaw, breaking it and knocking him unconscious to the ground. He wasn't fond of having a live audience for this, especially one comprised of members of the League of Shadows.

He required only one certain member of the League alone…

She came at him in a flurry of shurikens and hunger, and they proceeded to duel in a seemingly well-choreographed dance incorporated with underlying tales of clandestine meetings, dark fiery sin, and a yearning; desire; hope—to be together. Fighting was how they communicated, explosive releases of energy were how they interacted, and pinning and biting for dominance was how they loved.

Some fires last forever when fueled by passion.

He could see the flames in her eyes even behind her mask, and could taste the electricity in the air.

"You need to be more gentle next time, Arrow," she teased between punches and swings. "Do you know how hard it is to find a decent assassin in this economy?"

Roy grinned and managed to toss in a shrug before pulling back from a clawed swipe at his chest.

"Not really," he responded, "since I managed to find and keep a more-than-decent one."

Cheshire laughed, her sultry voice alive with bells.

"Flattery will get you everywhere," she replied seductively.

At that moment, Roy saw an opening of attack—an area Cheshire purposely left open when she was in the rare mood. He spun her around with lightning speed, and clicked a pair of handcuffs to her wrists. He pushed her towards the wall in front of them, and as expected, she kicked him. But he had been preparing for this moment. As he fell backwards, he grabbed an arrow only meant for her and fired it.

The arrow sank into the wall centimeters from Cheshire's face, and as she turned, flashes of light spun down the shaft and finally swung to a standstill in front of her eyes.

Cheshire had to admit: Roy Harper definitely had a decent eye for diamond rings.

She looked back to Roy, who had gotten back up and was walking towards her with the world's smuggest grin. It only took a few seconds for her to escape from the familiar handcuffs and tackle him onto the ground once more.

She smoothly removed her mask and tossed her hair in a slow-motion wave of poise and stared back at him with fireworks behind her eyes.

"If you're up for it," was all Roy could say before he was silenced with a sai to his throat and Jade's fervent lips on his own.

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