When Forever is Tomorrow

Chapter 1

In Taforashia, little pain has entered the city walls. After a hundred years, the forever young prince has governed his country well, remaining loyal to his people with kindness and understanding. The land has experienced a prosperity that most countries can only dream about. But even for Taforashia, the dream must end.

In one of the old gardens Pokota finishes looping together the last strands of a flower necklace. The girl who taught him this art is long dead, but her impact on Pokota's life has not been forgotten. The soft cool breeze calmly brushes through his large rabbit like ears as he sifts through the colorful flowers. Today seems like another beautiful day, but it is the beginning of something new.

With a sigh Pokota lowers the necklace and gazes up at the clear blue sky. He cannot place his finger on it, but he knows that today is something special.

"How are you enjoying yourself these days Prince Posel," a cheerful young man says as he floats into view above Pokota.

"I was enjoying it just fine, before you showed up," Pokota says with jovial sarcasm. "I can't remember the last time I saw you Xellos." He pauses. "It's too soon." His words are not malicious, over the past hundred years Pokota has learned a thing of two about Xellos. Although he will be the first to admit that he doesn't understand the Mazoku priest, he knows that the monster desires companionship, and in some small way he has earned Pokota's respect.

"As sarcastic as ever I see," Xellos says as he floats next to him, sitting comfortably on the ground beside him. "I'm afraid I bring bad news."

Pokota only nods solemnly. He isn't surprised, but that doesn't make him happy about it either.

"Well I just thought I would say goodbye for now. I won't be seeing you for a very long time I'm afraid. Although, for you I'm sure it will only seem like a mere moment." Xellos says smiling happily.

Pokota raises an eyebrow in question and tries to hold back a habitual scowl towards the general priest. "That's strange of you to say, even more so than I remember. The first thing you say to me after nearly a decade is 'goodbye?' You must have lost some marbles, it's not like I'm going anywhere. I'd be lucky if I found a way to die of old age. So where are you going?"

"Actually I'm not going anywhere, but I hope that I'll see you again in the future," Xellos says with a fading mask of smiles. "If not, then I'll have to prepare some extra precautions." Xellos opens his eyes and puts a hand on the head of a bewildered Pokota. "There is a prophesy that Filia told me especially for today."

The prince tries to feign disinterest, but his ears unintentionally perk up slightly at Xellos's uncharacteristic touch. The gloved hand of the monster feels strange to Pokota. His hand is neither cold nor warm, but something in between. Shifting his thoughts away from Xellos's hand Pokota rolls through the monsters words.

It isn't everyday that the golden dragon, Filia, gave out a prophecy. And while Pokota doesn't know Filia extremely well, he has been on enough adventures with her to know better than to ignore this information. Not to mention that it is also coming from the mouth of Xellos.

"When forever is tomorrow, life will awaken. A wish of enchantment long dead. A form destroyed by darkness's ghost. A long dead life of the recent past.

Yesterday will rouse its tomb stone. A curse is his unsheathed weapon. A stranger familiar to history. A friend to a foreign future.

Life will find a waiting ageless night. A secret darkness in the light. A light hidden in the darkness. A deliverer of upcoming news"

Xellos pauses and stares down at Pokota, gently removing his hand as he finishes.

"Is that all?" Pokota asks in bewilderment. "I hate prophesies, so why bother. I'd almost prefer your normal 'that's a secret' routine and be done with whatever it is your playing at."

"Well, I'd hate to disappoint," Xellos says, quickly closing his eyes and again reinstating his pesky smile. "There is more to this prophesy of course, but until a later day, it will remain a secret." Xellos waves his finger in front of his face as is his custom when hiding information. "If I can't tell you later than I'm certain your grave stone will tell you the rest."

His grave!

Before Pokota can prepare the ragna-blade spell that he appropriated from Lina, the unchanging green fluff ball blacks out. Only to awaken after a moment of time in what some would deem as forever.

Authors Note: This story will not be updated frequently, if at all. In fact, it may never be truly finished. But I like the idea enough to give this story a try and post the first part.