Summary: After her father found her passed out, he decides to move her across the country after taking a promotion. They move to Beacon Hills, which to Bonnie is normal to an extreme point. Unfortunately Bonnie does not ever get to be normal. BonniexStiles

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"Almost there Bonnie."

Bonnie's eyes came back to focus. What had been nothing but green hours ago, was now a city. They were in town, and seemed busy. Bonnie lifted her head off the window and focused on the windshield, taking in the new setting. Her supposed new home. There were people walking around in casual and business attire. There were fancy cars roaming about. It seemed so busy. So alive. So different.

Bonnie was too used to Mystic Falls. She had grown up there, the small town atmosphere was perfect for her. Not too busy, and she could just mix in with the crowd. Here, it seemed like people needed to be noticed.

She turned to her father, a worried look on her face. Mr. Bennett gave her a smile, and as if knowing what she was thinking he spoke again.

"Don't worry, we won't be living in the hustle and bustle of the city. I found us a nice little house in a quiet neighborhood."

Bonnie let out a small,very relieved sigh, smiling inwardly at her father saying bustle. She did not need to be in an area full of people right now. She wanted nothing more than to be alone and regain her bearings. This whole move was impulsive. Her dad had come home, and sure she was passed out on the floor from doing yet another spell too strong for her. It was not the first time, but she had always made sure to clean up her messes. Her dad had never bought into the whole magic and witchcraft thing, and because of that Bonnie made sure to not have him involved in anything in that part of her life. Bonnie had watched her friend's parental figures get involved in anything supernatural and watched many of them die. The pain of permanently losing a family member to death was something Bonnie was not willing to experience. She considered herself capable of handling a lot, but that was not something she wanted to take a chance on. So she lied and said that she was feeling too much stress and she was tired. Her father associated those feelings with Mystic Falls, and in a weeks time he dropped the news that they were moving clear across the country to a place called Beacon Hills.

"We're almost there."

Scott should have turned around as soon as he stepped into his best friend's room. Something had told him that Stiles was being weird again when he had gotten a text from him telling him to come over. He was sitting at his window, staring out of it. At the abandon house next to him. Scott was about to turn around and leave when Stiles turned to him, and jumped in fright.

"Fuck Scott, don't do that!"

Stiles looked as if he had just had a mini heart attack. Typical of him. Scott made his way over to where his Stiles was hiding as well as recovering from his scare. As soon as he was close he looked out the window to see a girl walk past the window across from Stiles's. Scott became even more confused just by that. Suddenly he was pulled down to the same level that Stiles was.

"Why are we down here?"

"Because pretty girl across the way, that's why!"

Stiles answered as if it was the most obvious thing on the planet. Scott got on his knees so he could be a little more comfortable. Stiles stayed in his crouched position.

"Stiles, you realize how weird this is?"

"Yeah this coming from you? Less we forget the Allison drama", Stiles said under his breath. Scott hit him in his arm.

"Ouch dude!"

"Dude I can hear you!"


Both Scott and Stiles stood up. Scott gave him an annoyed look. Stiles recognized that look as everyone usually gave it to Scott.

"Remember my condition!" Scott waved his arms around. Stiles was about to say something, when a voice called out to them.


Both boys jumped, immediately turning to the door. There was no one there.

"Turn around you two. At the house you were spying on!"

Both Stiles and Scott froze, not wanting to turn and see what they feared most.

"Turn around and meet our neighbors Stiles."

Both turned back to the window, making sure to wave at three figures standing there. There was Stiles father with an annoyed look on his face. The man beside him had the most amused look on his. He was waving at them, and from what Stiles could tell, was trying not to laugh at them. The girl beside the man, a young black girl, around their age, was holding herself, and looking at them. She looked tired. That was the first thing Stiles noticed. But even from their distance, Stiles felt everything in him bubble up.

"She's perfect."


Eventually the boys left the window, of course at John's insistence. Mr. Bennett had asked if they had want to come over. Bonnie gave her dad one of the deadliest looks ever. John noticed it, and smiled. He declined the offer, but asked if he could help Mr. Bennett with anything. Mr. Bennett said there were a few heavy boxes that Bonnie needed. Of course John agreed to help, and decided on accepting that offer about the boys coming over.

Scott could tell that Stiles was overly excited about this. He did nothing but roll his eyes, and helped out. In less than five minutes all the "heavy" boxes were upstairs, most of them in Bonnie's room. She thanked them, and closed her doors. Scott just smiled. Stiles felt as if he had just gotten the sweetest present, and then it was taken away form him.


"She's even more gorgeous up close..."

Scott rolled his eyes. Stiles was so wide eyed and enamored. Scott had to wonder if he was this bad when he and Allison had just started out?

Not wanting to actually think about his behavior during that time in fearing that it was as embarrassing as it could be, he pulled his best friend away from the door, and they made their way down stairs. Immediately they both stopped at the sound of two voices.

Mr. Bennett and Sheriff Stilinski.

"That's your son?"

"Yeah, the one with the short hair, the black haired on is his best friend. Both headaches."

"I'm sorry; for the headache thing, not the son thing."

"No I got it. I just hate that this is how you are meeting him. I swear he is a well adjusted teen with slight attention issues. Well major attention issues, and he does not listen much. And he has a habit of getting himself in trouble, and involved in things he should not. Plus he is a little dense...But he is a bright boy."

The other man laughed at that.

"Anything on the other one?"

"He is not the brightest, but he is a damn good kid."

"That's all?"

"Yeah, he isn't my kid, but that's all there is to Scott at times. He had health issues a little while back, asthma and all that. But he seems to be okay now."

"Hm, not impossible for it to just go away."

"Yeah. There was some trouble not too long ago and he was involved, but he was not in anyway a suspect in that. Too good of a kid."

"Hey no judging."

There was a brief pause as well as the opening of a can. Only a few seconds letter, a grunted yes was heard, and then another opening of a can. The conversation continued shortly after.

"So tell me, why did you move clear across the country to Beacon Hills?"

Another silence.

"For Bonnie."


"I brought my daughter out here because it would be safer for her."

Sounds of a gulp and a sigh. Stiles called it the drinker's sigh.

"What do you mean?"

Scott turned to Stiles who was just as focused on the conversation as well. Scott turned back to the voices when it started up again.

"That environment was so negative for her. I know she can handle herself, she was forced to. But finding her on the floor, passed out and with blood around her..."

Scott was become irritated with these pauses.

"Now I admit that I had not been there much for her as I should have been, but that's why I moved her here, so I can keep a better eye on her. I try as hard as I can to be a good father, but you can't do that while you are always traveling around the country, so you can provide a good life and home for for your child. The only way I could be there for her like she deserves, was to move her away from everything she has ever known. I had been too scared to just that, in fear of her having to adjust to new people and everything. But coming home the last time, I just knew I had to man up. I had no idea how bad it was for her.

She resents me right now. She won't say it, but I know it. And I am okay with it. Just as long as I can get my little girl back."

It seemed like Mr. Bennett was finished. There was nothing but silence in the room. So silent that Scott did not notice Bonnie coming down stairs.

"Hey", she greeted them causing both teens to jump. Both fell to the ground, exposing themselves to both Mr. Bennett and John.

"What the hell, you two?"

Stiles and Scott both got up, shuffling and swinging limbs trying to regain composure, and balance. Bonnie watched from the side, confused as to what was happening. She had to admit it was nice being around two normal teenagers for once.

"Scott, Stiles!"


"Mr. Stilinski."

The next five minutes were John lecturing the boys, Mr. Bennett laughing while reassuring that no harm was done, and Bonnie backing out of the area. Before they left, Stiles looked to see if she was anywhere in sight.

Nowhere to be seen.

Bonnie had returned to her room, making sure to close her blinds. She looked at all the boxes around the room, sighing at the work she had to do. Tomorrow was Saturday, so she had time to unpack, and her father was taking them to go get some new furniture. Then Bonnie was going to have to explore the town, eventually having to learn everything about it if she was going to live here. Her weekend was going to bee nonstop work making this house feel like a home. Then sometime during that, she was going to have to start school. Her father said to give a week, but Bonnie thought it would be much easier to get it out of the way now.

She sat on the lone mattress in the middle of her bed, taking out her phone and made a call back home.


The young girl smiled at the sound of her friend squealing her name.

"Hey Caroline."

"My God, I know you've only been gone for not even a day, but I miss the hell out of you!"

"I miss you too Caroline."

Bonnie moved her knees closer to her chest. The sound of Caroline made her hate her current location more than she should.

"We all do."

Caroline did not need to say it, but Bonnie understood who she was talking about. Right before Bonnie was uprooted, she was in the middle of helping Elena deal with her transition. She was also having to hide Klaus, who was Tyler, as well. It was during a spell to bless a ring, as well as a spell to locate Tyler, the spirit. She was worried that she might have lost him. The guilt she felt afterward affected her greatly, but it was not the time to crack under it. Especially with Caroline worrying about him. That was what happened though. She did crack, and for the first time in months, she got a nose bleed, and she fainted.

When she came to, there was a beeping noise. Her father had taken her to the hospital, after that she got news that they were moving to California. Dad had gotten a promotion and it would require him to permanently relocate to California.

She listened to Caroline speak about the last week, which Bonnie had been absent for. Elena was doing fine, Stefan and Damon were handling the situation as best as they could. Jeremy was upset at how involved they were, Matt was really sad, Bonnie knew it was PTSD. There was no way that could have happened to him without it affecting him somehow. And Caroline was there taking it in with stride. Bonnie smiled at how Caroline had stepped up to take on the situation.



"I hope you have fun in California."

"Thank you. I will call you almost everyday you realize that."

"I know..."

Bonnie waited. She knew Caroline wanted to say something else.

"What's wrong Caroline?"

"Nothing! I just...I..."

She stopped again.

"I want you to not worry about us. Elena will be alright. Jeremy will be okay. Matt will be fine. I will make sure of it. You just relax and enjoy California."

"Caroline stop talking about California as if it is a different country. Plus I live in Beacon Hills. It is not exactly stereotypical California."

Bonnie did not receive an immediate answer from her friend. Bonnie had thought she had scared off Caroline. Over a simple comment, she doubted it, but the fear was there. She might have lost a possible connection to home. Something she missed so much in her state. She was about to hang up when Caroline's voice, soft and solemn, rang through her phone.

"Can we stop saying California?"

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