Hermione ducked her head at the last second – hearing a large pop as the glass of the driver's window blasted out. Rage rode her every thought – who the hell did Keith think he was playing with? Yanking her wand from her back sheath Hermione flung a spell out the window. She didn't even bother to see where it went before she blasted the door away from her legs – the metal screeching once more as it moved.

She took a cursory glance at her thigh – a trickle of blood wound its way down to her ankle, but it was superficial. Looking at Draco's immobile body made fury rise inside of her along with a huge dose of fear. She had a moment to check his pulse – it was there. Letting out a breath she slithered over his body and out through the open window hitting the hard ground with a thump.

Jumping to her feet she spun towards Keith, her face a threatening mask of hatred. He was slowly getting up, gun wavering; she must have clipped him with her spell. Satisfaction hit her along with a wave of energy. Hermione's hair started to float up and away from her, magic rode the very air; she didn't have time to wonder at it. Her anger had awoken a wild magic in her veins – a primal instinctive magic, one to protect.

Keith levelled the gun; Hermione raised an arm and her wand all but exploded from her grip. A silver tendril blasted from the end curling itself around Keith's body like a rope – holding him three feet above the ground. His panicked eyes held Hermione's and she flicked her wrist. The coil tightened; Keith's eyes bugged and she felt a strange power crawl over her. It was not a nice feeling. She let him fall to the ground.

"You crazy bitch, I should've killed you when I had the chance – I guess killing your partner was a start, thought he would put up more of a fight." Keith rasped haughtily.

Hermione snarled as she strode over to where Keith was now on his hands and knees struggling for breath. Without a thought she kicked him in the stomach – he doubled over in pain, holding himself and gasping even louder, it sounded sweet to Hermione's ears.

Still groaning Keith managed to squeeze a few more audible words out. "My father Claude was right. You all deserve to be stripped of magic – each and every last unnatural one of you."

Hermione stopped in her tracks – Keith was Claude's son? It made sense in a bizarre way; they were both very tall with dark hair – although Claude's had been greying. It was the nose she realised after a moment – they had the same beak–like nose, why hadn't she noticed?

"We will continue to rise – this operation of WAMs was only the tip of the iceberg – watch your back. I'm going to make sure you pay more than anyone else, Hermione Granger."

She smiled wryly at the beaten man before her. "Get in line. I'm going to make sure every wizard in Azkaban knows what you and your father were plotting."

"Azkaban? But I'm human! You can't put me in there with those monsters."

"I can do what I want, Keith. You're in my world now," she retorted cruelly. His shocked expression made her smirk. He'd most likely end up in a Muggle institution – but he didn't know that. As she watched, his face lost its fear and an unnerving cocky smile took its place.

"So I guess I shouldn't have killed Fabian then. It was purely accidental; the boot of a car is a rough place to be untied during a chase. I got what I wanted though from the lab - the blood-cure schematics." He pulled out a sheath of paper from his back pocket as Hermione's stomach dropped through her feet. She hadn't seen Fabian yet – was he dead? "I've also sent it to five different WAM members in case something happens to me. Too bad – Dr Munroe was an excellent prisoner…sorry scientist. Imagine what else WAM could have gotten him to discover."

Hermione blanched and her stomach tightened, without any preamble she snapped her wand at him, the tendrils tightening around him once more. Anger at the situation had left her numb and void, Draco and Fabian – both hurt or dead, and she was helpless. The only emotion she had left was pure hate for the man currently in her wands grasp. How she ever thought what she felt for Draco was hate she didn't know – it was nothing compared to this. As the air left Keith's lungs she felt a small tingle on her shoulder, she didn't want to turn, but the small soft voice in her ear made her drop Keith back to the ground – though still tethered with magic.

Fabian had a steady hand on her shoulder, his eyes wide yet tinged with something she knew well, rage. Relief flowed through her as she grabbed him in a one armed hug.

"He said you were dead," Hermione exclaimed.

"It takes more than a rough ride and a few words to kill a Munroe." His eyes were hard as they glared at the bound Keith, but his voice softened as he addressed her. "You actually care?"

"Of course I do, you're one of us now."

His grin was wonderful as she gazed at his bloody and bruised face and neck – she couldn't see any other injuries lower, as his torn tuxedo was still intact. It seemed the bumpy ride in the boot had done some damage after all.

"Let me." He held his hand out for her wand – Hermione looked at it blankly, thoughts crowding in her mind. "Hermione…Keith was one of my chief jailors…"

It suddenly clicked – he didn't want to stop her hurting Keith; he wanted his own revenge. Could she do it though – could she let Fabian do something he may come to regret? She figured everyone should have a choice.

"Do not kill him – he needs to answer for his crimes and tell the Ministry what WAM are planning." Fabian's eyes fell to the side; she knew he was struggling with the restraints she'd put on it.

Taking a deep breath, he nodded. Hermione raised an eyebrow at him. "Okay, alright – I swear. Go to Draco."

Hermione's heart suddenly kick-started in her chest – Draco. The complete arrogant prat who'd infiltrated himself firmly in her mind and body as someone she couldn't imagine living without. It was the scariest thing she'd ever admitted to herself, yet it seemed fitting and right. She had to make sure he would survive – he'd had injuries before, hell in this line of work it was common place. But, she'd never had to witness it before – or in actual fact she'd never really cared before. Hermione didn't try to analyse the feelings welling up inside of her as she ran for the car, she took it for what it was. She actually cared about the arse – more than she ever thought possible over such a few short adrenaline filled days. She hoped she'd have a chance to tell him.

Yanking the car door open she dragged his body from the vehicle, ignoring paramedics 101 of not moving a victim – time was of the essence. As quickly and carefully as she could, she laid him on the ground, his blonde hair fell over his forehead messy and unkempt – he was so damn handsome. Hermione kicked herself – ogle later – save now.

She heard a high pitched shriek from behind her and didn't bother to look at what Fabian was doing – he knew the rules. Hermione couldn't immediately see Draco's wound, so she placed one hand on his shoulder and checked the pulse on his neck with her other – it was still beating strong. But where was he hurt? Lifting her hand she felt something sticky – her palm which had rested on his shoulder was covered in blood – Draco's blood and a lot of it. Her stomach plummeted.

"Shit." She whispered and pushed the tuxedo jacket back – seeing a huge blood-red splotch marring his pristine white shirt. Hermione let instinct take over and straddled his still body. Sitting on him she leant down and grasped both sides of Draco's face and shut her eyes concentrating. If somebody like Draco could wield a healing spell – Hermione damn Granger should be able to ace it. All she really needed to do was make sure the bullet hadn't done any damage.

Squeezing her eyes tighter she tried with every fibre of her being to knit her healthy chi with his. She felt nothing, not a twinge. Swearing out loud she tried again – nothing. What the hell had Draco done? Then she remembered with clarity – he said they had to have extreme close contact – Hermione slammed her lips onto Draco's giving her everything into the kiss without thought.

Suddenly she felt heat tingle through her and a slight tugging in her core – it was working, the damn spell was working. She felt triumph race through her, she'd done it. Then she heard, well actually felt a chuckle. What? Arms curved around her and in a blink of an eye Hermione was spun over onto her back with a laughing Draco looking down at her. She frowned; annoyed at the fact he should be resting – not making her heartbeat increase exponentially.

"What are you doing, Granger?" Draco chuckled, his eyes crinkling at the corners, she forgot to breathe. "I mean really? I'm curious."

His tone sunk in – he was mocking her. Bastard. All thoughts of being nice and flirty evaporated – how did he do this – make her feel ridiculous? "Saving your bloody worthless life – you were shot. Louis would kill me if you died."

"I remember it well – clipped my shoulder, nothing more – no, what I want to know is why you were kissing me – worried about my immortal soul?"

Hermione felt heat wash over her face. "I was using the healing technique you used on me in the tunnels." He cracked up laughing – but still held her close much to her annoyance. "Probably shouldn't have bothered," she spat.

"Such a gifted brainy witch you are – you do realise it takes at least 3 years of intense practise to master the art of healing?"

Looking up at him she felt the need to defend herself from his laughter. "I don't care - it worked."

Draco smiled again, an enigmatic gesture which made Hermione narrow her eyes. "If you say so…I just don't understand why you can't admit that you saved me because you actually like me a little."

"I like you a lot," Hermione blurted without using her brain-mouth filter. She shut her eyes appalled she had let something so important out without thinking about the consequences.

Draco didn't tease her as she expected, instead he leant down and pressed his lips softly to her forehead, resting there for a moment. Somehow the small show of affection more intimate and revealing than having sex. It indicated feelings, her heart leapt up in her throat – did Draco want more than to just sleep with her? Did he actually reciprocate some of the strange feelings welling up in her chest? Hermione knew she had been in denial about Draco for the longest time – but it wasn't easy giving up ten years' worth of misplaced anger at someone. Should she ask him?

Before she could say anything he'd let her go, jumping up and grabbing his wand from the car. He looked fine she realised – not a falter in his movements at all. What he said filtered through her mind – did she heal him – or did he use her and heal? She knew which it was and felt anger at his mockery. He could have just said. Now she felt twice the fool. Sighing in exasperation, Hermione sat up and heard the faint sirens of the Ministry's security force. Soon Aurors and wizards would be everywhere, at least she knew Fabian's tracking bracelet worked. Within seconds of her thoughts, Louis popped into existence next to his car. Hermione started in shock and looked up at him. He was furious.

"My car – what in blazes…" He seemed to lose his trail of thought as he looked at the situation. He glanced at the paddock – the other upturned car about twenty metres away and Draco and Fabian who had dragged Keith and the unconscious driver into the car's headlights and were currently securing them. He finally looked down at Hermione sitting in the dirt and raised an eyebrow angrily.

"Sir?" Hermione questioned – knowing Louis wasn't someone you could just blabber information out to. She stood up and straightened herself out like an Auror cadet and waited. He was muttering more to himself than to her.

"I should have bloody known…I was told of the security situation when Fabian set his tracking device off and went to get my car – it was gone…Granger!" He yelled the last part. "What the hell happened?"

Hermione spent the better part of twenty minutes explaining everything – but even then Louis still looked furious about his car being commandeered. The only time his mouth could have almost twitched was when Hermione told him it was quite obviously the fastest, best car for the job which is why she chose it. She didn't add that it was the only car she knew where the spare key was hidden. She was also miffed Draco hadn't come over to help her placate their furious boss. Hermione's arse was getting grilled and she didn't like it.

It took almost another two hours by the time the clean up crew came out and they had given all their statements. Keith's bombshell about having the 'blood-cure' turned out to be nothing more than a receipt from E-bay. Keith had brought himself an original movie poster from Alien. Hermione shook her head when she saw it – seems like he was a closet monster lover.

Fabian had once again been taken by the medi-witches to St Mungos for observation overnight – both Draco and she passed their scrutiny. She hugged Fabian tightly before he disappeared and promised to come past in the morning with a properly ground coffee for breakfast. The Doctor really was part of their little gang she realised as she watched Draco shake his hand and slap his back like an old comrade.

Hermione was still ridiculously wired and just wanted to go home and soak in her bath, idle thoughts of leaning up against Draco in the tub getting more starring time than she liked. Then Louis's booming voice broke her fantasy.

"Since you are so enamoured of my car, Granger – you and Malfoy can bloody well drive it back and get it fixed – I want it in pristine condition in front of COT's offices by tomorrow afternoon." With a pop, Louis Apparated, leaving Hermione and Draco alone in a field with a beat up car and sirens fading into the background.

"Do you have your wand?" Draco finally asked. Hermione shook her head. Draco assumed Fabian must have it still. "Louis took mine, bastard – he knew yours was gone. Why the hell out of all the cars did you take his?"

He saw her stiffen at his tone – he hadn't meant for it to come out so rough but he knew already by the set of her shoulders he was in for a fight. He couldn't wait.

Raising an eyebrow he waited for the onslaught; instead she spun – took one look at his face and stormed over to the car. What – no fight? Draco would be lying if he said he wasn't disappointed, he found Granger incredibly sexy when furious. Louis's car turned over a few times and finally grumbled into life, Hermione sat there staring straight ahead – waiting. So Draco took his time getting into the car – noticing the scowl which started to take over her face. Good – he was getting somewhere. Why he wanted to annoy her – he honestly didn't know, but he loved it. He loved how fiery she was and how she attacked him and gave as good as she got. Most people let him win arguments – she never did. He felt his chest do strange things when he replayed her small slip of the tongue earlier – she liked him a lot. He was completely entranced with this witch, and her many hidden talents. His cock woke up at the thought.

They drove across the paddock in blanket-thick silence, Hermione's angry, his borderline aroused – it was an odd combination. Draco would admit he was almost desperate to have Granger wrapped around his cock again. He just had to make her admit she wanted it out loud, and anger was the only way he knew how. Then he suddenly figured out exactly what to say to make her explode.

"Manfred told me all about your little – problem."

Hermione chanced an angry glance his way. He could see her itching to ignore him, but she was too curious for her own damn good. Perfect. "Problem?" she finally asked tightly. "I have no idea what you mean."

Grinning he replied. "You know – your lack of men problems…and the fact he thought I would be perfect for the pouty Miss Granger. I have to say his spell on the mirrors had very intriguing side-effects. Manfred also had some very interesting observations about you…"

He heard her sharp intake of breath and was extremely impressed when she didn't immediately attack him with words – she exhaled and stayed quiet. Her self control was utterly amazing. But he didn't let it go – oh no, it wasn't the Malfoy way.

"Hmmm, yes – what did he say – 'Granger is quite the prude, and would do well with a few lessons in love'." Manfred hadn't said anything of the sort, but Hermione wasn't privy to that knowledge. Draco had gone and confronted the owner of Keymosabe earlier in the day - the poor terrified man had told Draco everything.

Hermione slammed on the brakes and Draco flung his hands out before him – hitting the dash hard. "What the fuck are you do…" He didn't finish his sentence.

She spun around eyes slitted and her mouth set in a straight line, her hair had fallen from its up-do and her rumpled dress had stains on it. Hermione looked more gorgeous than he thought humanly possible, and he realised in a moment of clarity he wanted her all to himself – Mine, the possessive word flitted through his mind. Stunned at his thoughts he only just caught what Granger said. "For your information, Draco Malfoy – I am not a prude, what we did in our dreams is only a taste of what I can do."

Draco suddenly found his mouth dry. "Prove it." Did he really just utter that?

With determination riding the air she watched him for a moment, like she was making a decision. He didn't dare breath. Her eyes dragged along his body taking him all in, he felt his prick once again take notice in his pants – damn, what this witch was capable of with only a look.

Then with a sly cat-like smile she licked her lips and he felt his cock twitch. Merlin. "The thing is, Malfoy – it will take a lot longer than you think to prove my every skill."

"I'm counting on it taking quite some time…" He rasped; letting the implication hang in the air – short of saying he wanted her every night in his bed for the foreseeable future, he didn't know what else to say. Draco had never told a woman before that he wanted to have a relationship of sorts – he didn't know what to say or do. He felt at a loss, and wasn't sure what to do if Granger said no. It was a novel experience and he found he liked putting himself on a proverbial limb where she was concerned – he just hoped she felt an inkling of what he did. It wasn't anything all-consuming yet – but he knew it could be, the possibilities with this witch were boundless. It surprisingly excited him to no end. He shook his head, if somebody told him at Hogwarts he would end up lusting after the bushy haired scholar – he'd have beaten them senseless. He was suddenly annoyed at his younger self for his stupidity.

Hermione placed the car in park and hung her head over her hands which gripped the steering wheel – he just watched, breath still lodged in his throat – what was she thinking? Did she want him? Had he done enough to prove he wanted her? Merlin – should he profess his undying lust?

Draco heard her take a deep breath in as she whispered, 'I'm so going to regret this…' then she straightened up and swung her body towards him, knees tucked up underneath her. The front seat was a bench so no gear shaft stuck up from the middle and she slid her entire body across until her knees hit his thigh. He still hadn't said a word; Draco wanted no part to breaking the spell Granger was suddenly creating around him.

Her eyes held his and he wondered at the depths and thoughts she had hidden behind the chocolate brown irises. For the first time in his life he actually wanted to know what another person was thinking, yep his 'I'm turning into a girl' theory had now officially been declared fact. Draco Malfoy had feelings and he was actually a little concerned, what did this mean for his reputation?

Then Hermione was right there, leaning in – of her own accord. Draco met her halfway and cupped the back of her head softly, enjoying the anticipation of the moment. Her soft lips nipped the corner of his mouth…and he lost control. Grabbing her waist he flung her onto his lap while devouring her lips – what was it about her? She made him lose his head. As her tongue pushed into his mouth he felt a predatory growl rip itself from his throat, fuck this – he wanted her naked and wanted it now, and what Draco Malfoy wanted – he got.

Hermione's head was whirling – Draco was pulling the zip down on the back of her dress in the front seat of their boss' car. She grinned wickedly as excitement curled around every single nerve ending in her body. As his hands deftly unsheathed the top of her dress so it pooled around her waist she'd been unbuttoning his shirt. Hermione pushed it off his shoulders and leant back breathing heavily from their frantic kisses. She noticed only a soft spray of pink dots on his flesh – the only thing to indicate a bullet wound had been there. Then she got distracted by his actual chest.

Of course she had seen him in only his Calvin's when they were in the forest – but she was not allowed to touch him then, now she had free reign. Leaning down she caught a pink nipple in her teeth and tugged, making a rough sound escape his throat. Draco was very vocal with his deep voice and groans – it made Hermione wetter than she thought possible. She ran her hands along his pecks and then lower, tracing the bumps of his abdominals, she felt like swooning and she was no shy virgin maiden. Draco was all hers for the taking, Hermione felt like the luckiest witch on the planet in that moment.

While she was admiring his chest, Draco was doing the same to her. The soft grey strapless bra hugged her breasts making them pop out the top slightly. He pushed her hands back away from him and leant forward letting his tongue trail from the hollow of her neck down to the crevice between her breasts. Grasping one in his hand he kneaded lightly making Hermione quake with want, then he quickly snapped the bra open so it fell away from her body. He didn't waste any time before capturing a hard nipple in his warm mouth. Hermione sighed and arched into him, needing some friction. She was still sitting on his lap and she could feel his hardness under her arse – she wanted it closer.

As she went to move Draco held her firm instead and began assaulting her neck with wet kisses, making her knees weak. Then a hand slid up the inside of her dress until it came in contact with the small wispy piece of underwear.

"New?" He questioned with a grin in his voice. Hermione could only nod as his fingers quested underneath into her waiting wetness, making her shudder. His finger slid through her wetness finding Hermione's clit where he rubbed and teased until she was a moaning writhing mass of nerves. He knew exactly how to touch her and when to let up so she wouldn't come – she was a lust-driven mess.

Gasping in a quick breath she grabbed his head and shoved her tongue down his throat as he flicked her clit with his calloused thumb. It was heaven – the build up was so intense, as if she had been waiting for his hands for eternity. As it became almost too much, Draco slid two fingers straight up into her and she screamed out at the change of pace. His thumb still stroked her clit as he pumped slowly, letting a third finger slide in, she let her knees fall to the side. Hermione felt like a wanton slut on Draco's lap and she didn't care.

Draco pulled his mouth away from hers and pushed her back so her breast was within reach and he bit into it softly – it was enough. Hermione was suddenly on the top of a wave and came crashing down in a blinding light of nerve endings as she clenched around his fingers in an intense orgasm. As she caught her breath she couldn't fathom how he could do this with only his fingers. Shit – imagine having free reign in a bed with every part of him exposed. It did strange things to her insides.

Draco chuckled sexily as she curled herself around him kissing his neck softly and moaning contently.

"Do you know that's all I've wanted to do to you since this whole dream fiasco started?"

Draco's words stopped her small exploration of his throat. "Do what?" She questioned.

"Make you lose control, make you see I wasn't the most horrible wizard on the planet."

Hermione smiled. "I never thought you were horrible, just an obnoxious little brat with too much money and an ego the size of…"

"I get the picture," he laughed. "I'm curious though, what changed your mind about me?"

She heard the sincerity in his voice and knew now was the defining moment, she could either be aloof and walk away with her heart and pride intact – or she could be reckless – the one thing she promised herself she would be if she survived Claude's torture.

"Honestly, many things did – but the defining moment was the way you defended Fabian, wanted to save him when I couldn't – you're a brilliant operative, smart sometimes and surprisingly funny too." She ignored his small protest of 'surprisingly funny' and continued, "You are a good person, Draco. One I'd like to get to know better – if you'd like…" Hermione tried and failed at keeping the small uncertainty out of her voice – she promised herself she would be strong.

Lips crashed down on hers smothering her in open mouthed kisses designed to take her breath away – it worked. "I can honestly say – I would very much like to get to know you, Granger – just as long as you don't run away at my kinky sexual appetites."

Hermione smiled; sliding off Draco's lap and completely disrobed – leaving her naked in the dash-lights of the car, she saw Draco's eyes drinking in every inch of her exposed body – it made her feel beyond gorgeous.

"As long as you can keep up with my appetites, then we will be fine. Now - take your pants off…" She whispered huskily. He complied almost comically fast. Leaning back his trousers came off in one movement, his cock springing to life - hard, mouth-watering and all for Hermione. As she leant over and completely engulfed his prick in her mouth, she let her hand trail down the side of the seat. She felt the lever a moment later as she popped Draco's cock out of her mouth, swirling her tongue along the head.

Grasping the bit of metal she yanked on it, the front seat fell backwards so Draco was lying down. He yelped in surprise but Hermione had cupped his balls and started to fist his cock. He leant back, a hand covering his face as he swore sweet nothings about her hot mouth. She smirked each time he twitched and tried to control it. As her rhythm increased she felt his hand grasping the back of her head, and gently he tugged her back.

"As much as I want to come down your gorgeous throat I want to be inside of you more, Granger."

She gulped at his words. He pulled her so she was laying straight on-top of him, his hardness pressed against her soft belly. Draco grasped her head in both hands and stared deep into her eyes.

"I am going to fuck you so hard, Granger - I'm the only man you'll ever think about again." With those words resounding in her brain he flipped her so she was underneath him lying down on the leather seat.

Nudging her knees open with his, Hermione opened herself to him, body and mind. She was a damn fool, but happy to take the chance. Draco looked down at her, his usually smirking face strangely tender in the car consoles dim lighting. Her heart pulsed, whether in anticipation or something else she couldn't figure out.

Then he was there, sliding himself gloriously into her. She arched her back as Draco leant down and kissed her, his entire length encased deep inside. She wriggled slightly adjusting to him, and sighed at the all encompassing feeling of being full. He lightly licked her lips and she giggled without meaning too, he smiled in response.

"What?" He asked softly.

"I'm about to get screwed on Louis' front seat – in a car he restored by hand, with a wizard I could hardly stand a week ago."

Draco chuckled, the feeling going right through to his cock lodged inside of her, it was the strangest sensation and she squirmed. "So you can stand me now?" He asked and pulsed his dick again making her squeal.

"Barely…" She smirked; just as he pulled out quickly and thrust hard back into her making Hermione lose any thoughts about teasing him further.

His pace was incessant. Draco pulled out agonisingly slow, then thrust harder each time. Hermione threw her head back and moaned each time he slid deeply. She didn't think he could fuck her any more forcibly; she felt like the seat was groaning underneath her and would just fall through the floor of the car. Her mind was turning into mush; nothing existed except the next thrust, the next groan – the next wet messy kiss. It was perfect and Hermione knew she wouldn't regret any decisions she made about this wizard. What was life if you didn't take a chance? Draco growled as his pace increased and suddenly Hermione was being slammed. She lost coherent thought as heat encased her body again, she couldn't believe she was about to orgasm for the second time in such a short space of time – it was a luscious feeling.

She yelled out her release as Draco bellowed in her ear twitching deep inside of her. He slumped slightly to the side so as not to crush her with his dead weight and after a few moments of panting – he nuzzled her throat, kissing her softly before finding her lips again. Hermione was a goner.

"Well, that was…"

"Unexpected." Hermione finished and grinned. Draco looked around the car for a moment before a smile took over his face – it was amazing to be on the receiving end of it.

"I really hope Louis has excellent insurance – sex stains would have to be covered somewhere. I know they are on mine."

Hermione smacked him with a laugh then frowned, "you arrogant son of a bi…"

Draco cut off her retort with another knee-weakening kiss and suddenly she forgot what she was annoyed at.

Three Months Later:

Draco sat back and looked at his handy-work. It looked secure enough but he wasn't sure, and in this instance he needed to be certain it would hold. He tugged once more and felt satisfaction along with a huge dose of arousal.

"Have you finished?" Hermione's rather breathless voice floated up from below him.

"Patience is a virtue, Granger." He smirked back in reply enjoying the positively gorgeous view he now had.

He couldn't believe he had Hermione Granger tied up to his bed-head, spread out, eager and naked - and she was now officially all his. Pride, wonder and something else swelled when he thought about the last three months. They had fought like cat and dog, still did if he was honest, but he'd never felt so alive and content as he did when they had finally calmed down enough to shag like maniacs. What he would never admit aloud was he loved waking up in the morning with Hermione splayed across him like she was his personal blanket. No, he would never admit it – but he smiled at the thought.

"A girl's patience can only last so long." Hermione deadpanned. He smirked again; glad he'd placed a velvet tie to cover her eyes. He knew she liked not knowing what to expect.

Suddenly he licked the instep of her left foot, she jumped and giggled all at once, making him trail another soft caress against it. Leaning above her, he spent his time trailing kisses and nips all along her shins and thighs. He could tell by her small moans she wanted more – but he liked making her wait. It seemed it was the only power he had over her – if she asked him for anything he was worried he wouldn't be able to say no.

Their relationship hadn't raised as many eyebrows as he'd thought. Even Blaise had told him 'it was about time he found a witch who could put him in his place'. He begrudgingly admitted Potter wasn't a complete dunce, but he needed more time to adjust to having him in his life. Hermione on the other hand had been nothing but sincere and open with him – it was refreshing and he found himself respecting her more each day. If he was honest he couldn't imagine his life without her in it now. Before his mind turned to crazy thoughts about love he bit her hip lightly – eliciting a gasp.

"Draco." She moaned huskily and his already hard cock took notice. "Please…" Yep, it was more than taking notice.

He roughly spread her legs apart and lowered his lips so he was almost touching the most intimate part of her body. When she had stopped squirming in anticipation – he blew lightly on her. She moaned and he couldn't resist her, licking her in one long stroke from bottom to top ending with her clit. Her legs wrapped around his back and he grinned, he should tell her off for moving but he wouldn't. Instead he continued to lick and suck until he could tell her nerve endings were all but shorting out, her soft moans and his name on her lips the only thing he needed to hear.

As she stiffened up he placed his mouth completely over her clit and sucked hard – she screamed and tried jumping up, the restraints held her as she whimpered and cried out her release. Smirking as only Draco could, he slowly crawled his way up her body and undid the velvet so she could see.

Her brown eyes were blown, she was basking in euphoria, his smirk widened and she scowled with a smile of her own. "Don't get too cocky – we still have your fantasy."

Draco smiled broadly and nodded. "Do you think we should tell Manfred to take the spell off the mirrors?"

Hermione frowned in thought then a sexy little smile graced her face, it took his breath away. "Not yet."

"No…not yet," he agreed. "Although I'm going to wake up now, Granger so I can do this in real life."

Hermione gulped and he could tell she was ready for anything - as was he.

Manfred eyed the two small packages in front of him warily, they looked quite innocent enough, but he'd been in the antique game too long to not be cautious with small wrapped boxes. He prodded them both with a long stick; then used a spell to see if anything would happen when he opened them. Nothing seemed amiss so he slowly grabbed the first one, wrapped in white, green and black.

Inside he found a brand new Muggle phone, state of the art and personalised with his name engraved on the back. A card fell from inside,

'As unorthodox as the situation was – I thank you for you're well-meaning love spell, without it I would not have found the happiness I have today. Please take this token as a thank you, Draco Malfoy.'

Manfred almost preened under Mr Malfoy's kind words. He hadn't intended for his small spell to actually work – but he saw something between the two of them in the store that day and couldn't resist meddling in affairs he should have probably left alone. The spell itself was not strong – it wasn't actually a love spell at all. It was a simple piece of magic which merely helped a deep desire to manifest into a dream. Obviously Mr Malfoy and Ms Granger had harboured unknown feelings for each other for a long time. It was pure luck they felt the same way about each other else the spell would never have worked.

Smiling widely he grabbed the other red, white and black package without thought, inside was a rather sharp looking throwing knife – for some reason he blanched, then he spied the card just underneath it.

'Manfred, if you ever do anything like this again – I will report you to the Ministry. It was a gross lack of judgement and a professional as yourself should know better - '

He gulped, knowing a threat when he received it, he read on feeling a little feint of heart.

'This unfortunate misjudgement aside, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope your family is well - Hermione Granger.'

Exhaling softly, Manfred took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes, relief flowing over him. He should stop this madness, this interfering he was renowned for. Yes, that was it – he was done meddling in affairs which he had no right to be messing with. As he got up to clean away the front counter he heard the bell tingle above the door.

Smiling broadly at his new visitor he made his was over rubbing his hands together. "Miss Padma Patil, how are you today – more importantly how is your love life going – still single?"


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