Here is my new story! First, you should know that Tori is gonna seem a bit out of character at first! You might even think "What? Tori would never act like that." Well, I'm having a little fun with the Tori Goes Platinum thing. You know, when Mason was trying to turn her into a bad girl. What if fame truly went to her head? ;)

Also, I will be writing my own lyrics for the story, since we can't copy and paste lyrics! I'm a little nervous about you all seeing them, but I hope that they're good:)

Disclaimer: No, I don't own BTR or VicTORious! I am just a fan that loves writing stories about the characters:)

Boredom. That's the only thing Allyce Mitchell is feeling right now. Her best friend, Cat Valentine, dragged her to another one of the wild house parties thrown by HA's very own queen bee Tori Vega. HA stands for Hollywood Arts, the performing arts school that she and her brother, Logan, attend. Ally loves Hollywood Arts, but she is not a big fan of some of her fellow students. Tori and her second-in-command, Jade West, are at the top of the list.

Most people that have met Tori think "Oh, who could ever hate that girl?" Well, she was okay when she first came to HA. She was sweet, likable, and friendly. About two years later, Tori was asked to perform at the Platinum Music Awards, she became famous, and now she's a total gank. She mostly have everyone fooled, except for Ally. She doesn't know why Logan and his friends find to be so "hot" about that girl. She's pure evil! Ally knows that it's a strong word, but it's the only word she can think of. Here's an example of her terrible behavior. She took a picture of a hobo, taped Ally's face to it, and taped the new creation to Ally's locker with the word "freak" written in big letters. She seems to think that Ally doesn't know that she was behind the joke, but she is sadly mistaken.

While everyone else is getting drunk, stoned, and whatever else, Ally is content with just sitting on the porch swing with her favorite book, Chauncey Jackson and The Magic Gallows. She doesn't understand why everyone likes these wild parties so much. They don't seem all that fun. The only somewhat exciting thing she has seen is Lucy Stone and Stephanie King stumbling onto the porch and falling flat on their faces. She hated seeing them fall, but she couldn't help giggling because they were laughing pretty hard themselves. She and Dak helped them up, though.

"Are you ever gonna come inside?" Cat asks her.

"Don't think so." Ally says, her eyes glued to the page. She'll let everyone else party the night away, but she'll just be reading. No drugs or alcohol for her. She wouldn't mind if James came and sat with her for a while, though. No one except Cat knows this, but she has a small crush on her brother's friend. Hey, all the girls love James. He's cute! Sadly, he is dating Lucy. She's okay, but Ally can't help being just a tad jealous.

"Please." Cat whines. "I need you to sneak me some Bibble!"

"Cat, you're not getting anymore Bibble." Ally says sternly. Ever since Mason Thornsmith, the guy in charge of the Platinum Music Awards, gave her some Bibble, she has been seriously addicted to the stuff. In fact, Ally is starting to worry about her.

"Aw, phooey." Cat pouts.

"Have you seen Logan?" Ally asks her.

"Back yard." Cat replies, still pouting. Ally smiles and pats her red haired friend's head, heading into the large house. Tori is entertaining a small group of people in the kitchen, Jade appears rather annoyed that for some reason, and everyone else is busy making fools out of themselves. There are a few seemingly sober people left, though. Jo and Kendall still seem normal.

"Hey, sweet thang." Jett slurs, throwing his arm around her shoulders.

"Go lay down or something." Ally says, gently pushing him away. "You're totally smashed."

"I know!" Jett yells proudly before stumbling away. Ally rolls her eyes and begins walking toward the back door, giving Tori and Jade a wave as she walks by. They pretend to ignore her. She may not be crazy about them, but she tries to avoid fighting fire with fire. She believes in killing them with kindness. Just because they act like jerks doesn't mean that she has to sink to their level.

"Camille, just sit down." She hears Logan tell his girlfriend.

"I don't wanna!" Camille retorts, standing on the bench. Ally holds back a laugh at the sight of her brother's girlfriend dancing to the rowdy Ke$ha tune. Poor Logan looks embarrassed, but that's just his personality. He gets worried about pretty much everything. He doesn't even like for her to go skateboarding because he's afraid she'll get hurt.

"Whoa, leave your jacket on!" Logan says suddenly, reaching for his girlfriend's hand.

"Why?" Camille asks, pulling him into a kiss.

"Because you wore nothing but a bikini top under it." Logan reminds her.

"I thought you would like that."

"Cammie, this isn't a pool party." Logan says, keeping his arms around her waist. Ally silently questions how those two ever got together. Logan is shy and a little on the nerdy side, while Camille is wild and dramatic. They've made their relationship work for more than a year, so they must be doing something right.

"Dude!" Carlos says excitedly, rushing onto the back patio. "I'm gonna ask Tori to dance! Wish me luck!"

He doesn't even give anyone time to respond before he rushes back inside. Ally sighs and shakes her head. Carlos is so unbelievably girl crazy that it isn't even funny. He's almost as bad as James when it comes to the ladies. Logan and Kendall are the only ones that are in serious relationships. Logan is with Camille and Kendall is with Jo. Yeah, James is dating Lucy, but Ally has caught both of them checking out other people. They'll be broken up in a few weeks.

"Where have you been?" Logan asks her.

"Outside, away from the crazy." Ally tells him, looking around the back yard. Jennifer Woods and Jennifer Williams, also know as Blondie and Curly (Ally's secret nicknames for them) have already passed out. Wow, that's embarrassing.

"Okay, will someone tell Sinjin to leave me alone?" Jo complains as she and Kendall walk out the back door.

"We were enjoying some alone time and that weirdo showed up and hit on her!" Kendall adds, very irritated. Hey, no one wants to see someone else flirting with their significant other. If Ally had a boyfriend, she wouldn't want girls all over him. Sadly, she has never had a boyfriend. Sometimes she worries that she's gonna grow old and alone, but that's a completely different story.

"You know Jett tried to hit on me?" Ally questions, hoping to distract them.

"Ugh, what a jerk." Jo says, shaking her head. "Just ignore him."

"I want Bibble!"

Ally sighs heavily. "I'll be right back." She walks back into the house. "Cat, you can't have Bibble!"

Luckily, she reaches Cat before the girl can reach for the large bowl of Bibble. Cat and tasty British snacks? Not a good mix. For a few days, her parents had her handcuffed to a Bibble guard, but she managed to convince them that she was no longer addicted to Bibble. Ally can't believe that they fell for it. That's the thing with Cat, though. In order to get what she wants, all she has to do is smile and bat those eyelashes.

"No Bibble." She says sternly, pulling Cat away from the dining table.

"Come on, Ally." Tori says smoothly, walking over to them. "Just give her a little nibble of the Bibble."

"She's not suppose to have any." Ally replies. She's amazed at how she manages to stay so calm around this girl. Mason Thornsmith and his people somehow managed to completely corrupt Tori Vega. She tried going against everything they wanted her to be, performed at the show, but they ended up starting their "turn Vega into a rebellious, spoiled monster" plan back up again and they succeeded. At first, it was all an act, but she got so used to behaving like a jerk that she forgot who she use to be. Tori Vega isn't so sweet anymore.

"Of course not." Tori says coolly, snatching up a handful of Bibble. "Hey, wanna get onstage and doing a song with me? I mean, we all know that I'm better than you, but..."

"Fine." Ally says calmly. Tori wants to get competitive? Fine! Ally has no problem with a little competition. Heck, she was playing Battle Blast with Logan the other day and beat him, like, three times. Someone needs to let Tori know that she's not as awesome as she thinks. If there was a way to get the old Tori back, that would be fantastic too.

"Let's go." Tori replies, bumping Ally's shoulder as she walks past her.

"I don't like new Tori." Cat says sadly. "She's mean."

"Blame Mason Thornsmith." Ally mumbles before following Tori to the stage. Well, it's not really a stage. It's just a platform with a piano and the staircase leading to the next floor, but it has been turned into a stage for the party.

Ally: You look at her like I don't exist

Is she what you really want?

Forget every moment we spent together

I guess it meant nothing to you

Tori: You put me through hell

Like I didn't even matter

Go and find someone else

That'll fall for you

Both: Go ahead, do what you want

We are done

I'm not wasting my time

Crying over you

Because you aren't worth it

Not this time

Ally: Enjoy that girl you met last night

Remember, she's not me

If you don't care, that's fine by me

That's fine

I'll find someone better

Tori: You had the nerve to betray me

And you didn't care

Don't you feel guilty at all?
I guess not


Go ahead, do what you want

We are done

I'm not wasting my time

Crying over you

Because you aren't worth it

Not this time

Ally: Her number is on your hand

You are nothing to me anymore

Tori: I am the best thing that has ever happened to you

You'll be sorry that you broke my heart

Both: Go ahead, do what you want

We are done

I'm not wasting my time

Crying over you

Because you aren't worth it

Not this time

The partygoers scream and cheer for them. While Tori revels in the attention, Ally hurriedly walks offstage. She notices Carlos standing nearby, anxiously waiting for Tori to get offstage. She hates to be Debby Downer, but she hopes that he realizes that Tori has been rumored to be dating Dak. She isn't sure if it's true or not, but she has seen them hanging out a lot. They certainly act like a couple.

"Hey, what are you looking at?" She asks Jo, who looks very interested in her cell phone all of a sudden.

"I'm looking on AM LA's website and there has apparently been some mysterious deaths happening." Jo tells her. "It's pretty crazy."

Didn't Ally read something like that last night? She remembers reading something like Jo just mentioned. Oh yeah...

"Come to think about it, I did hear about that." She responds. "Do they know what might be going on?"

"Unfortunately, no."

"I'm sure they'll find something out eventually." Ally says before returning to the back porch. She sits next to Logan on the bench, resting her head on his shoulder. Unlike some siblings, they are actually really close. In fact, Logan is her best friend. Along with Cat, of course. Yeah, Ally loves teasing him and jokingly referring to him as a nerd, but she loves him.

"Where are you taking me?" Lucy groans as James drags her onto the porch.

"I'm taking her home." James says, holding onto his girlfriend.

"You're sober, right?" Kendall says apprehensively.

"Dude, my mom would kill me if she ever caught me drinking." James says before leading Lucy toward the gate. Cars are parked everywhere and James apparently parked to the side of the house, rather than out front. There probably wasn't any room out front.

"Don't let Lucy embarrass herself!" Ally calls out. James laughs, but Lucy responds with a rude gesture in Ally's direction. You know, she feels kind of bad because she and Lucy are friends, yet she has a crush on Lucy's boyfriend. Is that wrong?

"Well, Tori is apparently taken." Carlos mumbles as he walks outside. "She and Dak were making out."

"You know, I heard Stephanie has a crush on you." Logan tells him.

"Really?" Carlos says slowly. Logan nods and Carlos seems to cheer up just a little bit. There are plenty of girls that would be happy to date Carlos. He's sweet, adorable, funny, and adventurous. Ally knows a few girls, including Stephanie, that would love a guy like him. Since he and Sasha broke up last month, they've been trying to help him get a new girl. He has been eyeing Tori, Jade on occasion, but his chances aren't very high. Those two are unattainable. Jade has been dating Beck Oliver since Freshman year and Tori may be in a relationship with Dak.

"Bibble?" Cat says cheerfully as she walks out the back door, holding handful of Bibble. Ugh, what are they gonna do with her?

"Cat, no Bibble." Ally says, taking the Bibble from her.

"Why?" Cat whines.

"Because I said so." Ally says, gently smacking Cat's hand as she tries to grab the Bibble.

"Hey, let me have that." Carlos says, taking the Bibble from Tori.


"You're banned from eating this stuff, Kitty Kat." Carlos replies before walking back into the house. Ally can see that Cat is upset, so she should probably find a way to cheer her friend up. Andre Harris got one of the best DJ's in LA and Ally can probably get the guy to play Cat's favorite song, Number One. The singer, Ginger Fox, is a total psycho, but she does make good music.

"Hey, I need you to play Number One." She tells the DJ. "I've got a Bibble addicted friend who is not allowed to have any and she's kind of upset. This song always cheers her up."

"Got it." He says, putting the song on. An excited "Yay" is heard over the rest of the crowd, a voice that could only belong to a certain little red head. Yep, she definitely isn't thinking about Bibble now.

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