Local Teens Investigate Closeted Serial Killer

Kendall Knight

James Diamond

Carlos Garcia

Logan Mitchell

Ally Mitchell

Stephanie King

Camille Roberts

Jo Taylor

Lucy Stone

Tori Vega

Trina Vega

Jade West

Cat Valentine

Andre Harris

Beck Oliver

Robbie Shapiro

Those are the names of a group of teens that investigated a serial killer. After a fellow student was found dead and these teens began receiving threatening messages from someone named "TH," they begin searching for clues that might lead them to the culprit. TH turned out to be none other than Tyson Hunter, a History teacher at Hollywood Arts High School.

According to Kendall Knight, lead singer of popular boy band Big Time Rush, they found out quite a bit of information about Hunter's past. This information includes Hunter being fired from an old job at a deli in New York City, an abusive relationship with an ex girlfriend, and another abusive relationship with his ex wife, with whom he has a fifteen year old daughter with.

Knight also discussed the threats that they received from Hunter. "Most of the messages were basically him threatening to kill us." He said. "Even more disturbing, he was even able to break into our homes and put the messages on our computers, walls, or mirrors." He added that, at one point, Ally Mitchell even found a message on a window in a bathroom at Rocque Records.

"It was very frightening." Mitchell said.

The teens also admit to breaking into Hunter's home to find more personal clues that might lead them to the truth. "We found a shotgun, some stolen jewelry, and a diary with the names and pictures of his victims." Cat Valentine said. Hunter, who was recently captured, has reportedly admitted to drowning Kaycee Hunter, a fifteen year old girl who drowned at Shadow Creek park more than two years ago.

"This is great." Tori says, reading the article. "We did it, you guys."

"Who knew that we could actually bust a serial killer?" Beck says, looking over Tori's shoulder.

"We did it together." Kendall tells them. "We could have never gotten this done if we hadn't stuck together."

"Very true." Ally agrees with a smile.

They all nod in agreement. The past week has been insane in a really good way. They're even more popular than they were before. They're not hungry for popularity or anything, but the extra attention is pretty cool. They just did an interview with Pop Tiger about their experience and their fame is increasing, even though some of them aren't even singers or actors. Heck, a local comedy club called Robbie and asked him to perform this Saturday with Rex.

"You know, I wrote a really good song for the upcoming talent show." Ally adds. "Wanna hear it!"

"Let's hear it." Logan says, ruffling her hair. Ally smiles as she grabs her guitar, sitting on the small stage in Sikowitz's classroom. She has been working on this song all week and she just finished it. She's very proud of it and she just wants to play it already. Anyway, she starts strumming her guitar and begins singing her new tune.

(Verse 1)

Life has been a little bit insane

Drama has been all around us

But it's all worth it

Because I've got you in my life

And everything seems so perfect now

Nothing could ruin it

You, me, together

That's how it should be


In a dark room, you light it up

When the skies are grey, you're my sunshine

Life is so good with you around to make my pain go away

You're my dream come true

(Verse 2)

When the world is crashing all around us

We won't break

We'll stand up, push the haters aside

And live life the way we want

With nothing in our way

We'll stay just the way we are

Nothing will change between us


In a dark room, you light it up

When the skies are grey, you're my sunshine

Life is so good with you around to make my pain go away

You're my dream come true

(Verse 3)

When it gets complicated, we push on

When it gets hard, we stay strong



In a dark room, you light it up

When the skies are grey, you're my sunshine

Life is so good with you around to make my pain go away

You're my dream come true

"Not bad, Ally." Tori says, nodding. "Not bad at all."

"Alright, who wants to play some alphabetical improv?" Sikowitz asks enthusiastically as he enters the room. They are all happy to see their favorite acting teacher. He's not normal, but he's cool. You know, he's not crazy like Mr. Hunter. As weird as he is, they know that he wouldn't hurt a fly.

"One time, my brother ate a bug." Cat says randomly. "I think it was an ant."

"Your brother is very weird." Carlos tells her.

"I know." Cat nods.

"Well, there are obviously some things that haven't changed." James says, pulling Ally onto his lap.

"Yeah, seriously, let's get started!" Sikowitz tells them. "Beck, Andre,Cat, and Tori, get up here!"

Those four walk onto the stage and begin playing the popular improv game, while their classmates watch in amusement. It's nice to know that everything is back to normal. No more investigating, no more lying, just normality. Normality is something that they haven't had in a few weeks, but they've finally got it back.

Jade looks toward the door next to the stage and sees a ghostly figure standing there. This time, however, Kaycee doesn't appear angry. She actually seems happy and at peace. She must have come to her senses and realized that they did the right thing by letting the police handle Mr. Hunter's punishment.

Kaycee smiles at her and, when no one's looking, she smiles back. Then Kaycee disappears. Yep, everything is finally the way it should be. It's not necessarily normal because, as you know, Hollywood Arts isn't a normal school. You know, it's just as normal as it has always been. All they can say is that everything is okay again. They finally have their lives back.

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