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Chapter 6 What is it with Maria?

Maria asks the team to design the floor layout for level 11 by Tuesday. It's Sunday and they have some work to get done. They have half of the floor to design, the other half is already designed for what Maria describes as a 'guest that even she doesn't know about' They all come up with ideas but realize Maria has given them everything they've wanted so far.

The first three floors were empty, the fourth floor was a lab to rival both the one on the hellicarrier and in Stark Tower. The fifth floor was a gym/training area. There were 4 individual training rooms a small swimming area with three lanes for exercise, and one big gym equipped with anything the avengers could need. The 6th floor was an arcade and a kitchen. The 7th floor was a meeting room. The technology in their was impeccable. The desk itself could be used as a touch screen and like stark tower you could transport holographic screens everywhere. The 8th floor was like a hotel. Rooms for all the guests and a great big lounge area. The lounge area had windows all along the east and west walls so you could see the sunrise and sunset. Once you got higher up there were reflector panels strategically placed to make it look like the floors had crumpled. Once you hit the 12th floor it was all reflector panels. The 9th and 10th floor were our suites, yes they weren't rooms they were decked out in anything we could possibly want. The 11th floor was the room we were designing. The 12th and 13th floors we didn't know much about. They were for the S.H.I.E.L.D teams. The 15th floor included a bar for the Avengers and an indoor water park. With a slide that lead straight to the 5th floor locker rooms. The 16th floor were visitors rooms and more S.H.I.E.L.D rooms. The 17th floor was like the inside of the hellicarrier. The roof not only had helicopters and bungee jumping off the side where no one could see into the ally way bit also a outdoor pool and a garden. Everything they ever wanted was in the building and the avengers couldn't think of anything. They spent a bit of time brainstorming and came up with some ideas.

Banner and Barton didn't have any ideas. Stark wanted movie theater until they reminded him there was one on the 6th floor in the arcade. He had no further requests besides a trampoline room. Steve and Natasha didn't come up with any good ideas and so Thor decided to give his idea.

Well why don't we make this floor a floor for whatever Maria would want. We all have all the things we can think of. Why not give her at least one thing in return?

We all liked the idea and so we decided we would assign each person to find out something about her and we would compile it.

We knew Banner and Barton would not be good at this so. Banner was assigned to find out her favorite color and Barton was assigned to find out her favorite way to relax. Neither went well.


Hello, Dr. Banner. Is there anything I can do for you?

Actually yes there is, I'm going to a friends party and I don't know what color tie to wear.

Well, what color suit is it?

Black, white shirt.

Go classic, Black.

Well, unless that's your favorite color I'd like something more creative.

No, Dr. Banner black isn't my favorite color. Do red then.

Is red?

Is red what?

Your favorite color.

No, why?

Well what is it?

What is what?

Your favorite color!

Blue why?

Sky blue, dark blue, royal blue, aqua blue?

Light blue, very light blue. Dr. Banner why do you care?

Want to get to know you a bit better.

what's your favorite color Dr. Banner?

It used to be green, now it's purple. I got to go thanks Agent.

Hello, Agent Hill.

Mr. Barton.

Agent Hill do I seem tense to you?


Really? Because everyone keeps telling me I look tense, I seem TENSE.

Agent Barton, calm down. Yes I guess you seem a bit tense.

Agent Hill, how should I relax, I never relax.

Agent Barton, I don't relax much either. What is with you today?

But if you did how would you?


I need some suggestions.

Barton, I read. Ok. I read.



Later that night Natasha and Maria were in their living room when Maria asked Natasha what was going on. If it had been anyone else but the master of deception their plan would of been ruined.

Umm, what are you guys up to?


The Avengers, why are you all harassing me?

We're not!

Ummm. First Banner is going on about what my favorite color is, and then Barton wants to know how I relax. Later Stark bluntly asked me what my biggest goal in life was and Rogers asked me out for coffee! What the hell are you all doing?

Hill the Avengers just want to get to know you better.


Did you answer Stark?

Hell no.

Oh, okay. Maria why are you so guarded?


Why are you so reluctant to tell anyone about yourself.

I had a horrible childhood and I left a man I loved for this job. He thinks I died. I don't want to talk about it Agent Romanoff.

I'm sorry, how do you deal with that?

To cope I read, pretend I'm not who I really am and I enjoy to be someone else.

Maria, I'm sorry I have to go!


I just got paged.

As she left Maria got suspicious, the Avengers didn't have pagers. But Fury called her and she was sent to get the new special guest.

Agent Romanoff knocked on Rogers and Odinson's door.

Thor answered wearing nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms. Natasha didn't wait for him to talk, as she saw the toothbrush in his mouth and told him that she gave him and Steve three minutes and then they needed to talk in the kitchen. They were assembled in less than a minute. Thor and Steve, both bare chested were sitting on the couch across from a pacing master assassin.

I got it!

Got What? Asked the thunder god.

I found out what we should do for the 11th floor!

What? Asked Steve Rogers

A library!

This announcement was followed by a long silence in which the superhero and the god stared at the master assassin whose smile was slowly dying.

Well, she said that she uses reading to delve into another world and forget who she is and what's happened to her so I say we paint the room blue and we fill it with a bunch of books. I talked to Fury earlier and he said we have till Monday to finish it and that we can surprise her on Tuesday. The leftover budget is huge. It's about $35,000.

This announcement was followed by a long silence in which the superhero and the god stared at the master assassin whose smile was slowly growing.

Let's get Banner, Barton and Stark and start ordering books.

They called up to the room and talked to Barton, Banner and Stark, and told them with $35,000 they would need to cover two 9ft x 12ft walls, a 9ft x 6ft wall, another 9ft x 12ft wall and a 9ft x 15ft wall with paint. Natasha was assigned to pick out the paint.

They also wanted to fill two 9ft x 12ft walls, 9ft x 15ft and 9ft x 6ft wall with bookcases. Steve and Barton were assigned to pick out the book shelves.

Banner and Stark were to hack into Hill's personal files and room to find out what books she liked and what books she already had.

They found a beautiful 6ft by 3ft by 1.5 ft bookcase and needed to get 15 of them to fit the room. All 15 would be $4,935 Leaving them with $30,065.

ceiling: 4 gallons 1 quart of Waterfall Mist W-D-510 Behr paint

trim: 4 gallons 1 quart of Reflecting Pool 720E-1 Behr paint

walls: 6 gallons of Caribbean Coast 550D-4 Behr paint

total: 14 gallons 2 quarts: 15 gallons

They also decided to paint the bookcases chocolate Froth (behr paint). 20 gallons of that made the grand total 35 gallons of paint. The total for the paint and the bookshelves totaled $6,110.65 for all the supplies and the labor the final total was around $ 7,000

They had twenty-eight thousand dollars left.

Stark and Banner had found out that she had the basics but everyone had some ideas. Between the 6 of them they each got $3,000 dollars to spend.

By Monday the room had been painted and the bookshelves were in. Everything looked beautiful and the only thing left was to get some furniture. They decided to have a lounge with comfy chairs and a few coffee tables and a few game tables. In one corner was a small reading nook where you could go to escape from the world. They need 4 coffee tables, 3 smaller tables. 2 couches, 2 love seats, 12 chairs for game night 10 beanie bags. Their total had come up to $15,789.75 for the books. Their grand total of the moment was $22,789.75 they had $12,210.25 left. The 2 couches were $1,400. The two love seats were $1,700. The 12 arm chairs were $3,600, the 4 coffee tables were $800 and the 3 smaller tables were $300. The 10 beanie bags were $580.

The furniture total was 8,380. Grand total of 31,169.75 leaving them with $3,830.25.

They decided to use it to take Maria out to a really fancy restaurant. Maria was coming home at 5:30 on Tuesday and it took all day to get everything in. It was 5:05 and everything was set. Natasha, Steve, Thor, Tony, Bruce, and Clint looked around the room and were proud of all their hard work. They all went to their rooms and got dressed in nice clothes. Bruce put on the suit that Tony had gotten him for his birthday. It was such a dark emerald green that it almost looked black. The shirt was so light green it almost looked white and he wore his green tie with it. Clint put on the only suit he owned. Classic Black and put on his favorite three piece suit. Grey with a red vest and a gold tie. Thor put on his suit. It was greyish silver and his shirt was a light blue, almost the same color as the room he had just helped paint. His tie was red. Steve put on his suit. It was Black and his shirt was white but his tie was blue. Natasha put on a black dress and a red sweater. They ran up to the roof and made it right as her helicopter was coming down.

Maria Hill was confused. She was being called home from her assignment early. She desperately hoped it didn't have anything to do with one of the Avengers, and didn't include her getting fired. She stepped off of the helicopter on to the roof of the building she had built and remembered today the Avengers would have to have floor 11 finished. She looked up and saw the Avengers standing in a semi circle all grins. She also realized they looked exhausted and even with their nice clothes on she could tell they had been working hard recently. She also noticed all the guys had their hands in their pockets and Natasha had hers folded behind her back. It worried her.

Hi guys.

Welcome Back Agent Hill. Said Thor.

So, you all look nice.

Agent Hill I need to talk to you in our room immediately. Said Natasha. The men walked off and we took the other elevator.

Agent Romanoff what is going on?

Agent Hill I'm sorry to say that is classified.

Agent Romanoff, as your senior, I order you to tell me.

Direct orders override that demand Agent Hill.



Fine, what are we doing in our room.

You need to get dressed, we are going somewhere nice, fancy clothes.

Is this for S.H.I.E.L.D

It has been ordered by Fury.


So Maria got dressed. She wore a white dress and picked her favorite sweater. It was as blue as her eyes and, though she didn't know it yet, the same color as the room she was about to be shown.

Maria and Natasha got onto the elevator and when they only went up two floors Maria was confused.

Agent Romanoff what are we doing on the 11th floor?

We need to show you what we have done before we leave.

They exited the elevator and walked into a hallway. There were two doors. One lead to the room that Maria had designed and was classified. The other was a tan door that had a gold doorknob. Maria pointed to it questioningly and Thor, who had arrived with the other Avengers, took a step forward and opened the door.

What Maria saw surprised her, and not in the way some would think. Some would think she was surprised at how different it looked, since she knew what it looked like before, some would think she was surprised at all the books, or how much it had all cost or even that she knew the room was for herself would be surprising but Agent Maria Hill was surprised that the Avengers had done all this for her.

It was a huge room but the colors, the lights, the furniture and the books made it feel small and cozy. She took a few steps inside and turned towards the Avengers who were all smiling. They talked for a bit and she thanked them a million times. She even rode the ladder that had been added to the bookcases so she could reach all the books that slid all the way around the room. Then she asked why they were all in fancy clothes. They told her they had a huge amount of money left and wanted to go out early. She seemed pleased but told them their was something they must do first.

The Avengers got on the elevators and traveled up to the 17th floor where Fury was waiting for them. Standing next to him was a figure in a white hoodie, head bowed and the only thing you could see was that it was a girl. He called Natasha forward and said.

Agent Romanoff, I'd like to introduce you to, Agent Romanoff.

What did you guys think? Oh and the paint I used is actually a real paint on Behr. It took me a long time to find the right colors but I like it. You can see them on art/Maria-Hill-s-Room-for-story-What-is-it-With-310476206. REVIEW