Chapter 2: Weirdest. Day. Ever.

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Leonardo III POV:

My name is Leo Leonardo, the 3rd. I am a humble (if not remarkably retarded) farmer from Sundathea kingdom. Well, at least before the war. This is the story how I, a humble (and retarded) farmer became a remarkably important figure in the war (and meet my love). And if your smart-ass brain telling you that the story will end happily ever after, I won the heart of my love, and I'll survive the war, just because I'm narrating this, hey, dead guy could tell story too, right? *cough* without further rambling, lets start the story.

"My lord! MY LORD!" I yelled as I ran to the king's throne room. (There's very few guards in the castle. All inexperienced. Pathetic, huh? After all, Sundathea is a pacifistic kingdom. Sometimes I wonder how could the neighboring kingdoms didn't attack us already.)

"What is it, my son?", the wise king Djoko standing up from his throne. I immediately clap my paws against each other and bows.

"Salam", I greeted.

"Salam. Stand up. You haven't answered my question", King Djoko asked calmly and smiling as I opened my mouth.(Such a nice king, very calm despite the fact a random farmer has just simply broke to his room)

"Arjunian archers raided my farm. They took all my cattles, and pillage my father's storehouse!", I answered frantically.(I though Arjuna kingdom was the least aggressive towards us compared to the other 3. I was honestly surprised they could do this.)

"WHAT!", I jumped, almost fall, when the King suddenly yelled. "HOW DARE THEY! FIRST THOSE SAVAGE PENEBIANS, AND NOW THOSE COWARDLY ARJUNIANS! WHAT NEXT? THE GALAC TRIBE GOING TO DESTROY OUR FARMS?", the king snapped off. (never saw him angry before (o.o) )

I was taken aback. While I'm still shocked, A black wolf ran towards the king, then he stopped beside me. I recognize him as Tani, a fellow farmer.

"My Lord! The Galac tribe has destroyed my farm!" Tani yelled to the king (Oh, the tempting fate…). Hearing this i shut my eye and close my ears with my paw, bracing myself for the thunder that will came from the king's mouth. Five seconds of silence later, I opened my right eye. To my surprise, I see the king has already sat in his throne, face planted in his hands, crying.(Never saw him crying either (O_o) )

"ohgodwhydidyoudothistome", the king muttered.

"You and your manners." I muttered to Tani.

"M-My lord, I beg your forgiveness, I didn't mean to…."

"It's n-not your fault, m-my son. It just… if th-this keep happening, Sundathea will soon f-f-fall."

Me and Tani glances each other. My friends often joked how I'll suddenly became a genius if king Djoko crying, which is very unlikely (kinda like how you use 'when pigs fly'). Now, that he is crying, shits must've got real.

"My lord, I know I'm not your advisor, but we should do something!", Tani spoke.

"Do what? I knew the the other kings. Mere words cannot pierce their stone-cold heart. And our 'army' are composed of nothing but 20 palace guards." The king replied sorrowfully.

"Then, we'll make one! An army strong enough to bring peace through power!" I Suggested. The king proceed to stare at us, at his palace guards, at the windows, then at us again. He keeps repeating this for two minutes. I started to worry about the worst (I knew I destroyed a lot of things, but god help us if I destroy the king's brain), when suddenly, a smile grew in the king's mouth. Then he open it and spoke.(Phew…)

"Indeed young men! You two could help me build them, train them, and lead them, right?"

Me and Tani exchanges glances, and he spoke

"But, my lord, we are nothing but a mere farmers!"

"Nonsense! I knew you two! Leonardo III, son of Leonardo II. And Tani, son of Sawah. Yes, I know your fathers well. And I believe they taught some some of their tricks, right?" (My father do taught me how to fight. Yet he never tell me where the hell he learned them)

"Well… but-"

"Even if you couldn't train them, you are farmers, right? You must've used to organize your crop back in the farm, so you will surely able to organize their training!"

"But crop and cattles are so different compared to the arm-"

"Well, thats settled." He said cheerfully. "You two shall be my generals, and the palace guards shall be your liutenants" (Well, shit, that conversation was so one-sided)

"But… i… "

"Problem?" We were too shocked to say something that's not incoherent rambling. "Alright, you two should go home and rest. Tomorrow, we shall start to gather our army!" The king said thriumphantly.

After full five minutes of speechlessness, the king has his guards escort us to our respective home. (He's surely a good king, but could be such a troll and damned annoying at times.)

When i got home, ignoring my parent's questions, i climbed to my bed, eventhough the sun still shining gloriously. Later, As the moon shows it face, I try to digest what happened today. First I almost behead myself with my spoon (Don't talk about it), then the Arjunians raided my family's farm, then -hold your breath- I appointed as one of the General of Sundathea. Weirdest. Day. Ever. (Even weirder than the day I fought the horde of cabbage-eating-zombie-ghost-rabbit-kangaroo thingie, but that's another story.)

Well, that's that for now, everybody. And yes, like you, I still have yet to fully understand how the hell a pair of random peasant suddenly appointed as the generals of Sundathea. For now, I, Leo Leonardo the third, ex-farmer, general of Sundathea, and part-time bard-clown hybrid bid you farewell. We will continue this little story later.

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