Chapter 4

I hate you you hate me

Deadpool and Fredpool sat in a luggage hold. Deadpool rummaged around in peoples suitcases and found several odd things such as a priceless painting, a huge ruby and several hotel towels.

Deadpool then said with shock "Stolen towels. Those fiends! I mean seriously who does that I shall go to the first class area of the plane where they most likely are and I will kill them and take their seats all while maintaining a sassy dance and while I'm there I might as well enjoy the fine beverages, food and other services provided by the amazing staff of New York city airlines"

Deadpool then remembered that he was not payed to do any adds.

Fredpool then yelled at him "I told you we're not going up to first class. We need to be sneaky and stay down here"

Deadpool then sat on a suitcase and asked "Soooo? Australian huh?"

Fredpool looked Deadool in the eye and asked "Yeah I'm an Aussie mate and I love it"

Deadpool then asked "Let me ask you something? Do you guys really put shrimps on barbies and has a dingo actually ever took someones baby"

Fredpool paused for a moment and responded "No we don't put shrimps on barbeques any more than other people and I have never heard of anyone getting their baby taking by a dingo... Why does everyone think that Australians are so weird?"

Deadpool then opened the suitcase he was sitting on and replied "Yeah I think doughnuts are great to but I just don't see what the point of the hole is... do you think it's actually a secret government conspiracy or is it just a trade secret"

Freddpool realized that Deadpool was listening to him at all. He then noticed what Deadpool had pulled out of the suitcase. IT WAS A BOMB!

Fredpool jumped to his feet and yelled "Dude get that thing out of here!"

Deadpool hesitated saying "But it's so shiny. I mean look at this thing it's like a crappen bomb from the future"

Fredpool shook his head in disbelief at Deadpool response to the bomb. He grabbed it away from Deadpool and attempted to find a way to get rid of it. Deadpool then tackled Fredpool and attempted to egt the bomb back. Fredpool kicked Deadpool away and ran around the luggage hold attempting to find a way to get rid of the death sentence in his hands. He eventually found a way out to the top of the airplane. He ran through the halls and smashed open one of the doors. Deadpool soon followed him and tackled Fredpool as he opened the door The two were then sucked out of the plane and began to plummet to the ground. The tumbled around through the air, both holding onto the bomb.

Deadpool yelled "Give me back my shiny thing!"

Fredpool then released the bomb and the distance between the two began to increase. Deadpool hugged his bomb and then suddenly realized that he was crashing down to the ground. He manoeuvred himself so he could glide over to Fredpool who was flailing his arms and legs wildly.

Deadpool then put his hands behind his head and crossed on leg over the other and said "So falling to your death huh?"

Fredpool yelled back "Yeah because of you!"

Deadpool nodded his head in agreement. Fredpool watched in horror as the distance between him and the ground slowly began to decrease.

Deadpool then began to hum and then sand "Don't stop thinking tomorrow dooped de doop it'll soon be here"

Fredpool stared at Deadpool coldly and then looked back down to the ground. Deadpool then held out the bomb and threw it away.

Fredpool asked "Well what do we do now?"

Deadpool replied "The only thing we can do. Lay back and try to get some sleep"

Fredpool looked back down t the ground and the two hit with tremendous impact. The two left two large craters in the ground. The two lied on the ground unmoving but after a wile Fredpools hand twitched and soon he was able to move around a little bit. Deadpool healed much faster and was up and doing his daily scratching routine before Fredpool even got up out of his crater.

But what happened to the bomb.

Shortly after Deadpool threw away the bomb it detonated killing a total of two birds.

Back at the landing crash sight. Fredpool finally had gotten back to his ... non stain on the ground state. Deadpool was busy doing yoga while Fredpool attempted to find out where they were.

Fredpool then kicked a rock and said with frustration "Well I have no clue where we are"

Deadpool then reached into his belt and took out a GPS "We're in ailartsuA"

Fredpool grabbed the GPS and looked at it "You're reading it backwards it says we're in Australia... Oh we're in Australia. Well that worked out rather well didn't it"

Deadpool then said "Well I told you that jumping out of a plane at several thousand feet in the air was a win win"

Fredpool was about to challenge the statement but then decided it wasn't worth it. Fredpool then began to walk away.

Deadpool called to him "Hey dude where are you going?"

Fredpool stopped and answered "Well we have to find a rode or something and the only way we're going to do that is to get moving"

Deadpool flopped onto his back and screamed in imaginary pain "Oh! My goodness greatness my knees hurt so much from that fall. Dud you'll have to carry me"

Fredpool simply began to walk away and Deadpool crawled after him.

The two walked for quite a while and Deadpool said obnoxiously "So what do you thinks happening on Sesame street?"

Fredpool ignored this comment. They eventually came to a rode. Hey waited for a car to drive by and eventually off in the distance they saw one car coming close. Deadpool walked to the edge of the rode and pulled up the leg of his pants revealing a hairy leg.

Fredpool asked "What the heck are you doing?"

Deadpool replied "Don't worry I saw this in a movie"

The car didn't slow down and actually drove straight at Deadpool. Deadpool stood his ground and was struck by the car, which simply went on driving. Fredpool helped the relatively unharmed Deadpool up onto his feet.

Deadpool then pointed down the rode and said dizzily "Oh look their are three more cars coming. Don't worry I'll tackle them"

Deadpool ran out into the street and was ran over by two of the three cars. The third car slowed down and the driver (an old fat man with a heavy southern accent).

The fat man asked "Sakes alive boy you just got run over two times"

Deadpool held up his hand weakly and said "Actually I think it was more like three times"

Fredpool then asked the fat man "Could you give us a lift to a nearby town or something?"

The fat man answered "I'd be glad you help out a few piggy's like you"

Deadpool and Fredpool looked at each other and they both noticed the strange remark. The two then entered the fat mans vehicle.

Deadpool and Fredpool then noticed several novelty plush pigs hanging from the roof. They all had several sharp objects poking through them.

Deadpool then grabbed the door handle but couldn't open it. He yelled in frustration "Stupid child proof locks!"

To Be Continued