The two girls sat next to each other, eating and watching TV. There was a dinner table close by, but it was there more for decoration. Besides, it had become a little tradition for the two to eat and watch TV. That is, unless they decided to go out to eat. They didn't really care about what was on and it was more for the purpose of just hanging out and relaxing. Working with House was strenuous and working with both of their exes was brutal torture. Getting through a full day without being glared at or questioned could pass for a miracle in their eyes.

Allison grabbed a blanket after they ate and spread it across the two of them, just like they had it the first night. They both moved beyond that point and although they wouldn't admit it to anyone or even themselves, being that close together felt really nice. Remy smiled as she was offered part of the blanket and immediately snuggled in.

The movie they'd been watching finished within the hour and the night was still early. Another movie would've been played if the blonde didn't intervene.

"Hey Remy?"


"I know this is going to sound a little strange, but it's been exactly two months since I first starting living here."

Thirteen laughed, "How's that strange?"

"Well, I didn't know if you would think that I was a weirdo or not for counting the days I've been here," Cameron playfully pouted. Her facial expressions turned serious. "I really am thankful you took me in. I feel like less of a burden since I do help around with chores and rent and stuff, but it just got me thinking. If you didn't offer, I'd probably still be with Chase, lonely and miserable, and if I did manage to break up with him, I'd be living with my parents. I love them and all, but I really prefer you over them. I feel really safe here." The smile she flashed was so small and innocent, like a child's. Thirteen couldn't help but smile. A second later, the brunette pulled the blanket away so she could get up.

Allison looked at her, "Where are you going?"

"To the kitchen. Be right back."


Thirteen stayed true to her word and returned a couple minutes later with an almost filled bottle of wine and two glasses. The blonde looked at the bottle and then back at the brunette. "No way," she said, getting a little bit excited. She leaned her head back so that it rested on the couch's arm. "God, I haven't had a drink in ages!"

"Well, it looks like there's a new age coming around," Thirteen laughed. Even she knew how cheesy that line was. She didn't really care though since Cameron laughed at the joke. The blonde clapped her hands together and was practically singing by the time the wine was poured and handed to her. Taking the first sip was like her opening the first present on Christmas, finding the most beautiful diamond necklace inside of a little box.

"Can you hold your liquor Allison?"

"I don't even care at this point," the blonde replied, still excited. "God, this wine is fantastic. Where did you get it?"

"An old friend of mine made it himself. He made so much of it that he just handed bottles of it over to me. I've got like 3 more bottles of this stuff. I really only pull it out for anniversaries or something, but you're the exception."

"Well, I don't mind being the exception to that."

Another sip, another laugh.

The two started chatting about random stuff. They ranted on Foreman and Chase and drank a little bit every time they said something that they couldn't stand about the two.

Thirteen had started it. "God, work sucks sometimes. Foreman is so bossy!"

Another sip, another laugh.

"Yeah, well Chase is a total stick in the mud. And whenever he sees me talking to you, he asks me what we are always talking about as soon as you leave. Seriously, like the second you leave!"

Another sip, another laugh.

"I'll give him props for him being protective. If Foreman is being protective, then it's going to be for either him or his job."

"Didn't he fire you? I was working in the ER and I always hear rumors. I have no idea which are true and which aren't. I gave up on trying to find out."

"Yeah, he fired me a couple times. What a dick! Who even fires their girlfriend? And then I would end up coming back just to be fired again. I swear, my resume is going to be so screwed up."

"I know right? I've been jumping around the hospital. I'm surprised that I've been working with you guys for this long."

"Hey, I'm not complaining."

Another sip, another laugh.

The second bottle was half empty. Both of the girls knew they had taken too much wine, so they stopped drinking in order to spare their bodies at least a little bit.

"Do you think we can skip work tomorrow?"

Cameron faltered a little bit. It took her a second to fully process what Thirteen just said, "H-Huh? Why? We'd be able to work. We're awesome doctors. Like, if we were superheroes, medicine would be our superpower. And flying. Flying would be cool."

"Oh my God, flying would be amazing. But I'm totally serious. We should skip tomorrow. Think about it Allison."

"I don't even know if I could drink- I mean think right now."

Thirteen burst out in laughter. When she was drunk, she found everything way funnier than it actually was, "We are going to die tomorrow. I mean it Allison. We are going to be so hung over."

"Why do hangovers have to suck so much? Seriously, we should all be drunk, just like, all of the time. Everyone would get along so much better."

"Or the world would be one huge bar fight."

"Oh my God, that would be so cool!"

Thirteen leaned her head back until her head touched the top of her back, "Imagine it Allison. I would look terrible if I was drunk all of the time."

"Nuh uh! You're friggen gorgeous!" the blonde replied, cracking up. "Don't even go there."

"Yeah, right. You're the gorgeous one in the room. You can manage to look perfect without even trying. It's like, not even fair."

"Shut up Remy! You can pass for the most beautiful woman in the world. I've always had a girl crush on you. Everyone has a crush on you."

"Not everyone. Chase doesn't like me very much."

"Chase can go suck it."

"Well, I had a crush on you for the longest time. Look at you; you're smart, kind, and beautiful. I was jealous of Chase for the longest time."

"Being totally honest right now? You don't know how many times I've thought about switching teams cause of you," Cameron continued, laughing in her drunken spirit.

Thirteen laughed along. "God, we are so wasted. I feel so honored you'd switch teams for me. I don't see why you can't just be bisexual like me. Seriously, it's amazing."

"Oh? How so?"

The brunette leaned back on the couch's arm, getting more comfortable, "Think about it. If you're gay or straight, you only shoot for one or the other. Being bisexual broadens up your range. When they say there's plenty of fish in the sea, being bi just doubles that number."

"Maybe I should be bisexual," Allison smiled. "You make it sound like some sort of life saver."

Thirteen shrugged. The drinks were getting into their heads and even she realized how stupid they sounded.

"Hey Remy?"

"Yea-" The brunette had been cut off by Allison's lips pressing up against her. What she thought was going to be a peck on the lips to try bisexuality out turned out to be a heavy make out session. Looks like little, innocent Allison wasn't so little and innocent after all. They each needed moments to catch their breath so the other would continue to kiss their face or neck.

Cameron's voice became breathy as each passionate moment passed by, "Couch or bed?"


"Are we gonna do it on the couch or on the bed?"

Thirteen let out a little chuckle as she began to unbutton Allison's shirt. "Hmm…I just don't know Allison," she joked as she unbuttoned the last button on Cameron's shirt. Her casual wardrobe was easy to slip out of, more for comfort than sexual reasons, although it did have some advantages. She was able to quickly take off her shirt and began kissing Cameron's body before she continued. If Cameron wasn't drunk as hell, she would've gotten impatient.

"I'd say the bed is a bit more comfy," the brunette breathed out. Cameron jumped into her arms and kissed her neck, delighted by her answer. Thirteen made her way over to the master bedroom, pushing the door open with her foot and thinking of all the things she could do to convince Cameron to be attracted to women just as much as men.

Damn. Thirteen was drowned in pleasure. How is alcohol this good?

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