Fanfiction: "One, Two, Three..."
Based on: Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Genre: Adventure / Romance Warnings: OC pairings, OOC, possible cursing

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the Final Fantasy series, or any of the worlds, items, or anything of that nature, that's all on Square Enix. I don't own the characters Aria or Lynn, those belong to my friends, they just gave me permission to use them for this fanfic. Thank you.



A Goddess of Harmony, Cosmos, and a God of Dischord, Chaos, have been locked in an eternal war for as long as anyone can remember.

The world they have their battles has become lifeless and ravaged, save for the warriors who fight in the name of either diety. No one knows the name of this world, or the places that used to be there, because every time the war ended, it would restart due to the efforts of someone or something unseen, causing the losers of the previous round to have their memories locked away. The warriors of either side would strive to find their memories through fighting, even though neither side has been able to keep those memories for long.

"The only way to break this cycle," said the Goddess to her warriors time and time again, "is to find your crystals. They will bring forth light that not even Chaos can extinguish."

Four cycles have come and gone since the battles started. Many allies of both sides have been lost permanently to this horrid game of the Gods, and each cycle, a few new souls are called forth to the aren to replace those who have died, to keep the fields between the Gods even.

~Part 1: Into the Light

The ground was cold. So cold, in fact, that it caused the armor-clad warrior to sit up straight the moment he noticed it. He looked around, finding himself in a place his body seemed to recognize, but he didn't remember. His helmet lay on the ground, and his sword stood upright in the snow.

He heard a call that sounded like it was from a distance away, but in truth was right next to him. "My warriors," the voice said, "Those of you who I have chosen... Return to me."

"Cosmos!" the warrior shouted. "You're unharmed... thank the Light." He smiled, but only brieftly. He pulled his helmet onto his head, and picked up his blade to put it away. "I will find you, and defend you." He wasn't sure exactly where he was, but he knew of one thing. If he found his friends, he would find Cosmos. That's all that really mattered.

With that, he left that cold snowfield and headed east, toward a gate blocked with a red glowing seal. Chaos always did this to divide the territories of the world into sections. It kept the moogles from resupplying Cosmos' warriors all at once, and it kept the manikins at bay. Even though the manikins helped Chaos immensely in keeping Cosmos' warriors busy, they also tended to make a mess of things for his own troops as well. It wasn't exactly economical to let them go gallavanting across the fields, but no one had a real way to stop them. The manikin gate was still lost to both sides, and no one ever took the time to search for it anyway. They were too worried about the other diety's army to deal with the manikins. The ghastly beings had the ability to read into the hearts and minds of whoever they were to fight, taking the form of someone that will be hard for them to face - for either emotional or physical reasons.

When he placed his hand upon the glyph, he was taken to the dungeon inside in a flash. This was a process that he didn't remember having gone through, but his body didn't seem to react to it. He found himself in a metallic building where the hallway would echo every step taken inside.

"Hmm, hmm, hmm! What have I found here?" a menacing voice asked from just around the corner. "Cosmos sure knows how to choose them."

The Warrior would not stand for such disrespect, so he ran out to see what the trouble was. "You!" he said, noticing the yellow-armored sorcerer, a man only known by the title 'the Emperor' was standing over the body of a fainted girl. "Don't you even think-"

The Emperor grunted. "And here's the purest of all, Cosmos' poster boy for sheer naivete, come to save a beautiful girl in distress. How do you fare, nameless Warrior of Light?"

"Do not mock my strength, Emperor," the Warrior said proudly. "Unhand the lady."

"Unfortunately for you, I need her for my plan. If you want your precious comrade, you will have to take her from me," the Emperor replied, pulling his staff from under his cape with his left hand. "Cosmos will be thrilled to know that you obeyed her orders without question yet again."

"You will not harm anyone in my presence," the Warrior said, drawing his sword. "En garde!"

The Emperor lept up into the air, casting his lightning traps around him. "Suffer," he muttered. "That is all Cosmos' warriors are good for!"

The Warrior threw his trusty shield in the air, catching the Emperor from below. "You're mine!" he shouted, bashing the evildoer on the head several times before calling up his Shield of Light spell.

The spell came too slowly, as the Emperor was able to dodge swiftly. "Warrior of Light, you're too good to win in this kind of conflict," he said. "You aren't willing to do the... darker things needed to surivive."

"I don't need to do darker things to survive," the warrior snapped at him.

"Oh?" the Emperor mocked him with laughter, landing back on the ground. "This silly fight is over for now. There is something you will need to attend to." He then looked over to the girl he had been standing over before. "And I will see you later, sweet one." With one wave of his staff, he was gone.

"Hey!" a voice called from behind the warrior. "If I were known you were fighting up here, I would have come a lot faster... and against that despot, too..."

The Warrior looked behind him. "Firion!" he said, his spirits lifting almost instantly. "It is good to see a friendly face."

Firion smiled as he approached his comrade-in-arms, the beads clinging to his scarf chimed every time he took a step. "Have you seen anyone else yet, other than the Emperor?"

"None of whom I know," the Warrior replied, pointing to the girl who was still lying on the floor. She hadn't moved since he first looked at her, but he never was able to see who she was with the Emperor in the way.

"Oh," Firion said. "And she's why the Emperor was here, I take it."

"Yes... He seemed very interested in taking her with him."

"Well, it isn't Terra," Firion said, kneeling down to take a good look at the girl, who's long light brown hair was a mess all over the floor. "And she isn't the... she isn't... Wild Rose, either." He put his hand on her cheek, as she wore a brown headband over her forehead. "She might be sick. She doesn't look like a Warrior of Chaos. Her face is a bit too gentle for that."

"But... there are no others but the forces of the Gods," the Warrior of Light said, utterly confused. "The Emperor said she was chosen by Cosmos."

"Then there must be a reason," Firion said. "We can always use new allies."


"Wait..." something had caught Firion's eye. "What is this...?" He noticed that the girl was holding something in her hands other than her chosen weapon, an ornate Dragon Staff. "Could this be a...?"

"A crystal!" The Warrior of Light gasped.

"We should take her to Cosmos, right away," Firion insisted. "This can even the odds between light and the darkness."

"Agreed." The Warrior of Light reached down, gently lifting the girl into his arms. She was clothed in a long black dress with very delicate embrodiery and wore a green and gold cape that seemed longer than she was tall. "You take point. I'll be close behind."

Firion nodded. "Will do."

~ Part 2: The Wild Roses

Firion walked a bit ahead of his friend, the Warrior of Light, who carried a strange girl neither of them had ever seen before. He was a bit apprensive about it. After pondering the situation, he wondered if perhaps she was a trap set by the Emperor. It bothered him to the point that he stopped walking so the warrior could catch up to him.

It didn't take long for a manikin to notice that he'd stopped moving. Firion drew an arrow into his trusty bow and shot it off at it. The manikin dodged so easily that even the weapons master himself was impressed.

"Don't try aerial attacks on that thing," a female voice said on the other side of the field. "If it's supposed to fight like me, then arrows won't hit it." Firion looked over in that direction to see a young woman standing there. Her dress was embrodiered with roses in full bloom. She certainly didn't seem like she belonged on a battlefield. "What kind of creature is this that it takes on my form and fighting style?"

Firion coughed before saying, "They are manikins. We don't know exactly what they are, other than they can copy us... and our enemies." He then stopped himself. What if she was a Warrior of Chaos? Sure, the girl that they found before was a gentle looking one, but this one seemed harder around the edges in comparison. "Who are you?"

"My name is Aria. I'm a dancer."

"That would explain your flamboyant clothing."

" call me flamboyant?" Aria asked, looking Firion over. "I'd say that scarf with the beads makes you look flamboyant." She flicked her bangs back. "Either way, I'm lost. All I can find is a gate with a red seal on it and a... I'm having a hard time believing this, but I believe it's a moogle."

The manikin who took Aria's form spun around and around, creating a little tornado around itself.

"Hell," Aria muttered, running in the manikin's direction. "If you're going to pretend to fight like me, you should be a bit smarter about it!" She did cartwheels about the enemy, throwing her silks around her body as if they were cloth propellers. It didn't take long before the manikin was defeated.

By then, the Warrior of Light had caught up to Firion. "Forgive my pace, friend," the warrior said. "You didn't have to wait up for me."

"No, no, it wasn't you," Firion said. "I happened to meet yet another new ally."

Aria landed on her feet, right next to the two men. "Well, well," she said. "That wasn't very hard. You'd think I'd know the weaknesses of my own fighting style."

"My," the warrior said, bowing his head a little. "I am impressed."

Firion smiled widely. He'd never met a woman who carried herself like this. "Aria told me that she's a dancer. Do you remember anything else about your homeworld?"

"...not much," Aria answered. She looked to the Warrior of Light, noticing that he was carrying a girl. "...wait. Wait a minute! Is that Ry... Ryoko?"

"Is that her name?" the warrior asked curiously. "I found her about to be taken by a Warrior of Chaos."

"That Dragon Staff could only be hers..." Aria seemed so surprised to see her that it threw the men a bit off guard. "And here I thought I'd be alone in this. You guys are so kind to carry her like that, but you really should wake her up. She's a competent fighter, and you really could use her help. Ryoko just sleeps so deeply that not much will wake her. Even falling into a different world!" She then whacked the girl on the head with one of her rolls of silk. "Okay, lazy bum! Wake up!"

Ryoko grunted, "This is the most comfortable place I've slept in weeks. Leave me alone, Aria. Tell Ramza he can do his own jobs for the pubmaster. I'm not budging."

"Hate to tell you this, but we're not at the Igros Inn at the moment," Aria replied. "Wake the hell up before I whack you again."

Ryoko opened her eyes finally. "All right, I-" In that moment, her eyes locked directly onto the Warrior of Light's. It took her a few minutes to realize that this knight was carrying her for some reason. "...oh dear. I've gotten myself lost again, haven't I?"

"Yeah," Aria laughed. "Right inside that knight's eyes."

"I'm not a knight yet," the Warrior of Light replied gently. "I haven't reached the promotion point yet."

"You seem knightly enough for my friend," Aria giggled.

"I'm honored for anyone to consider someone like me anything near 'knightly'."

The fact that the warrior seemed oblivious to Aria almost flat out telling him that Ryoko was all ready developing a crush on him annoyed her to no end. She was always frustrated when men didn't seem to take a hint.

Ryoko practically forced herself out of the warrior's arms, blushing so hard that she could feel it. "My name's Ryoko. I'm a summoner. I... I was born in Gariland Magic City and I..." she felt sparks inside her head. "There's more than that but... but... why can't I remember?"

"None of us can remember everything," Firion said. "If you fight, the memories will come back to you. That's what the others have said before. By the way, I have a question for you, Ryoko."

"Sure," she said, trying not to seem more awkward than she felt. She didn't just want to stare at the Warrior of Light, but she was having a hard time not just starting at him. He was drop dead handsome. "Ask away."

"What is that you're holding?"

Ryoko gripped it tightly. "The Aquarius stone!"

"You mean that you managed to swipe it?" Aira asked.

", someone gave it to me and told me to toss it into the sea. That it's dangerous. A catalyst of darkness! Don't remember who it was anymore, though." Ryoko said. "It's my job as someone protected by the spirit of Aquarius to destroy it."

Firion frowned. "So it's not a crystal."

"Oh, it is. An evil one."

"An evil crystal?" The Warrior of Light seemed appalled by this idea. "Then why haven't you destroyed it, Ryoko?"

Ryoko held it out, letting its quiet glow shine out to where the others could see it. "I don't think I can yet. It's made of some kind of magical material that my magic cannot pierce. I wanted to carry it with me, so when the time is right, I will be rid of it. It glows when I touch it."

"That's why the Emperor wanted you." Firion declared. "He wants that."

"But he can't use it. He tried." Ryoko looked down at the ground. "It would not respond to him. He tried to make me go with him, to see his Master, Chaos. I fought back and lost." She put the stone into one of the pockets inside her large cloak. "You can't let anyone else know I have it. I don't want that man chasing after me again."

"No, next time, you smash is brains in with that magic of yours," Aria said. "Don't worry. Things might be tough, but as a team, we're tougher."

"A very admirable view," the Warrior of Light said with a smile. "And don't worry, Lady Ryoko. Should you need help in battle, all you must do is call for me. I will assist you."

Ryoko tried to hide her blush, but something pulled her out of that mindset for a split second. Swords clashing in the distance. She could hear it. "There is a battle happening nearby," she said quickly. "Let me do you all a favor." She lifted up her staff and chanted for a few seconds. "The unmovable wall, Golem!" Each of her companions was covered by a faint brown light for a few seconds, and then it faded.

"I feel a tad bit stronger," Firion said, amazed.

"That's what Ryoko does. Her spells come in the form of her espers," Aria explained it cleanly. "Guardian spirits."

Together, as a party, they crossed the land, fighting off the manikins that attacked. The fighting was inside a nearby gate. Now everyone could hear it.

~ Part Three: The Garden

"That does it!" the Onion Knight screamed out angrily. "I've had enough of your attitude, Jecht!" He slashed as fast and as wildly as he could, but no hits landed on the half-naked blitzball player. "How could you even THINK that-"

"The lady has herself a crystal, kid," Jecht sneered at him. "It's not right that she holds a crystal when she just got here to this world. She didn't go looking for it. Cosmos is hiding something, squirt! I'll beat it out of you!"

Below their mid-air battle stood a young lady holding a sword out. "Onion!" she shouted, "Let me help you!" She wore armor and had a long flowing white cape behind her. "That bully can't keep treating you like that because of me."

"No," the Onion Knight said, insistant. "You can't fight Jecht! He'll hurt you."

"At this rate, he'll hurt YOU!" she cried, leaping up into the battle anyway. The lady waited until Jecht was distracted and slashed him from behind with her blade.

Then, as he tumbled down to the ground, she chased after, making sure he stayed down. "...battle here is so much different than... than back home..." she said, trying to catch her breath once she landed. "I don't know why he thinks I have a crystal. I've never heard of anything like that before."

"Lynn," the Onion Knight said when he landed next to her, "You shouldn't have... I could have taken him on my own."

Lynn shook her head. "You're crazy. You weren't landing a single hit on him."

Jecht stood right back up. "Missy, you hit hard. The Emperor said there was another, just like you, who'd never been here before, carrying around a crystal." He shook his head. "This isn't right. Cosmos is a cheater in this game!"

"I don't even know who or what Cosmos IS!" Lynn snapped at him.

"You're a liar, too," Jecht started to act as if he was going to get in her face, but the Onion Knight pushed him out of the way. "Hey, kid, stay out of this."

"No. I will take her to Cosmos, and you're not going to stop me, Jecht!"

"Onion!" Firion's voice called out from behind them. "Don't worry, Onion, we've got your back!" He shot an arrow from his bow, but Jecht blocked it with his huge sword. "...I am really lacking in practice, aren't I?"

"That's fine! Take her to Cosmos, if you can!" Jecht laughed at them, fading away with a puff of dark smoke. "But when you don't manage to get there, don't be upset. Chaos wants that crystal and I'm sure he'll do anything to get his hands on it."

Firion approached Onion and Lynn with open arms. "Onion, you've found a... another lady?"

Aria was not two steps behind Firion. "Lynn!" she said, giving Lynn a huge hug. "What are we all doing here?"

"What do you mean 'all'?" Lynn asked until Warrior of Light and Ryoko had come into view. "...Ryoko, you're here, too?"

"I am," Ryoko replied. "This is beyond crazy. What are all three of us doing here?"

"Cosmos must have summoned you to fight with us. There is no other explanation," Onion Knight answered. "You're being chased by the Warriors of Chaos, so you're obviously here to help us in our fight. Oh, hi there, Warrior of Light! Still don't remember your name?"

"I remember little more than you do," the Warrior of Light replied. "Well-met, young warrior."

"Haha... well... this is awkward," Ryoko said, starting to continue to the east. "The three of us, brought to this... this world... by someone, without even asking us if we want to be a part of it, at that."

"Ivalice must be going crazy without us!" Lynn said. "We're such a big part of Ramza's group, you know! Ramza won't forget us, no matter how long we're gone."

"No," Ryoko whispered. "I can't agree with you, Lynn. I don't even remember this... Ramza." She looked onward. "The skies are so dark. It's hard to believe you can even see the sun or the stars from here."

"You can't, ever," the Warrior of Light said. "You can't ever see anything but these storm clouds because Cosmos is having a hard time holding it all together. If we could just find the Crystals, we can save both the Goddess and this world with their light!"

"...Lightbringer," Ryoko said, "I will call you that until you find your true name. Sir Lightbringer." Her sarcastic tone almost struck a nerve with Cosmos' most loyal knight. "It's all you ever think about, isn't it?" He might have been handsome, but he sure was single-minded. "'The light' this, 'the light' that."

"...what else is there for those who fight for Cosmos?" the warrior asked.

"I have plenty more on my mind than just finding these... crystals," Ryoko answered. "What way to the Goddess? I need to talk to her about something."

"She should be at the Sanctuary," Firion said. "It's over to the east on the edge of the continent."

"Then let's go. The sooner I finish what needs to be done here, the sooner I can get back to what I was supposed to be doing!" Ryoko shouted, heading stubbornly in that direction.

"...what ARE you supposed to be doing?" The Onion Knight inquired.

"If only I could remember!"

Lynn half-giggled, and Aria just shrugged at the whole thing.

"I've made her angry," the warrior of light whispered as if he had no idea what he'd done.

"Oh no," Aria said with a big grin. "She likes you. She's only acting mad because she doesn't know how to handle it. I've never seen her fall so hard, so fast before."

"Love at first sight isn't exactly something she believes in," Lynn muttered. "Oh, Sir Lightbringer, what shall we do with her?"

"What do you mean 'we'?" the warrior of light asked.

Both girls put their hands on his shoulders and looked up to him as he looked at them, incredibly confused.


Ryoko: "And that's a wrap."
Lynn: "It can't be over. There's so many questions left!"
Aria: "And you have a romance with the Warrior of Light to bring about!"
Ryoko: "..."
Aria: "You like him, don't lie."
Lynn: "It's written all over your face."
Ryoko: "There is no writing on my face!"
Lynn: "...oh?"
Ryoko: "WHAT."
Aria: "Look there." *gets out magnifying glass* "Yep. It says 'so helplessly in love with the Warrior of Light' right here on your nose. In Freckle."
Lynn: *looks* "Totally does."
Aria: "Is so! It's like Braille. Except with Freckles."
Ryoko: "You can't read Braille."
Lynn: "I think she opened the job 'Blind Person' and spend the job points she earned today on 'Read: Braille' for her support skill."
Ryoko: "...that's not a job in Ivalice. How do you unlock that kind of job?"
Aria: "Get stabbed in the eye by enough theives with blind knives and let's see if you can keep your sight."
Ryoko: "You're not blind though."
Lynn: "Obviously a white mage used Esuna on her to cure the blindness from the knife."
Aria: "Yep. 25 gil donation to the church."
Aria: "I ate a bowl of Cream Stew?"
Lynn: "Okay, so we're full of crap. Obviously."
Aria: "We're totally trolling you. Haha. But seriously, your crush on Warrior of Light cannot be avoided. Play your sweet and innocent card right, and he'll be wrapped around your finger."
Ryoko: "...why couldn't YOU have fallen in love at first sight?"
Lynn: "You make for a better plot."
Aria: "Yeah, because you're so easy to tease."
-directly outside-
Warrior of Light: "So... she does like me?"
Firion: "It's pretty obvious, bro."
Onion Knight: "Check it, I'm gonna start my own record label! I'm the Onion Knight, I'm prepared to fight, bitches love me 'cause I'm so-so white! WORD!"
Warrior of Light: O_O Firion: O_O Onion Knight: "Freestyle time! don't you ever call me that white, or you'll say night-night, and be living in eternal fright, whicka-whack like CRACK, NIGGA!"
*loooooong awkward pause*
Warrior of Light: "I don't believe a girl's ever... liked me before."
Firion: "Dude. Go in there and kiss her. I swear by the end of the night, she will be riding you like a rodeo pony."
Warrior of Light: "...what? Why in Cosmos' name would I want a girl to ride me?"
*thought bubble appears and it has Ryoko saddled on WoL's back*
Firion: "You cannot be this dumb."
Onion Knight: "I'll go steal Ryoko's clothes! then you can keep her warm!"
Firion: "You should not be talking about this, Onion, you are too young..."
Warrior of Light: "Keep her warm? Wouldn't she just use a blanket?"
Firion: "..."
Onion Knight: "..."
Warrior of Light: "...what?"
Firion: "...seriously?"
Onion Knight: "I'm going back to rappin'!"
Warrior of Light: "No! Don't rap! I'll figure out a way to talk to Ryoko soon enough, just... don't rap anymore."
Firion: *gives Onion Knight a high-five behind his back* Onion Knight: "Okay!"