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"What?" Katniss wasn't surprised at Peeta's shock; in fact she was shocked at her words herself. Her shock was of a different kind though. She was shocked that she meant her words, and now that they had been said she realized marrying Peeta wasn't something she wanted out of necessity, which was her main motivation for most of her actions, but because she loved him; because she wanted to tie herself to him in every possible way. Forever. She pulled away from him and sat on her knees, taking one of his hands in both of her own.

"Peeta. Will you marry me?" His mouth was agape, and he was still obviously bewildered, and Katniss knew he had every reason to be. She had always made it clear she did not want to be married, that she didn't want kids. But accidents happen, circumstances change, people grow, and Katniss' entire perspective had been shifted the moment the pregnancy test had resulted positive. Actually, her perspective had begun to change the day she realized she was in love with Peeta some four odd years ago. He never pushed her, always willing to set aside what he wanted the most for her, and that kind of pure, unadulterated love had given her reason to want the kind of life he did. He would think she only asked for his sake – they were practically already married; but it was something she had been thinking about since he had shared what he thought would have become of them if she had never moved. She liked what he saw, and she wanted it.

"Katniss, you don't want to get married." She almost laughed, because she knew him so well that she predicted his answer, but now was not the time to make fun.

"I didn't. You're right. But that's the thing Peeta. There are a lot of things I used to not want, but things change. I changed, I fell in love with you when we were 15, you fell in love with me when we were 5. You waited 10 years for me and then you waited 3 more. If I were with anyone else I probably wouldn't want to get married. But then again I couldn't be with anyone else. I'm with you, and I want this."

"This isn't just for me then?" He was quiet, and she knew it was because he didn't want her to do something she would regret. This time she did let out a single soft chuckle.

"Peeta, I'm a selfish person, and when I want something I get it. And what I want is you. In every way possible." He reached a trembling hand to her cheek, his face serious, and his eyes intent on her own.

"Katniss, you're the least selfish person I know. You would give up your life for the people you love."

"Is that an answer?" Katniss asked, eyebrows raised.

"That's a yes Katniss Everdeen. I will marry you." He leaned forward and captured her lips in a sweet kiss, and his tears mingled with her own.

6 Months Later

Katniss sat on the balcony of the apartment watching the sunrise as she sipped at her coffee. She heard the door slide open behind her and felt as Peeta kissed the top of her head before he pulled up a a chair next to her. Katniss turned to him and smiled.

"Good morning." Peeta ran his hand through his hair and sipped his own coffee, a sly grin on his face. Katniss let out a single laugh and rolled her eyes. Peeta had surprised her in the shower this morning. It had been a very nice surprise.

"A good morning indeed." She grinned at him and he winked at her. They sat in silence for a while, each lost in thought, when Katniss felt Peeta brush the hair off her face. He had moved next o her – and it startled her. Peeta was many things, but quiet wasn't usually among them.

"Can I help you?" She asked him teasingly. He smiled at her, before he pulled a small box out of his pulled a small box out of his pocket, and Katniss sucked in a breath.

"Yeah actually you can. See, I have this fiancé, but since she proposed to me I never got to give her a ring. Which sucks since my mom always told me she had one put away for me." Peeta opened the small black box and revealed a ring with a silver band pearls and diamonds clustered together. Peeta's eyes were earnest, and they shined up at her. "Sorry it took so long. It was my great grandmother's so it need some work done." Katniss leaned forward and kissed him, soft and slow, and when she pulled back he slid the ring on her finger.

"July 23rd." Peeta knit his eyebrows, obviously confused at what she had just said, and Katniss tried to explain.

"That's when I want to do this. Small. Just our family and a few friends. At the garden by Crystal Lake." Peeta's eyes were amused at her sudden outburst, one eyebrow cocked.

"You want to get married where our daughter was conceived? Really?" Katniss blushed and nodded a yes. She pulled him up by him arm and placed him in her chair, taking her seat in his lap.

"I think it makes sense to legally become a family at the place we started it." Peeta chuckled at her.

"Why so soon? My mom is going to flip." Katniss sucked at her bottom lip, pulled up her legs to her chest and snuggled into Peeta.

"Because we've waited long enough, that's why." She knew it wasn't the response he wanted, but it's what she gave him. His fingers played in her hair and Katniss closed her eyes as serenity washed over her.

"Katniss?" he whispered, and she was so content she responded only with a grunt.

"Are you going to tell her?" Katniss tensed, eyes flown open, and she pulled back from his grasp. He had been good about not asking about her mother. Why now? Katniss shuddered thinking about Caroline. She couldn't just call and drop the news. Peeta was asking an entirely different question, and they both knew it.

"Peeta, I…" Katniss took a moment to calm her voice, and the sound of the door interrupted her thoughts. Prim walked out onto the balcony, leaving the door open as she wordlessly pointed inside. Katniss flinched when she heard Audrey throwing a tantrum, and looked back at Prim who was less than amused.

"I don't know what's worse." The 15 year olds voice was thick with sarcasm. "Hearing you guys in the shower this morning, or the fact that your daughter is apparently possessed." Katniss grimaced.

"Sorry Prim." She began to stand but Peeta patted her thigh.

"I got it." Katniss climbed off his lap, and watched as he walked towards where their daughter was pitching her fit. He leaned down and picked up a sobbing Audrey, who buried her face in his shirt. Peeta's eyes closed as he shushed her and swayed back in forth until Audrey finally calmed. Katniss was so entranced as she watched the pair that when Prim closed the door and turned to her she was surprised to find her sister still there. Prim crossed her arms across her chest.

"Did you tell him when you want to get married?" Katniss nodded at Prim.

"Yeah same date as I told you. But I think he wants me to see mom first." Prim snorted and rolled her eyes.

"Of course he does. He's Peeta. He knows it's time for you to do this. And you should probably get it over with anyways. You know, before you can't." Katniss sighed and flopped down into her chair, and Prim sat beside her.

"Yeah you're right. I guess it's now or never." Prim laughed at her and Katniss shoved her sister's shoulder playfully. Prim hooked her arm through Katniss' and lay her blonde head on her shoulder.

"Katniss, I love you, and I'm glad you're getting married, but if I have to hear you moaning in the shower at 5 am in the morning one more time I'm going to go and live under a bridge."

Katniss threw her head back in a sharp laugh.

"Little duck, I don't know what to tell you. We try to keep it down. You should hear us when no one is here."

Prim made an audible gagging noise, and Katniss laughed so hard she shook. As she and Prim poked fun and talked Katniss realized Peeta and her sister were right. It was time to talk to her mother, time to do something dreadful in order to make way for the coming happiness.

And so when they entered the apartment, Katniss asked Peeta for Finnik's card and made the phone call she had been putting off for a long while.