Sixth Grade

Sam Winchester:

Lying on Lucifer's new futon and watching him attempt to set up his new laptop is amusing and really, Sam shouldn't be laughing but he just can't help it. Sometimes he needs to laugh and sometimes he needs to laugh at someone. "I can do it for you." Sam offers but Lucifer just gives him this look, like he's trying to be patient with Sam but now is really not the best time. It makes him smile as Lucifer continues to attempt to set up the damn thing when it obviously doesn't want him to even try.

"Sam, you're three years younger than me and live a pretty shitty life. How the hell do you know more about computers than I do," Lucifer demanded as Sam plugged in one cord and began to connect the wifi. It didn't even take five minutes which is pretty pathetic since Lucifer had been working for almost a straight hour.

"I do research sometimes for John, and every once in a while Dean needs to pass a class." Sam informed him easily just as he pulled away from the laptop, and then blinked at the screen. "So you couldn't figure out how to connect to wifi but managed to make a picture of me sleeping your background picture?"

"That's significantly less difficult, Sam." Lucifer informed him with a smile making Sam roll his eyes before collapsing back on the bed.

"Why do I even deal with you?"

"Because I'm your high school friend, it makes you much cooler among your peers."

"You're very smug."

"It comes with age."

"No it doesn't!"

"I miss the days when I could convince you of anything…"

"I think you're confusing me with Castiel."

"That might be true…"

Sam laughed loudly at that making Gabriel open the door swiftly and look at both Sam and Lucifer in shock. "There is an orgy here and I wasn't invited!" He cried making Sam blink at him. He'd heard the word before… from somewhere… maybe one of Dean's shows he sometimes watches when he thinks no one's awake.

"This isn't an orgy. It's consensual between two males. With you invited it would be a threesome. With Castiel invited it would be a foursome. With Dean invited it would be an orgy. There will be no more than two people in any sexual acts Sam." Lucifer explained in a clipped tone making Gabriel scowl while Sam just blinked at them.

"Why are we talking about sex?" This made both Gabriel and Lucifer pay attention to him, which is great and all but it doesn't really help him figure out the answer.

"Gabriel was being an idiot. Don't mind him." Lucifer smiled but by the offended and annoyed expression on Gabriel's face, it's obvious he doesn't agree. Sam didn't say anything; he just pulled his book out of his bag. It's hard to believe he's on book seven already. But then again time waits for no one.

"Hey Sam, are you excited to be getting into middle school?" Gabriel asked with a grin on his face as he plopped down on the bed beside him. Apparently he won't be able to read which is fine; he'd rather be hanging out with them anyway. Gabriel and Lucifer are getting so much taller… they're both nearing 5'10 which is inches above Sam. He's still so small. John seems to like this though, apparently small means that he'll be able to surprise the enemy. He still hasn't gotten over Azazel, which is fine. Sam hasn't really either.

"Yeah, I heard that the teachers treat you more seriously and the work is harder." Sam grinned but this just made Gabriel frown.

"Well that's no fun."

"He's smart, unlike you. Were you really expecting anything else?" Lucifer asked dryly making Gabriel sigh and shake his head. Sam just ignored them both and went back to his reading. Or trying to. He's just on the first page but with these two around… he won't be getting any farther. That much is obvious.

"I'm going for theater though. It'll be my first time in it." Sam said softly, running his hand over the cover of his book.

"That's great! I'll be sure to watch your play! Did you know this year is Alice in Wonderland?" Gabriel asked with a knowing smirk making Sam glare.

"I'm not trying out for Alice."

The look of disappointment on Gabriel's face was priceless.

On the first day of class, he discovered that his first period will be theater. And as soon as he entered the room, the teacher took one long look at him then asked what he thinks about being cast as the King. It was abrupt and strange but Sam just shrugged his shoulders.

The class itself was rowdy and insane. Kids ran every which way, theater games were played throughout class and the teacher kept to herself, writing notes on a clipboard as she stared at each kid as though they were a mystery to be discovered. By the end of the class she had apparently changed her mind. "I think you'd do better as the white rabbit."

His classes weren't much harder but he was right about being treated like an adult. He actually decided on the very first day of school that he wants to stay an extra thirty minutes every day so he can study in the library. It's a new experience, something that he's always wanted to try. Odds are, Dean won't even notice. Although the high school gets off thirty minutes earlier then middle school.

When Sam walked into the lunch room he was surprised to get a text right as he entered the doors. Apparently Lucifer will be taking Sam home from school, but right after he read that he was instantly stolen away by Gabriel who noticed him dawdling in the entrance.

Middle school means Lucifer gets to take Sam home every day and Gabriel and Sam have the same lunch. He likes this.

Sam wasn't all that surprised when he was actually cast as the white rabbit, but he was surprised when a girl he'd never noticed before became Alice. She's beautiful, long curly blond hair and a beauty mark on her face. Her name is Jessica and she said she can't wait to work with him. He didn't get to speak with her long though because the theater teacher called him over.

"Sam, do you know why I let my students do whatever they wanted on the first day of class?" She asked, looking him over with a soft frown on her face. Obviously she didn't expect an answer because within seconds she began to explain. "I wanted to see how everyone acts without me directing, you guys are in middle school and for a lot of you, and this'll be your first time in theater. So I want to see how you all are in your natural state. Sam, you're very kind, a bit rushed, and very studious. You were cast as the White Rabbit because of this. It's not fair, there are no tryouts and life's a jerk in general, but hey… I think you'll have fun." She smiled then pat his head before shoving him out of her office to join the other kids. He stopped her though.

"Thank you… for giving me that role." Sam said softly, looking up at her. His teacher's eyes widened but then she smiled at him and nodded.

"No problem, kiddo."

Dean wasn't impressed when he found out that Lucifer takes him home every day. Sam thinks it's because Lucifer can drive legally and Dean can't yet but if he points this out then he's dead. He'll be beyond dead. He'll be extremely dead. So he doesn't mention it. Dean drives sometimes anyway though, and Sam kind of likes to ride with him, but he knows that it's not legal so that sort of puts a damper on things. It doesn't help that Dean's not the best driver… he goes too fast and yells at all the other drives for his mistakes, but that's part of what makes Dean who he is.

Lucifer and Dean have apparently spoken a bit from time and time about this, because Dean says he trusts Lucifer as a driver but not much else. Apparently word has gotten to Bobby too, because the guy called a few days ago to let Sam and Dean know that there's nothing suspicious about Lucifer. He's a smart guy who happens to have taken an interest in Sam, it's strange but not suspicion worthy. That's as good as Bobby giving Sam away at the alter; which is a mental image he never needs to have again.

He sat in Lucifer's black SUV and stared at the radio which isn't on. Lucifer doesn't seem to be the music type, which is something Sam's never understood. But that's mostly because he's grown up with Dean Winchester of all people. The guy lives and breathes Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and all those other terrible bands that Sam's stuck dealing with like Metallica. It's just… cruel. He shouldn't have subjected his brother to such horrible bands at such a young age.

"Why don't you take Gabriel home too?" Sam asked instead making Lucifer glance over before quickly returning his eyes to the road. He kind of gets the feeling that Lucifer isn't a confident driver yet, which is a bit scary for him as a passenger but he trusts him.

"Gabriel likes to walk."

"No he doesn't."

"He likes to walk home."


"There's a candy store along the way."

"I like candy."

"That's a lie."

"So what if it is?" Sam crossed his arms and glared at Lucifer. He just wants to spend some time with both Gabriel and Lucifer at the same time. He knows they don't like each other but… they're brothers! Family doesn't end in blood, so they should try… or keep trying. If Sam can be friends with both of them then… shouldn't that mean something?

"Gabriel and I are very different people. We like different things. You shouldn't try to set us up. We're not compatible and you're a terrible matchmaker." Lucifer informed him with a soft smile, as though he finds this amusing. Sam doesn't, not in the slightest, but he really can't argue. They probably know a lot that he doesn't know and Lucifer wouldn't lie to him. He's the type of guy who would try very hard to keep the ones he loves close. There was either nothing ever there, or it was damaged beyond repair. He can accept that if Lucifer says he needs to.

"Did I tell you that I'll be playing the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland?" Sam asked with a grin.

"You're very intelligent, Sam, so I don't understand why you would consider this to be an adequate assignment piece. The talent you possess in writing is astonishing, truly, but how is this happy? Can you explain that to me?" His English teacher's name is Roy Le Grange, he a pastor part time but never brings up his religious views in class. He'll just write on the board when and where his services are along with his personal phone in case anyone wishes to talk to him about something. He's a great man.

"I wrote about my brother and me watching television when our dad's away." Sam shrugged with a smile.

"Yes but how is that a happy memory. Do you get to see your brother very often? Is your father mean to you?" Sam isn't going to make the same mistake this time, instead he just smiled lazily. So apparently this isn't normal. That means he has to explain, but he doesn't have to tell the truth.

"My brother has been hanging out with one of my friends a lot lately so we don't get to spend much time together. I guess remembering a time when I was his only friend… it was something that makes me happy." He explained giving out that smile, the one that Lucifer loves and Dean hates. It's the smile that John says could get him information in the business if he ever wants to become an officer of the law. That's probably the last thing Sam ever wants to be, but it could help in court… because Sam still wants to be a lawyer.

"If you explained that in your paper, it could have made this story impact the reader much more." Roy Le Grange explained gently then motioned for Sam to go. "Have fun with your brother if you can and try to hang out with some friends. I want to see you smile more in class." He beamed making Sam grin in return before hurrying off. It was a close call. He doesn't want to ever have a repeat of what happened in third grade.

"So you read those books too?" Jessica asked with a smile as they sat backstage together. Their theater teacher is trying to get the extras to help out with setting the stage; the actors aren't allowed to help because she doesn't want any of them to be put in any kind of danger before the performance. It's a bit annoying but he's slowly getting used to the idea of being useless because he's a main character.

"Lemony Snicket is pretty amazing. I love A Series of Unfortunate Events." Sam smiled softly and held the seventh book in his hand, he's over halfway finished and honestly he's grown attached to Klaus the most so far. He's a reader who dreams of more and has this urge to protect those around him, even if he can't really do anything.

"Same here, he really just throws you right in, doesn't he? Even though the writer keeps telling us over and over again that this isn't going to be a happy series, I just keep hoping that the kids will be alright. That's all I want at this point. But it won't happen and I like to pretend that they're okay anyway. I like to pretend that they're living happy lives." Jess explained with a bit of a sigh just as the teacher called her out to begin the play. They've only blocked three scenes so far, none with the white rabbit, but that's alright. It's a long play and he'll get to act at some point, but for right now he took out his book and began to read his book about three orphans and a very bad man who wants to steal their money.

It's probably sick that he only reads these books for the satisfaction that at least in here, there are people living much worse lives than him. It's ridiculous that he even needs this… to know that it's true, because his life isn't that bad! No one close to him has died except his mom. But Sam wasn't even old enough to understand or even know her. He was just six months old. So this is selfish, it isn't okay.

He breathed out a sigh just before Chuck came over letting him know he's needed on stage. Looks like they're finally rehearsing one of his scenes, which is kind of nerve wracking to think about. Sam doesn't have all of his lines memorized but he has the first couple scenes he's in. There aren't too many in total but enough to screw him over occasionally. When he stops fucking up a line completely, then he'll say he's got it memorized.

Walking out onto the cafeteria stage, Jess grinned at him. "We're doing the first scene." She explained quickly just as the teacher told him to wait by the side entrance until he hears a specific line from Alice. This is good. It's something else to focus on.

In a matter of minutes… Sam was onstage.

"Lucifer is fucked up, Sam. You shouldn't hang around that son of a bitch anymore." Dean growled when Sam got home which is kind of funny since Sam is just getting back from hanging out with Lucifer when Dean decided to vent about him again.

"What'd he do?" Usually Dean never bothers to tell him why he hates Lucifer so much but sometimes something will slip, like apparently Lucifer has outbursts in class that leave some kids scarred for life. Dean never goes into detail about what he says but he mentioned once that it involved torture.

"There's a kid at school who keeps talking about suicide and how he's been debating it for years. Lucifer told him yesterday to kill himself. The kid did." Dean was staring at the toaster willing for the strawberry poptarts to be done but Sam knows he's really trying to avoid showing how it affected him. Suicide is something that really gets to him, he just can't handle it. Sam doesn't know why exactly but it always affected him pretty bad since they were younger.

"It was just talk, Dean. You don't know for sure if that's what caused him to kill himself." Sam said slowly but his words obviously aren't getting to Dean, and he really can't blame his brother for being pissed.

"He shouldn't have… suicide isn't a joke, Sam." Dean hissed just as his poptarts popped out of the toaster. He grabbed them swiftly even though they must have burned and wrapped them in a paper towel before running up to his room.

What Lucifer did… was wrong. But that doesn't mean Sam's going to stop hanging out with him because of it. He knew pretty quickly that Lucifer's a bit of a jerk, even though he tries not to be around Sam, it's just something he noticed. Gabriel and Lucifer hate each other it seems and Sam's pretty sure that the anger there is mostly Lucifer's fault, because of the kind of person he is. But Sam doesn't mind. He likes him anyway.

Lucifer causing someone to commit suicide after years of debate isn't going to make Sam stop being his friend.

Lucifer has been hard to get a hold of lately; apparently he's made a new friend, sort of. Sam's not sure what that means exactly but Gabriel says that it's a pretty big deal for Lucifer to make a friend. It's a girl which is… well okay, so Lucifer's making a friend that's a girl. That's no big deal. High school boys probably have loads of girls that are friends, and if Lucifer isn't calling as much and trying to get Sam to hang out all the time like normal… well it just means that he's trying to give this girl some attention too. Gabriel says Sam's jealous but that's not true. What's there to be jealous over?

"She's pretty with curly blond hair and some stellar eyes. I don't remember what color but they hold you. She's pretty cute with her personality too, kind of reminds me of a lollipop, strawberry flavored." He informed Sam as if that analogy makes sense. It doesn't. It really, really, doesn't. Sam's currently hanging out in Gabriel's bedroom since Lucifer is hanging out someplace with this new friend of his. Sam isn't jealous he's just… this is different and he's not sure what he thinks about it.

After a while, he just got used to having Lucifer to himself. There was no one else to compete against, let alone some mystery girl. He misses that.

Gabriel's room is the room of a troll. The walls are covered in nsync and Backstreet Boys along with Brittany Spears posters. He also has an entire dresser full of candy he either stole or paid for with his allowance. He also bought the worst clothes to wear this year. None of them match, everything is tacky, and he wears knee high socks that should be illegal. Hot pink knee high socks with fairy dust on them should not be allowed anywhere except on very small and adorable little girls but even then Sam's more leaning on 'no' if only because of the mental images of Gabriel. Right now he's dressed normally in a baseball t-shirt and shorts but the fact that his closet is open and Sam can only make out extremely bright colors… he's slightly terrified. If only just slightly.

"How do you know so much anyway? I know you and Lucifer don't like each other." Sam said slowly, beginning to grow suspicious.

"Yes but I stalk him on a semi-regular basis because I don't trust him. So I tend to pick up a few things here and there before he figures out someone's following him. He's an incredibly paranoid person."

"With every right to be," Sam snorted making Gabriel roll his eyes as he sucked on his lollipop.

The night of Sam's performance, he was grateful. Gabriel, Lucifer, and Dean are in the crowd getting ready to watch him perform. They all made sure to tell him to break a leg or neck or whatever an hour ago which is… nice, maybe. "Come on Sam! You have to put on the ears!" Jess cried from the green room. Sam sighed and turned around, walking into the large room full of costumes and make-up artists. They're mostly theater kids from the high school but… to his surprise, there was Lucifer, smirking at him from the make-up section of the room. Sam ignored Jess and quickly walked over to him in shock.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked softly as he sat down in front of Lucifer. He didn't even hesitate, as soon as Sam was seated; he grabbed a face wipe and began to clean Sam's face of the make-up he put on there already. "Hey it was good enough!"

"But I can make it better." Lucifer informed him in that 'no nonsense' tone of his. Sam hates that tone. "I'm here because I'm very good at this and my teacher asked if I would like to come help this production. I said yes, but I'm only helping you and Alice." He explained making Sam's eyes widen slightly. Jess looked… great. She really does look like a small child with what Lucifer did to her face so… apparently he's good at this.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Sam asked just as Lucifer began to cover his face in white with the face scrub.

"I made it into a pleasant surprise; now please stop talking before I screw up your face." Lucifer ordered just as he finished putting the white and immediately grabbed the black. "I'm going to put the extreme colors first before working on the pink and making you more soft looking. Don't distract me; this will take thirty minutes if I'm being fast with little distractions. If you screw me up then you'll be late for your performance.

Sam kept quiet and just watched Lucifer work. After ten minutes, Sam looked like a fluffy white face with two buck teeth, but after five more minutes and with the rabbit ears on… it looks like someone plastered a rabbit face to his own skin. Lucifer finished with giving him a pink nose and adding slight pink around his eyes to make him look tired and worn. "Don't doubt me again." Lucifer warned but he said it with a fond smile.

"How about I just break a leg instead?" Sam asked with a smirk and left to get backstage before the curtain rises. It turns out the play had just started by the time he got backstage but it was still a few minutes until his cue was sounded making him smirk and take a deep breath before starting.

Sam walked out onto the stage and checked his pocket watch with a loud sigh. "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late… for a very important date. No time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" He growled out in frustration and jogged off stage.

Sam was reading the seventh book in the Lemony Snicket series when Lucifer sat next to him. Sam's bed isn't all that big so they were pretty close together, especially with Sam lying down, but he didn't care and didn't bother to acknowledge Lucifer as he tried to read the book. It's nearing the end of the school year and being with Gabriel for a year… is kind of like a dream, a dream he's going to wake up from. But he has one more year. One more year then Gabriel is off to high school too. So he should be thinking about having one more year rather than not having one at all.

"I liked that one."

"Why? It's just as depressing as the others." Sam grumbled, not really in the mood to talk to Lucifer right now but doing it anyway.

"Yes but… sometimes it takes a village to raise a person. I like that thought."

"But what if the village is no good? What if bad things keep happening and the village can't protect that person?" Sam demanded, and sat up, looking Lucifer in the eyes.

"You're not mad about the book. You're channeling your anger into the storyline but this isn't what you're upset about." Lucifer stated calmly, staring Sam down as he waited for him to explain. The idea of explaining his problems to Lucifer of all people is hilarious. It's adorable. Sam is having problems with Lucifer having another friend. It's stupid and petty but it's true. He's jealous. It took him a long time to admit to what this feeling actually is and now that he has… it'd be better if he could take it back, no longer feel these emotions. They make no sense and they're strange. He shouldn't be feeling this way, but he is. Lucifer's allowed to have other friends! Sam shouldn't be possessive! It's not okay!

"It's just school stuff. I shouldn't be taking it out on you." Sam sighed, lying to Lucifer's face.

"Alright then, how did you like middle school? The year is just about finished, after all." He continued easily as though Sam's outburst never happened, or that it's irrelevant. Sometimes it pisses Sam off just how much Lucifer never seems to acknowledge Sam's flaws. It's like he thinks he's perfect no matter what so these moments don't matter. It's like they're outliers to him, something to be taken out of the equation because there was a fault in the experimental process.

"I think I did pretty well. My theater teacher hovered over me until I checked the box for theater next year as well. Wait… don't you have a performance..?" Sam asked as his eyes wide as he realized that the school year is just about over… and Lucifer is in theater too…

"My performance was during school hours, but next year I'll be in the second theater class so you'll be able to attend that one." Lucifer said idly as if this doesn't even matter which is just stupid because it does matter.

Sometimes Sam thinks that this friendship they have is centered on him. They both claim to be friends with each other but… whenever the conversation strays over to Lucifer he changes it, and whenever Sam wants to get more involved… it never works out. This should be perfect, a lot of kids at school would love to have a friendship like this, but it feels like Sam's using him.

"What play will you be doing?" He asked softly, running his fingers over the paper inside his book. Lucifer smirked and looked at Sam as though he amuses him.

"Much Ado about Nothing, why don't you read the play over the summer and tell me who I should try out for, whoever you pick will be the person I do my best to get the part as." Lucifer said with such confidence and finality that Sam almost believed that it could be that easy.

"Alright then, I'll check out the play from the library, its Shakespeare right? So the library should have a copy of it somewhere." Sam said slowly and grabbed a pad and pen from his nightstand and wrote it all down. By the time he finished, Lucifer was standing and staring at the wall by the window. The wall has a handful of pictures Sam's collected over the years. His family isn't big on picture taking but he managed to find a few pictures of his mom and some of Dean, John, and Sam all together. That wall means a lot to him.

"You have some pictures from the play… did someone from your class take them?" Lucifer asked as he caressed a picture of him putting make-up on Sam's face. It's actually a pretty good picture, even Lucifer looks pretty intense and Sam seems to be completely vulnerable and willing, it's still a nice shot. There's one picture of him and Jess standing on stage discussing possible blocking ideas with the director and then there's another shot of Sam reading backstage. But at the same time… there are pictures of Lucifer and Sam eating ice cream together and a shot of Gabriel with licorice up his nose. There's even one picture of Lucifer calmly smiling at the camera, even though the smile looks almost wolfish, it's still a great picture.

So this wall means the world to him.

"How long have you had these up?"

"I started putting pictures up two years ago. I don't even think Dean noticed." Sam said quietly. There's a picture of just Sam and Dean laughing in the Impala together but that was from years ago. He hasn't seen much of Dean all year, even though he did go to the play and was the first one to stand up and cheer.

"I have a picture of you and Dean together if you want it. Gabriel took the several pictures this year so I stole a few from him… but you don't have many of your brother so you can have it."

"No. I don't need it." Sam said softly and began to read his book again.


Starting high school isn't exciting, nor is it life changing. All high school is, is another place to waste his time while waiting for Sam. Of course there are some perks to being a high school student. He got his drivers license over the summer so now he can drive Sam to and from school, and now Dean is busier than ever. High school has its perks but it's nothing to look forward to.

The classes are the same as in middle school and just as easy, the only new thing is office aid which Lucifer only took up so he could access the school files if he ever needs to. But for the most part he just sits behind a desk for an hour and a half doing nothing unless someone needs him to copy some papers or run off to some class to give some kid a pass to go somewhere, but that's mostly the counseling office student helpers who do that.

It's the first day of school and he's already bored out of his mind. Sitting behind the desk he lazily worked on some math sheet he was given first period. The math teacher he was assigned handed out a paper for everyone to do as homework, the paper is full of random problems to see where each individual student is at and then it'll be compared to the entire class to see what they need to work on as whole. This is nonsense, something he doesn't care about in the slightest, but this is his teacher and he has to play by the man's rules.

"Wait here Jessica while I speak to the front office. I'll be back with your brother soon." A woman informed a young girl as she hurried out of the office and walked to the main one just next door. Lucifer glanced at the child the woman had left behind, but she's just as dull as everything else. She has curly blond hair and bright eyes, obviously too young to be in a high school but with her arms crossed over her chest and those watery eyes, she's obviously not here because she wants to be.

Lucifer proceeded to ignore her, going back to the math problems as he tried to remember why the hell he even bothers when suddenly the girl was right in front of him, biting her lower lip as she looked at Lucifer as though he holds all the answers. "What do you want?" He asked her pleasantly while clutching his knees tightly to remind himself not to insult the little piglet until she cries to that woman, just so he finally has some entertainment. It would be rude. He can't afford to be rude on his first day of school.

"Do you know Jonathon? His name is Jonathon Moore and he's a freshman." She said with an air of authority not many students he knows can even attempt to possess, but she's just a kid so he looked at her with a slight smirk.

"It's the first day of school, I don't know him." He said honestly then ignored her and went back to his homework.

"Thank you for your help, and next time I'd appreciate it if you took me seriously. Just because I'm a sixth grader doesn't mean that my question is of any less importance than your homework." She grumbled making him smile in amusement.

"Yeah, it does, because this is for a grade, and you're just here to pick up your brother."

"It's because my mom has a tumor in her brain. Now don't you feel guilty?"

"I don't feel guilty in the slightest; she can die for all I care."

"How could you say that?!"

"My lips formed the words and my tongue moved and something about vocal cords… I'm doing math homework, not biology; ask me when I move onto biology." Lucifer said distractedly as he tried to remember the first fourteen numbers in pi. It's not for the assignment really but just because he wants to make sure he can still remember.

"You don't hold back, do you?"

"I'm not known to. I'm a rather honest person."

"More like blunt, but I like that. Do you want to be friends?"

"Not particularly, but we wouldn't be even if I said yes."

"Why not?"

"We don't know each other's names."

"Oh! I'm Jessica Moore, who are you?"

"I'm Lucifer."

"So I've been talking to the devil all this time?" Jessica laughed making Lucifer stare at her for a long time before nodding. "Well that's good to know. Were you really named that or is that something you made up for yourself?"

"It's a nickname I didn't make for myself. One of my brothers started calling me that and it stuck."

"Well I'm happy I've met you, Lucifer. You've distracted me nicely and now I see my aunt and brother so I should hit the road. I hope I see you again." She grinned then walked out of the office with her school bag. It was Dalmatians themed with black spots all over the white back, the top pocket on the front had a picture of one of the dog's faces from the animated movie. Lucifer hates the bag, it should die. It didn't die though, and he found himself… liking Jessica, just a bit. He wants Sam, he needs Sam, life will never be complete without Sam, but he likes Jessica.

"I'm going to try to get to know you but only because Sam wants to be your friend. If it wasn't for my idiot brother, I wouldn't come near you with a ten foot pole or a .44 even. I'd just avoid you all together." Dean sighed, running a hand through his hair outside of the baseball field. He's part of the freshman division which doesn't have any games but they play and train together all the time to make the team good enough so that they can make the team as sophomores.

"Are you that scared of me, Dean?" Lucifer asked with a wide smile making him scowl and cross his arms with a glare.

"You're just a son of a bitch, and I'd rather not to waste my time with people like you. It's just a preference of mine." Dean replied with a growl.

"You're very good at trying to get to know me. I can already feel us beginning to bond." Lucifer smirked as he went back to walking to his car. Dean has baseball practice before and after school so he'll be late if he keeps following Lucifer to his car but he's doing it anyway. Obviously someone needs to teach him not to bother Lucifer but that won't be today and he can't do it anyway until after Dean graduates, then Lucifer can probably do whatever he wants to the idiot. That's only if Sam's at an emotional state where he could handle the loss.

"Shut up!" He ran a hand over his face then groaned. "How about we go for pie tonight at a diner near the house? We can walk." Dean added when Lucifer pulled out his keys.

"You're taking me out for pie and you want a leisurely stroll in the night? Well aren't you romantic?"

"Fuck you."

"No thanks, how about I drive us? I'll pick you up at six and you can give me directions to the diner."

"Fine, whatever, I've gotta go." Dean said with a glare as he took off running towards the field leaving Lucifer to continue on his stroll to his car.

Gabriel was eating twizzlers obnoxiously in Lucifer's doorway as he watched his big brother change shirts. "So in order to get to Sam, you're dating his brother?" He asked with a smirk making Lucifer glower.

"This isn't a date. He wants to get to know me, which is unexpected, but it would cause suspicion if I refused." Lucifer murmured as he searched the room for his wallet. He doesn't spend money often unless it's on Sam, so for the most part he doesn't even need cash, but for tonight he will.

"So you'll be brummagem and he'll fall for your every word?" Gabriel asked with a smirk.


"Haven't you read those lovely books of Sam's? Brummagem is a very obscure word for 'fake' and it's one of my favorites."

"So you're on the second book."

"They're very quick reads; I just don't like books in general." Gabriel shrugged then went back to shoving twizzlers into his mouth.

"I'm sure Sam will love to hear that." Lucifer murmured as he reached into his dresser drawer and pulled out his wallet.

"He already knows, he finds it amusing."

"Your voice is tiring, I'm abandoning you now."

"Now that's just cold!"

Lucifer didn't respond, he just left his room and hurried out of the house. Gabriel is… someone Lucifer will probably never get along with. He refused to think about his brother while he drove the short distance to the Winchester house. The odds of Sam finding out about this outing are slim, which is probably for the best. Sam is jealous of his brother, probably always will be, so showing any desire to grow closer to Dean will just set Lucifer back a few steps. But as soon as he got there, Dean hurried out and jumped into the car. Lucifer didn't hesitate, as soon as Dean shut the door; he pulled out and drove in the direction of the diner.

The drive was silent, but as soon as they entered the diner, Dean turned on him. "Why are you friends with my brother?"

"Are you jealous?" He retorted with a smirk making Dean glower but he didn't deny it. "I'm friends with Sam because I like him." Lucifer lied.

"As long as you like him… I guess." Dean sighed as he ordered an apple pie, Lucifer asked for fried chocolate pie. The best way into his heart seems to be pie so… Lucifer should at least show he's willing to show an interest. "So you like pie fried? I can respect that."

"Why are you so concerned now? I've been friends with your brother for almost six years." Lucifer informed him blankly as he cut his pie and picked it up with a knife. He doesn't really care for it, especially chocolate pie, but he'll eat it for Sam.

"I've wanted to talk to you for a while but things got hectic and after everything that happened… Sam needed somebody, seems like you fit the bill for whatever it was he was asking for. I don't have time to hang out with Sam as much as I should, so it's great someone else is taking an interest. I don't trust you though, I won't, and you're going to have to deal with that." Dean informed him around a mouth full of pie.

"I can understand your sentiment." Lucifer said slowly, carefully choosing his words. "But no matter what you say or do, I won't leave Sam."

"Unless Sam decides to leave you."

Lucifer didn't answer that, mostly because the only answers he can think of would only disturb Dean and ruin all of Lucifer's chances of being with Sam. Even if he said no and rejected him, Lucifer would still be in Sam's life; he'd just kidnap him and hope for Stockholm Syndrome to take effect.

"What will you do if Sam leaves you?" He asked easily even though this is probably something that has been on Dean's mind for a long time. Sam's smart, and Dean's not an idiot. There have been signs for years that Sam wants nothing to do with the lives that John and Dean Winchester have. If he leaves one day, they have no one else to blame.

"That's not going to happen. Sam knows family is important." Dean said confidently and had another bite of his pie. Lucifer watched him then smiled; he's an idiot.

"Fancy meeting you here," Jessica grinned as she walked into the office and sat down in front of him. He spared her a glance but then went back to his biology homework.

"Yes, it's incredibly fancy; we're preparing the red carpet in the back."

Jessica laughed at that but that bit of attention apparently isn't enough for her as she sat down and stared him down for a while. "So you call yourself Lucifer, the teachers call you Lucifer, your brother came up with the nickname… and I have absolutely no idea why you would be called something like that. So I've got a test. Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at the pictures I've got." She grinned pulled the chair in the corner forward until it was right in front of his makeshift desk.

"Are you here with your aunt to pick up Jonathon again?" He asked just as she lifted up the first picture. He had baby cows on it. "Veal, now show me the next one while you answer."

His abrupt answer made her eyes widen as she covered her mouth, slowly her entire face became red as she tried to hold something back. "That's so bad! Yeah, except it's my uncle this time, he's waiting out in the hallway. At my middle school the office aids tried to flirt with him so he's steering clear of you guys, which is good for me. Now next picture," It was a picture of a lollipop with some hair attached to it.

"The candy finally started fighting back and that's the remnants of Gabriel's hair. Gabriel is one of my younger brothers. So is your mother in the hospital again?" He asked, as he used his pencil to draw circles into the hair on his scalp. Most likely nothing will show up but it's soothing, especially with the pencil being as sharp as it is.

"Your brother is a candy addict, I'm assuming? Yeah my mom is there to stay now. She'll be there till she… till she dies. There's no helping her anymore." The next picture was of a woman carrying a small child with a smile on both of their faces.

"Mother, so your mom is being made comfortable… sounds dull, for everyone involved. So they're going to make you go to the funeral? What a drag." He sighed and set his pencil down as he glanced at his homework. He's just supposed to do the chapter review, he was also supposed to read the chapter but he doesn't read, he probably should but he never will.

"Yeah… I'm going to have to go. Why… why do you hate mothers so much?" She asked just as she held up a picture of a little boy playing in a playground.

"The answer is Sam, and I don't hate mothers. I despise one and one alone. I refuse to hate a woman that's appearance is a mystery to me." He said softly then glared at the woman in front of him. He's never admitted that out loud. She didn't comment, just held up one last picture which was of herself.

"I don't know. It's just a mix of random emotions that I can't name…" He murmured, being completely honest. That's when Jonathon, a boy with messy light brown hair, rapped on the window to catch her attention.

"Gotta go, and hey Luce… I consider us to be friends."

"I will revoke our friendship if you continue to call me Luce." He retorted but still smiled making her grin as she took off.

"You have a friend." Gabriel said oddly, his eyes wide as he stared at his older brother in shock. Lucifer didn't say anything, he just grabbed his coat and wallet then began looking for his keys. The car is pretty much just a pity present from his father but that doesn't matter. He'll take it with no protest. Michael of course got his own car as well but he never uses his. The golden child is finally beginning to doubt his father. They haven't seen the old man's face in years and it's finally getting to him. Lucifer enjoys Michael's unease; it means that he's not focusing on Lucifer as much which means he can do whatever he wants. "You have a friend!" Gabriel cried, making Lucifer glare at him.

"Sam is a friend as well."

"No, you want to get into Sam's pants, he's not a friend."

"Jessica Moore is my first friend." Lucifer said slowly making his brother nod.

"So is she hot?"

"I'm not discussing this with you. I need to meet her outside now; I can see her waiting through the window."

"You made her walk here… Lucifer, it's nine! Its pitch black out there! Any sicko can take her off the streets and run away with her!"

"That's why I'm going out to meet her now."

"You're a creep."

"And your brother."

"Don't think I don't regret it!" Gabriel shouted after him as Lucifer hurried downstairs to meet her.

"So Luci-fruit, guess what?" Jess asked as she took her usual seat in front of his desk. They come here about once a week now. Apparently Jessica has to take night school to make up for all her absences and Jonathon is making jokes about dropping out of high school, but according to Jess they aren't really jokes.

"What?" He asked dryly, going through the papers on his desk. It's all homework. The office aid shit is really just a free period for anyone who wants it. He rarely has to do anything at all, except for occasionally help kids get to classes and find people but that's mostly morning and he's just afternoon. He only has to deal with the kids leaving early.

"I'm playing Alice in the school play! Come see me next week, okay?" She asked with a grin making Lucifer pause and stare at her. Sam's in that play, he's a lead actor in that play, he probably knows Jess, so if he goes he'll see them both. Jess doesn't belong in that world; she belongs in the office or on late night adventures, so she doesn't belong in Sam's life as well.

"Sure, I'll be there." He'll more than be there. His own theater teacher said that anyone who wants to can help out with the make-up. Lucifer is actually pretty good and was given private tutoring from a girl graduating from a local college, majoring in theater. She's amazing at it and made sure to teach him a good portion of what she knows. So he'll be there.

"You actually came!" Jess grinned as Lucifer sat her down and began to work on her make-up. Sam's nowhere to be seen but most of the kids tend to run off a lot before the play, but as long as they're in costume and make-up then no one cares, but according to Sam's teacher, his make-up isn't up to par so Lucifer will be able to see him soon enough.

"I'm in theater at the high school, so they asked if I would help you kids." He explained softly and worked on making her eyebrows stand out.

"I'm glad you're here… I was nervous. My family can't make it tonight since my mom's suffering pretty badly right now so it's just me. But I'm going to do my best anyway, and maybe I can convince my teacher to let us perform again in a few days, maybe next week. It doesn't have to be here, and there doesn't have to be a set, I just… I just want them to see me." Her eyes started watering making Lucifer grip her chin tightly and force her to look up at him.

"If you cry and ruin this make-up, I will personally make you look like you have a mustache that the make-up crew failed to cover up." Her eyes widened but soon she was laughing, leaving him to fix up the places where he gripped her in order to reapply her make-up.

"Thank you… for always distracting me. Tonight's performance is just for you, I'm not acting for anyone else, just you." She informed him softly just as he finished. Jess took off towards the props leaving Lucifer to stand there and watch her blankly, not sure what he should be feeling.

"I need you to go back to my house and grab my white gloves, it appears as though I've lost them but I need them desperately." Sam informed Alice with those earnest eyes of his. The acting is terrible on keeping in character, Sam is obviously acting like himself and making the white rabbit seem more like a love struck puppy for the queen then a manhandled servant, but it makes the play… amusing. Alice's eyes are always on the rabbit though, and Lucifer's not quite sure what to think of that.

"I'll do my best." Alice said softly then watched the rabbit leave, seeming like a lovesick little girl rather than a desperate child.

Lucifer continued to watch the play, seeing the way Alice and the White Rabbit seem drawn to each other but never stay in the other's presence for long. Once the play began to end, the lines seemed t change, morph slightly.

"Off with her head!" The red queen shouted making the Sam's eyes widen as he looked at Alice and pointed towards the left exit, mouthing 'run' as he made motions for her to leave, to run away as quickly as possible.

"Thank you." Alice said then ran off. The next time she was on stage it was her waking up to find her book and her cat, then her sister came and dragged her away, but before the curtain fell, Sam came out and watched the place where Alice had left before kissing his pocket watch and bowing towards where she had been. Then he left.

It made an impact on the crowd, and of course Dean Winchester was the first to gather his senses and stand, applauding loudly. Lucifer didn't bother to stay, he just left… and tried to forget what he saw.

Sam and Jessica don't have feelings for each other.

"I can see why you like theater so much! It's amazing! I loved every second of it!" Sam cried as Lucifer took him out for ice cream after school. "The backstage is always so busy with people running around constantly trying to get set onstage; it's never all that great though. But that's what high school's for, right, the big and good stuff?"

"You're hyper today," Lucifer said gently making Sam's smile drop as he nodded and ran a hand through his hair.

"I'm bugging you…"

"No, I'm just surprised." Sam didn't seem to know how to take that so he remained silent until they got to the ice cream store where he stared at Lucifer with such an honest face.

"Are you going to replace me with your new friend?" Sam asked. "No, sorry… that was stupid, just forget I asked." He cut in before Lucifer could answer.

"She's not good enough to replace you. Sam I like you best, and I always will."

"Then get me vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips on top, sprinkles, and gummy bears." Sam demanded and crossed his arms but there was a hint of a satisfied smile which was enough to make Lucifer happy. It's strange… someone making him happy like this. Whenever Sam is selfish, whenever he requests something… it gives Lucifer a sense of power, because he can do it, he can do this, and then Sam will be happy.

Sam Winchester is terrible at asking for things. It's a fault of his. Although Lucifer likes Sam's faults to an extent… this is not something he likes. He prefers to know exactly what's on Sam's mind rather than have to deal with guesswork.

"Are you happy… being her friend?" Sam asked as he bit into his ice cream. Lucifer always gets the same thing, two scoops of chocolate ice cream in a cone. Sam tends to try new things constantly but always comes back to vanilla.

"I'm not sure, but I know I'm happy to be yours." The words are corny over used lines from romance movies but Sam seems to appreciate those best rather than the simple stunted phrases that Dean usually gives.

"That's good, she's not competition then, you're all I've got you know?" He said with a grin, his teeth shining with sprinkles stuck in them and some chocolate stains that Sam will get rid of in a moment, but Lucifer liked it anyway.

Lucifer is all Sam has… it's a lie but Lucifer loves the sound of that.

"You're all I've got." Jess whispered into his shoulder as she cried great big tears and held onto his shirt. He was warned beforehand by Jonathan; a guy Lucifer didn't even know paid any attention to him and his sister in the office told him that their mom died. So when Jess came to his house with a tear stained face and trembling shoulders, he let her in with a sigh and brought her upstairs.

"That's because your mom croaked and your brother's a douche." Lucifer informed her gently.

"You don't care… about me, about anything do you?" She asked. Lucifer paused and looked her over then parked the car into a nearby lot and turned.

"I care about two people in this world. That's it. I care about a boy named Sam and then me, if you want me to care about you… this isn't how it's done. You have to prove to me that you're worthy of being cared for." He explained then watched her slowly wipe her eyes then nod.

"I get it, and that's smart. I can understand your point of view, but Luce… what if I'm not worthy of being cared for but I want it anyway?"

Lucifer didn't say anything; he just opened his arms and allowed her to hug him, burying her snot nosed face into his chest as she gripped him tight as though preparing to raise him from perdition.

He lied though, just a little white lie. He already does care about her, but just somewhat, not very much at all.

"Keep reading the books." Lucifer murmured into his pillow as he debated falling asleep again.

"But I hate them."

"No you don't, and you're over halfway done. Just keep reading."

"Why should I even bother? They've done nothing but hurt me." Sam grumbled, tossing the Vile Village onto the ground.

"They've also helped you, and made you happy."

"I'm sure other books could do the same thing for me."

"Are you really willing to give up seven years of tradition just because the books hurt your feelings?" Lucifer asked, not really all that tired anymore as he continues to debate with Sam. They're probably not talking about books anymore, but Lucifer knows better than to pry. It only makes Sam realize how smart he is and then he tries more abstract ways to hide things. The kid is smart, too smart, so Lucifer prefers for Sam to think that Lucifer thinks they're discussing books.

"I don't know… I'm willing to give up a lot, actually. I'll read another book, and if it starts to get better then I'll continue." Sam sighed but then smirked over at Lucifer. "Sorry for waking you up just to whine."

"I enjoy listening to you, even if you're just whining."

"Hey Lucifer… could you tell me something about yourself..? Anything really, you're just a bit of a mystery to me and I'd like to know more if possible." He looks like he just knows Lucifer is going to throw him out and say no. But he'd never do that.

"My father is always away. We haven't seen him in years, but he sends us money and buys us things. My mom is the same way except she doesn't contact us at all. Instead she just sends another kid to our house whenever she has one. In the beginning it was just Mother, Father, Michael, and me, but then she left and father left and it was just us. She sent us Gabriel, then a year later she sent us both Anna and Castiel, to be honest, we're not even sure if they're our full siblings or half siblings or what. But she sends them whenever they turn three years old, I guess that's because she thinks a six year old and seven year old can easily handle a three year old. They're stupid, but we all got over that fact years ago." Lucifer explained. He's gotten too close to Jess; she knows things about him that Sam doesn't so… Lucifer told Sam more.

Sam is always the most important, even above actual friendships and family.

"Your parents… are awful… how did you raise the others? Did someone come to help you?"

"We had a nanny for a while, she stuck around until Michael and I reached second grade, then she stopped showing up and it was just us. But our father sent us money and a man would come by every week with groceries and ask for anything specific we want for next time… and it just sort of worked. There's a bus stop nearby, as you know, and it seems as though the experiment that is how we were raised was a success. Apparently children are able to raise children."

"So you think it was an experiment?"

"I think it was idiotic, and they should never have done it, not for my sake but for Anna and Castiel, and maybe because I don't like hating people."

This is the most honest Lucifer has ever been. Because it's true, he doesn't like to hate people, but he doesn't hate people. He hates his mother and his father, and no one else.