Title: Vanilla, Kinks & Trigger Points (1/2)

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: PG-13 (next chapter NC-17)

Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

Summary: 'Regina's bra became Emma's first obstacle as she ran her oiled fingers up and down her back'

A/N: "The scent of Vanilla helps promote a lessening of tension, gives you a calming feeling and is also known for its ability to help dissolve strong feelings of anger."

"God, are you limping…. or something?" Emma cut off midsentence when she caught a quick glance of Regina retreating and almost stumbling, a hand pressing to her lower back. and a flash of pain crossing her face before she disappeared inside the house. Emma followed Regina, barely reacting in time to stop the slamming door with her forearm. Regina looked back, casting a cursory glance of annoyance at Emma as Regina ascended the stairs much slower than she would have preferred to create the desired dramatic effect.

"No, I'm absolutely fine, and anyhow, it's none of your concern," Regina barked not even turning to face Emma. Emma paused at the foot of the winding staircase her eyes trailing up Regina's backside. Even with a slight hobble her ass looked sexy, possibly sexier (if humanly possible.)

Emma frowned; Regina was definitely limping, and rubbing at her own back. Emma knew what it looked like when someone was in pain and trying to hide it. She scaled the stairs two at time and caught up with her just as she was entering her bedroom.

"It's those damned high heels you always wear, and the way you walk, like you always have a stick shoved up your—"

Regina glared at her, but tried to ignore the Sheriff as she stepped into her bedroom. She was in pain, her neck and back was throbbing.

"Just leave. Our discussion is over and I've dismissed you, Ms. Swan. Show yourself out."

"Maybe you should let me give you a massage? You know I was a licensed massage therapist in Florida," Emma suggested, thinking maybe she had caught on to why Regina was always such a bitch. She might be able to lighten her mood.

"I don't need you to touch me. I'm fine," Regina's reply was terse.

"Okay, I'm just saying I've been told I have a magic touch," Emma shrugged, feeling awkward in Regina's bedroom.

"Magic touch? You wouldn't know the first thing…" Regina trailed off in a scoff. The idea of Emma with magic anything was preposterous.

"Sorry, I'll go. I was just trying to help, but I don't know why I bothered. You're obviously too stubborn to admit that you're hurting," Emma turned to leave, shaking her head and feeling crestfallen. Regina would never take her advice, let alone let her help. She never had when it came to Henry or the town either.

"Wait," Regina called out, she was trying to reach the zipper on the back of her dress and found that moving her arm in that direction caused a muscle spasm that rippled from her shoulder blade all the way down to her ass.

"Unzip me before you go?"

"I knew it! See you need-" Emma dropped her tone just in time. She was actually getting Regina to admit she needed help, and she didn't want to jeopardize her small success by gloating. She strode across the room to where Regina stood in front of her mirror, and carefully swept the dark hair across her neck to find the zipper. She slowly pulled it down watching as the dress parted revealing smooth skin.

"Thank you," Regina muttered so quietly that Emma barely made it out, but the corners of her mouth turned upwards in a small smile. Regina caught the look of satisfaction in her reflection and took a breath.

"Lie down and let me take a look. When was the last time you had a massage, anyway?" Emma asked in assumption that Regina would be the type to regularly pamper herself with trips to the spa. Not that Emma had really seen any high end spas in Storybrooke.

"I've never had a massage, Sheriff," Regina gave a slight shrug and crossed to her bed, unsure why she was actually considering letting the untrustworthy woman touch her. Truthfully, she was desperate. Her back had been aching for weeks if not as long as she could remember, and she had never shared it with anyone. She wasn't about to give up her Jimmy Choos even if she would be in pain for the rest of her life.

"Really? Never?" Emma screwed up her face in surprise, but nodded to encourage Regina to take off her dress and lie down.

Regina hesitated, uncomfortable with disrobing in front of Emma, "You need to take off your shirt too."

"Why? You're the one getting the massage," Emma asked incredulously. "Wait, it's because you don't want to feel vulnerable with me, is that it?"

"I've never felt vulnerable, as you put it, with anyone. I simply…don't want to be uncomfortable," Regina said, uneasiness ripe in her voice.

"I get it," Emma wasted no time in pulling off her thin long-sleeved shirt and undershirt in one fell swoop. Regina couldn't help but look her up and down before dropping her dress, and careful not to expose her front, laid delicately on her stomach.

Emma, feeling very pleased that she had managed to even get Regina into this position, took a moment to appreciate the way her bra clung around her ribcage. Her mind drifted off as her eyes wandered down her back, and over her black underwear barely covering the swell of her ass, trailing down over the garters and stockings that clung to her strong thighs. Did she really wear garters and thigh highs every day?

Snapping back to reality, Emma thought for a moment that this may be a bad idea. She had noticed her attraction to the mayor, but it had never gone anywhere besides the looks they gave each other while in the heat of argument. Now she was in a decidedly compromising position and alone with the woman. She needed to stay professional, no matter what feelings and desires stirred in her body.

Regina shifted in agitation, sensing that Emma was taking her sweet time. She didn't know how long a massage was supposed to last, but she did know there should be some touching involved.

"I'm taking off your shoes," Emma stated, rolling her eyes in disbelief. What kind of person lays down for a massage in bed and keeps their 5 inch heels on?

"Fine," Regina mumbled into her pillow as she felt Emma pull at her feet.

"Do you have any lotion or oil?" Emma was afraid she might be pushing her luck, but to give a proper massage she knew it would feel better if she used something to ease the friction. Her mind went to a naughty place automatically.

"In my vanity there should be something. Don't poke around too much," Regina raised her head slightly to give a pointed look in Emma's direction.

Emma slid open the drawer, not at all surprised at how organized everything was. She read a few bottles and tubes of creams before she found a small vial of oil. She popped off the cap to smell it, her eyes slipping shut in approval: Vanilla.

Regina was getting more impatient, when she finally heard her drawers shut. Emma cracked her fingers to stretch them, and poured some oil into her hand, standing next to the bed and bending down to touch Regina's lower back. Her fingers lightly grazed to the right of her spine when Regina hissed and flinched in pain.

"Wow, you have a huge knot right there. This is going to hurt, but I promise it will feel so much better when I work it out," Emma reassured, opting to deliver feather light touches all over her back to ease into the massage. Regina's bra became Emma's first obstacle as she ran her oiled fingers up and down her back. She unfastened the clasp with one hand and the bra snapped off, causing Regina to gasp as she felt the straps slide down her shoulders. Emma decided she'd worry about negotiating the panties when it was time to work Regina's glutes.

Slowly Regina felt herself relaxing, unable to verbally admit that the soothing sweeps of slick hands over her tense muscles felt amazing. She shut her eyes and didn't say anything at all, finding her mouth full of saliva as she circled the edge of sleep. Emma, in turn, circled around her shoulder blades easily finding and using her thumb to eradicate the trigger points in her upper back.

"Can you feel that?" Emma whispered close to Regina's ear, pushing harder into a stubborn knot and feeling the muscles beneath tremble and then release.

"Mmm," Regina practically moaned, as Emma worked out knot after knot. Emma had never heard Regina make a noise of pure pleasure. The fact that it was caused by her touch made her body temperature rise and her face flush with heat. Emma felt her own back beginning to ache from her awkward position of leaning over the side of the bed. It was just a bit too low and she couldn't properly reach all of the Regina's back in nice fluid motions due to her angle. As casually as possible she lowered one knee to the bed and then swung her other leg over Regina's ass to straddle her.

Regina felt the change in weight on the mattress and then the pressure of Emma sitting on her butt. She wanted to protest, but the heat from her center and the slight rocking motion as Emma pushed back and forth on her back caused a ripple of arousal to dart through Regina's body which enhanced the whole experience.