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"On Second thought, no, I'm not going to touch you," Emma promptly removed her finger from Regina's stomach to emphasize her point.

The look Regina gave her was pure hate, she sat up and pointed at Emma, her lip snarling, "You have some nerve: Coming in here and seducing me under false pretenses. Now you're just going to leave when I'm… when I'm…"

Emma snatched Regina's outstretched wrist and brought it to her lips. She sucked Regina's index and middle fingers, thoroughly wetting them. She squeezed her wrist firmly and pulled the fingers out of her mouth to speak, "You're going to touch yourself, and I'll give some…encouragement."

"What?! No—I'm not…I don't—"

"Okay, I'll leave then, and I guarantee you'll still be here in a cold bed touching yourself without me. You look like you need it bad enough."

Regina stared slack-jawed at the two fingers Emma pushed back into her mouth as casually as if she was sucking a Popsicle. She sucked a little harder as Regina watched, bobbing her head up and down on the fingers slightly.

Regina nodded almost imperceptibly, blinking back her rage, eyes brimming with lust. Emma situated herself to sit against the headboard, and patted her lap, "Come here."

Regina rolled onto her knees and cautiously moved in front of Emma. Emma spread her legs and pulled Regina down to sit between them. Regina complied awkwardly; protesting slightly as Emma pulled Regina's back flush against her. She then lifted each of Regina's knees to hook over her thighs, spreading her legs nice and wide.

The weight of her hot body felt really nice against Emma, she kneaded Regina's shoulders to get her to relax once more. She kissed her neck and sucked her earlobe, giving it a frisky little bite. Then Emma took a moment to peer over Regina's shoulder and down her body. She liked hat they had the same view.

"Tease yourself," Emma covered Regina's hand with her own and directed it roughly between parted thighs.

For a long moment Regina kept her hand still, debating whether or not to give in to Emma's direction.

"Go on, just stroke- go slow," Emma whispered in her ear. Regina's hair tickled Emma's neck and she leaned her chin on Regina's shoulder never taking her eyes off of Regina's fingers. Tentatively, Regina cupped herself, barely touching.

"Up and down."

Regina scrunched her face up as though she found the idea extremely distasteful, but her fingers began to slowly glide through her wetness as her body remained completely still against Emma. Emma brought her arms around Regina's torso, letting her hands scratch gently at her ribs and then coming up to fondle Regina's breasts. She squeezed with alternating motion, rolling and pinching her nipples between her fingers.

"Draw circles around your clit," Emma realized her voice sounded unsteady and dry, but she couldn't bother to care as Regina complied to her request without protest. Emma watched the muscles in Regina's arm quiver involuntarily, and felt her pelvis move into the motion of her fingers as she applied more pressure and speed with her fingers. Regina was adorable as she tried to muffle the happy little sounds bubbling out of her throat.

Regina gasped hard and felt her body rock harder against her hand. Emma grabbed her wrist, stopping her, "Slow down, not so fast. Not yet."

All of the mounting tension seeped from Regina's body and she groaned in frustration. She gritted her teeth as Emma pulled her hand away, and Regina's thighs clenched struggling for much needed friction and pressure. Emma readjusted her, bringing Regina's ass more firmly in contact with Emma's own heated center, effectively spreading both of their legs wider yet.

Emma was feeling extremely worked up. She wrapped her arms around Regina tighter, "Slap your pussy."

Regina didn't move, in fact she tensed up and looked at Emma in surprise.

"What you don't like that?" Emma's tone matched Regina's surprise, "Or… you've never tried it?" She added in conspiratorial thought.

Without waiting for a response, Emma reached between Regina's legs and shooed her hand away. She smacked her pussy with her open palm. Not hard enough to sting, but just enough to send vibrations and rippling pleasure through her core.

The reaction was instant, Regina drew a sharp breath, her body shaking and lurching from the indulgence, "Oh!"

Emma smiled and pressed a kiss to her stretched neck, and mumbled with gravelly certainty, "Yeah, you like that."


Emma raised her eyebrows and smacked her lips as she brought her hand down striking her a few more times in quick succession. Regina twisted in her arms moaning in pleasure.

"Back to work now," Emma forced Regina's hand back down, "Go inside for me."

Regina was eager now, impatient even. She dipped one finger inside and circled her entrance.

"You can do two. You're plenty ready," Emma told her eyes still focused on those now glazed fingers.

The shudder and muscle contraction echoed from Regina's body through Emma, as Regina fully sunk in to the knuckle.

"Like that…fuck yourself."

Emma had fantasized about telling Regina to go 'fuck herself' plenty of times, although never quite like this. Emma was far too captivated and aroused by the sight of long delicate fingers disappearing into wet, tight heat to see the irony.

Emma thrust her hips forward shaking Regina's ass and pushing her pelvis up to meet her hand and draw Regina's fingers in even deeper. Each contraction of fluttering muscles had Regina whining in need as her feet struggled to find purchase in the slick sheets.

Regina reached up with her free hand, grabbing at Emma's head and bashing their mouths together in a kiss that was all teeth and desperation. Emma sucked hard on her tongue almost to the point of pain. Regina's churning ass bouncing against Emma's pussy was too much. She had tried to remain in control and unaffected, but as she watched Regina's glistening fingers working in and out, occasionally rubbing frantically and imprecisely at her hard clit, Emma had to snake her own hand between their bodies to seek out her swollen needy sex. She started rubbing hard and fast as they rocked the mattress. The sheets popped off the corners of the bed, Emma held Regina against her to keep her from slipping down. Regina thrashed as she gave up control, and let herself feel every bit of Emma's hot skin against her back and every twist of her own fingers.

"Fuck, you feel so good," Emma cried, stifling her scream by biting Regina's shoulder and then delivering wet open mouthed kisses onto her sweaty back. Regina clawed at Emma's strong arm, urging her to grab her breasts, and Emma happily complied, pinching and rolling her nipples erratically, while trying through clenched teeth to keep her own hand on her sensitive clit as they bucked together wildly.

Regina came in frenzy: her whole body going rigid for a long moment before crashing hard and sagging against Emma. Emma rubbed at herself, grinding out the few final strokes she needed to come too.

Regina laid sweat soaked and limp, her head rolling against Emma's chest as she calmed down. The bed was a complete mess, wrinkled sheets and disheveled blankets, and Emma and Regina lay haphazardly in the middle. Regina swallowed, opening her eyes momentarily to look at Emma. Emma leaned in for a kiss, feeling blissful and in the mood for a sweet one. Regina kissed her back and their lips parted with a sticky pop.

Regina uttered a breathy 'ha' noise as she soaked in the heady endorphin release of her orgasm, "I hate that you saw me like that."

Emma drew Regina into a more substantial hug, reaching for a wayward blanket- she pulled it around it up around Regina's chest, neatly tucking them in. Emma recalled vividly the look in Regina's eyes at the moment of her climax: unrestrained and rapt in pleasure. It was truly the most erotic thing Emma had ever experienced and sent her sailing over her own edge.

"You were beautiful. I loved it," Emma murmured in all honesty, quickly kissing Regina again before she had the wherewithal to think better of it.

Regina hummed pleasantly in response, her face serene as she closed her eyes and allowed Emma to hold her.