Chapter 2

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Foop loved the way the school uniform looked on Poof.


Foop hated basically everything sweet, kind and beautiful. It was sickening. But Poof was his one exception to that.

Shore -Human, Teenage years-

Foop and Poof sat on a beach towel, soaking up the sun.

"Let's build a sandcastle!" Foop suggested suddenly. Poof looked at him like he was crazy, though he was too busy planning the castle to notice.

Just as Foop grabbed a bucket, Poof had decided to get up. While he was kneeling to grab the bucket, Poof tripped over him. They rolled around in the sand for a few minutes, before coming to a stop under a palm tree, Foop on top.

"Foop, why don't you-" Poof started to chew him out, but stopped as his lips met hers.

The seashore was her favorite place ever since.

Finding -Human, Teenage years-

Foop had come over to hang out with Poof. While she had gone to the bathroom, he had started to explore her room. He noticed a paper sticking from underneath her pillow. Curious, he lifted it up, and picked up the paper.

It was a love letter, written for him.


Night was their favorite time of day, because it was the only time they had alone.

Present -Human, Young Adult years-

On Poof's eighteenth birthday, Foop's gift to her was the best.


Everyone knew how obvious their love was, except themselves.


If he were forced to tell his true feelings for Poof, everyone would be in for a shock.