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Love Never Forgets


People say that love is timeless. Once you found true love it will never be forgotten. Well once upon a time in fairy tale land lived a beautiful young girl named Regina. Her family was extremely wealthy and her mother, Lady Cora wanted Regina to marry a royal. Her father however just wanted his daughter to be happy. Now Regina was a pretty and cunning young woman but her true joy in life was her best friend Emma, their stable girl. Emma was poor as dirt but she had a kind heart. This is where the story begins.

"Catch me if you can Regina", a 16-year old blonde said with glee as she ran deeper into the forest.

"I will find you Emma make no mistake about it", an 18 year Regina said with as her chocolate eyes sparkled with happiness. Usually Regina would be doing something boring like knitting or something a lady should enjoy but she loved chasing Emma. She found Emma climbing up a tree and Regina followed her. They both sat down on a branch and gazed into the sunset together.

"Guess you found me", Emma said with a smile.

"Of course my sweet Emma I will always find you", Regina said as she kissed Emma's lips. Both girls had fallen in love when Emma turned 13 and Regina was 15. They kept it secret but one day Regina was going to work up the courage to tell her parents that she wanted to marry Emma. Her father of course would say yes but her mother was a different story. Emma gazed out into the open land and said with a sigh", Someday I am going to become a knight and travel the world protecting people".

"But Emma being a knight is dangerous aren't you scared of getting hurt?" Regina asked in a worried tone. Emma was always kind hearted and wanted to help people. Regina remembered one time when they were playing a snake almost bit Regina if Emma didn't grab it by the neck.

"I know it will be dangerous Regina but there are people out there who need others to defend themselves and I really want to make a difference", Emma said softly.

Regina wrapped her arms around Emma and whispered softly", Just promise me that you will always come back to me safely".

"I promise", Emma said as she kissed her cheek. Then a sad look spread on her face.

"Emma what is wrong?" Regina asked as the worried tone appeared in her voice again.

"When I was tending to the horses I heard your mother making arrangements for your wedding to a King from another land", Emma said sadly. So my mother has finally found a royal who will marry me. Well tough I will not marry him I will marry Emma and that is final, Regina thought firmly as her eyes fell unto the blonde.

"Emma do you remember when I told you that one day I will tell my parents about us and then we will get married?" Regina asked her.

"Yes I remember", Emma replied.

"How about I just tell my father and you and me will run away to be married", Regina said happily.

"Really you mean it!" Emma said excitedly as a smile grew on her face.

"Yes my sweet I do", Regina said as she kissed her lips.

"Then climb down and let us make it official", Emma said as she climbed down from the tree. Regina followed her and they faced each other. Emma bent down on one knee and held Regina's hand as she said" Regina will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

"Yes a thousand times yes", Regina said with a smile. Then Emma slipped a golden ring on her finger.

"I bought this ring in the market place and I know it will never be a fancy royal ring but take it as a symbol of my eternal love for you", Emma said softly as she kissed Regina.

"It is perfect Emma", Regina said happily. As the sun set in the sky Emma escorted Regina home and then kissed her goodnight. In the shadows a mean looking woman glared at Emma with hatred.

"I will have to rid Regina of this stable girl once and for all", Lady Cora hissed. She followed Emma into the stable and said sweetly ", Hello Emma".

"Emma quickly turned around and curtsied as she said "Lady Cora how wonderful to see you I was just checking up on the horses before I retire to bed".

"Good but before you go I want a word with you", Lady Cora said firmly.

"Yes my lady", Emma said nervously.

"Your relationship with my daughter is over because she is going to marry a king and you are just a stable girl so get these ridiculous ideas out of your head", Lady Cora said sternly.

"Never Regina loves me and I love her and we will be married and you will not stop us", Emma said defiantly.

"Then you leave me no choice my dear", Lady Cora said with a frown. She waved her hands and a dark mist wrapped around Emma's body. She tried to run but was frozen all she could do was scream as the mist engulfed her. The next day Regina was going to find Emma for last night she had told her father and he gave them his blessing. He told them that there was a little cottage far away from here where they could live in peace. He even said that he would have a preacher marry them in secret but first Regina just had to tell Emma. She went to a little shack where Emma lived all alone and knocked on the door. As the minutes ticked by there was no answer so Regina knocked again. Still no reply and Regina gently opened the door. Emma was not in her bed nor did the bed look like it was slept in at all. "Where are you Emma?" Regina asked as worry filled her heart.

"I am afraid your little stable girl is gone forever", Lady Cora said with a smile.

"What do you mean mother what did you do to Emma?" Regina asked as her worry turned to fear.

"I saved you from marrying a commoner I tried to get her to see reason unfortunately she did not listen so I had to do this", Lady Cora said as she revealed a box to Regina. She lifted up the lid and revealed a heart. Regina's eyes widened as tears filled her eyes.

"You-you killed her", Regina sobbed.

"I had to she left me no choice I already burnt the body but here you can have this as a reminder of your silly little fantasies", Lady Cora said with a smirk as she handed Regina the box. "Now get yourself cleaned up you have a wedding to get to within a week", Lady Cora said as she walked away. Regina stood there as her heart shattered into a million pieces. The thoughts of Emma pierced into her flesh. Then Regina remembered Emma's wish of becoming a knight and making a difference. She will change this world into one of her image and she will make differences for Emma's sake. She did marry the king and when she got older she cast a spell that changed the world into a new one and trapping all the residents of the land there so Regina could rule them. As time passed Regina became hardened and longed to fill the void in her heart so she adopted a little baby boy and named him Henry after her father and in ten years' time her world would be changed forever.

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