Chapter 14: Happily Ever After

Regina hugged herself as she rocked back and forth on her knees. Tears streaming down her face as her whole body shook. She just couldn't believe it she just couldn't believe it. After all those years of separation and almost losing Emma countless times Regina had finally lost her. The worst thing of all is that she couldn't even give her love a proper burial. Regina looked all around but couldn't find Emma's body anywhere. Tears blurred her vision has the thought of telling Henry about Emma's death. If she was taking it badly then he would be crushed beyond repair. Wiping her tears away she went in search of Henry but he found her. "Mom there you are we been looking all over for you", he said. The little boy was now wearing a brown vest with brown pants and boots.

"Henry honey you need to sit down I have something to tell you about Emma", Regina said trying so hard not to cry again.

"Mom why are you crying I know it is your wedding but you don't have to be so sad Emma doesn't care that you are a little late", Henry told her.

"Henry Emma is dead she died protecting me from a dragon", Regina told him as she fought a tear.

"Uh no she didn't she is waiting at the altar I was sent to come get you", Henry told her. Regina's head snapped up when Henry's words reached her ears.

"Emma's alive", Regina said in disbelief.

"Yeah come on", Henry said as he took her by the hand and pulling her toward the forest. Henry led her to a flowered arch where all of their friends stood waiting. At the front of the arch was a preacher and in her white tux stood Emma.

"Emma", Regina cried as she ran toward the blonde. Wrapping her arms around Emma's neck and kissing her passionately on the lips.

When Regina let go Emma smiled and said", Uh honey we're supposed to do that after we say I do remember".

"I know I am just so happy to see you", Regina said as tears filled her eyes. The preacher started the services and Emma and Regina both said their I do's. Then they slipped their rings on their fingers and kissed each other passionately on the lips. Later that night they returned to their cottage with Henry. In their bedroom Regina stared at Emma and a tear came to her face.

"Regina what is the matter?" Emma asked as she wrapped her arms around her wife.

"Do you remember the curse at all?" Regina asked.

"Yes I do but I didn't want to say anything during the wedding", Emma replied.

"I was so scared I thought I lost you forever", Regina cried as she snuggled into Emma's chest.

"I know my darling but I came back and now we finally got our happily ever after", Emma said with a smile.

"Yes we finally did", Regina said as she smiled back. Then she pounced on the blonde kissing her with a passion. After all these years they were finally together and nothing will ever separate them again.


Years passed and Regina and Emma lived together in peace. Emma became a knight and protected her queen as well as her son and the citizens of the village. Regina worried about her White Knight but still kept an eye on her through an enchanted mirror. But Emma always returned safely to her queen. Henry grew up into a fine young man and also became a knight. He married Paige and they had two children a girl named Christina and a boy named Marcus. The rest of the citizens lived happily under the protection of the White Knight and Lady Regina. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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