Characters are property of J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter Universe. Thankfully, she allows me to borrow them for a bit of fun.

His Favorite Feature

It had the potential to spew more venom and vitriol than most thought humanly possible. It had the capacity to reduce someone to a sniveling heap of tears in a matter of seconds. It was his weapon of choice and he used it like a pristinely sharpened dagger—cutting, slicing, and carving into the very essence of a person. He used it to skillfully drag a person to their absolute lowest point while proudly displaying their flaws and failures for the entire world to see. If he was forced to choose, he would have selected it as his best attribute.

But as of late, his sharp tongue was beginning to define him in more ways than one. It possessed a salaciously sensual skill that was quickly proving to be one of his absolute favorites. His had the control— the authority to move someone to a quivering, highly-charged, mass of bliss with a few well placed flicks. He was able to push someone to the precipice of pleasure, leaving them to dangle dangerously over the edge until he decided to allow them to succumb to their most innate desires. It was just as powerful when he wasn't using it for speech.

By evidence of the young Gryffindor woman writhing on the edge of his desk, it was damn good when it came to those other things as well. The evidence was in plain sight, given the way her hands grasped the dark crisp wool covering his shoulders, the way she arched just a bit more into him each time he hit that spot, the way she brought a trembling hand to her mouth in a miserable attempt to muffle her prurience-filled cries when he had finally decided he had withheld her release long enough. Oh, yes, it was damn good, indeed.

Well, there you have it. A series of 100 word drabbles inspired by the No Dialogue prompt on GrangerSnape100.