Authors note:

Rosalie- age 17, Human

Emmett-age 20,Vampire prince

Jasper-age 19, Vampire prince

Alice-age 18, Vampire princess

Edward-age 18, vampire prince

Bella-age 18, Vampire princess

Carlisle-age 32, Vampire King

Esme-age 30, Vampire Queen

Rosalie's P.O.V

It didn't use to be like this, I thought to myself while looking around the crowded lunchroom of my

school. There were banners all around that advertised synthetic blood and animal blood, only $3.50 a

bottle, there were also girls sitting on their vampire boyfriends laps while their possessive boyfriends

fed them, because they think they are incapable of feeding themselves. Let me explain, vampires rule

the world and I know what you're thinking, vampires aren't real well that's what we thought too. The

vampires were discovered when I was only 7 years old, the military tried to destroy the vampires but

they were too strong and quickly overthrew the military and took over the United States, then they

took over Canada this pattern continued until every country was overrun and ruled by a vampire or

vampire family. The vampires use to kill humans mercilessly and drink blood from whoever they

wanted, until the Cullen family intervened. The Cullen's are the royal vampire family here in America,

who don't believe in killing humans for sustenance and created laws against vampires killing humans.

There are 7 members of the Cullen family, Carlisle who is the leader of the Cullens and is ironically

a doctor, his wife Esme, his adopted son jasper and his wife Alice, his other son Edward and his wife

Bella, and finally his oldest son and future king Emmett. Emmett is the only unmarried Cullen, I have

never seen the Cullens and they don't really go out in public. It is said that vampires have "mates", and

that once you are deemed a vampires mate, they basically control all aspects of your life, this has

already happened to almost every girl in my school. The vampire government decided the quickest

way to get vampires their mates are to have them go to school with us in hopes that a vampire will find

their mate within one of the students. Our principal requires us to watch a video every year that

explains vampires and their mates, and in this video one fact always bothers me. One of the facts in

this video said that vampires find their mates by scent and it sends them into a frenzy, and they have a

desperate urge to "claim" their mate ( in other words have sex with ) and force them to submitt to them either

willingly or unwillingly. The video also says that male vampires are extremely possessive, and if they are

denied their mate or denied being able to claim them they get violent and then they get even more possessive

of their mate. There is word going around that prince Emmett is looking for his mate, I feel bad for whoever

gets stuck with him, because rumor is prince Emmett is volatile and possessive over what he feels is his.

Another rumor going around is that once Emmett finds his mate if she is human he wants to impregnate her

while she is still human. That could kill a girl only female vampires have survived giving birth to a vampire baby

and yes vampires can get pregnant I know it's a shock to us too." Rose ", I was drawn out of my trance by my

best friend Vera who was now motioning for me to come join her at our usual table in the back for lunch.

15 minutes later the bell rang signaling the end of lunch and for us to go to class. Little did I know the next

announcement would forever change my life. "Attention all female students please report to the auditorium",

came the voice of our principal. I walked with Vera to the auditorium and we took a seat, and when I looked

up at the stage I saw something that would change my life forever.