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Chapter 5 : Rosalie's POV

"I'm 17 years old and I love to work on cars, especially old junkers I love restoring them oh and I hate shopping and girly things", I said proudly. If Alice's and Bella's jaw could be any lower they'd be on the floor. "Eww, that's gross cars are for guys and unattractive girls, not for someone who looks like a friken super model like you", cried Alice. " I'm sort of with Alice in this one and I hate shopping", exclaimed Bella. " Well you better believe it, my daddy taught me about cars once I turned nine and I've loved them ever since", I stated. " Well now that I have a life-sized barbie doll, I'm making you go on every shopping trip I go on and I am going to pick out your clothes, and there will be no ifs, ands, or buts", Alice told me. I gulped loudly, knowing that she would put me in pink or a dress or some other stupid girly thing and she could force me because I was only a human and she could hurt me. I was about to respond when Esme came in and said' " Emmett wants his mate downstairs in 10 minutes or he said he will come up and get her", She looked at me sympathetically. " No way, that bastard almost raped me after chaining me to a bed, fuck him I'm staying as far away as I can", "before I can escape"' I added in my head. Suddenly Alice went still for 5 minutes before returning to normal, and Bella asked " What did you see"? Before Alice could speak, a deafening roar rang through the house and it made me want to run and hide. Not even 3 seconds later a deafening crack resounded as the door collided with the wall leaving a large hole. Oh gee what do you know, Prince asshole was standing there looking feral and his gaze was locked on me. Two words rang through my mind Oh Shit.

Emmett's POV

I was sitting downstairs, thinking about how sexy my mate looked chained to my bed with her hair sprawled out on my pillow, and how my hand felt while it was on her breast teasing her nipples. Edward came in and said, " hey Em, you might wanna check on your mate". " Why". " Because Alice had a vision of her plotting to escape and succeeding", said Edward. I started to see red, I asked my mom to tell the girls to send down Rosalie or I would go get her because I wanted to take her somewhere nice and she repays me by planning to leave. Oh no, now I have to show her that she belongs to me whether she likes it or not. I ran up to the room at vampire speed and I threw the door open so hard it hit the wall and shattered a part of it. I looked at my mate and she looked terrified, good

she should be and after this she will never think of trying to escape. I ran up to Rosalie and grabbed her by the wrist and started to drag her out of Alice's room and into mine. She started to whimper and said, " you're hurting me". " Good " , I reply and as soon as we are in my room I slam the door shut and toss Rosalie onto the bed. I then hold her down while I bring out the handcuff's from my nightstand and chain her to the headboard with them. " I'm such a monster that you want to escape ha, well I'll show you just how much of a monster I can be", I said with a malicious tint to my voice. I then got out a ball gag and tied it around her head so I wouldn't have to deal with her screaming. After securing the ball gag I straddled Rosalie and ripped her shirt clean off of her and discarded it to the floor. Her eyes widened and she struggled and bucked trying to make me fall off of her, not realizing it was increasing the size of my hardness that was pressed against her belly. My eyes feasted upon her pale flawless breasts and I leaned down to take one in my mouth and bite and nip the nipple while one of my hands was kneading and pinching the other nipple hard. Tears weld up in her eyes and I could hear her begging me to stop. I leaned down and started sucking on her neck to leave as many love bites as I could. I then moved off of her so I could rip off her pants and panties and have a look at her ripe virgin pussy. My cock started to throb at the thought that I would be able to claim her virginity as my own. Her pussy was hairless, except for a small triangle of neat blonde pubic hair. My dick was itching to get inside of her, but first a taste.

I spread Rosalie's long beautiful legs as wide as they could go and then I pushed her legs down so they were almost right next to her head on both sides. I then ran my tongue over pussy and asshole, and I shoved my tongue in her pussy while I slid two fingers into her ass. She screamed and was trying to dislodge my from her ass and pussy. I felt her pussy respond to my ministrations, because I could feel her walls contracting around my tongue and her sphincter contract around my fingers. My tongue and fingers fucked her at the same speed until she creamed herself on my tongue. I repeated this until she came about eight more times and she started crying harder, because she couldn't handle the intensity of the orgasms. I ripped off my clothes and shoved my 11.5 inch long cock in her face, It was also a good 3.5 inches wide. Rosalie's eyes widened and I ripped out the gag. " No please anything but this Your thing will kill me" , she said. " No can do sweetheart and fyi I love it when they beg", and with that I picked her up and slammed her pussy on my cock at the same moment when I shoved my tongue down her throat muffling her screams of pain. I looked down to see Rosalie was trying to push me out of her and I was trying to get my cock deeper. Her cherry blood left a big stain underneath her. I didn't give her any time to adjust to me before I started t o hammer her poor pussy, shoving her more and more into the bed and I started to tear apart her pussy. I broke the cuffs off and grabbed Rosalie around the wrists pinning her to the bed with one hand. The other went down to her pussy, because I was gonna force her to cum. Needless to say she exploded and I was still pounding into her until Ii finally released my cum into her battered and sore pussy. I turned both of us on our sides and I kept my cock in her pussy, not wanting to allow any of my cum to leak out. Rosalie started sobbing over her virginity and tried to pull away from me until I told her if she moved I would fuck her again. She finally started to fall asleep and as she did I whispered in her ear, " you're Mine now" and she fell asleep. I cupped my hands around Rosalie's breasts and played with her nipples. She didn't wake up, so I fucked her while she was asleep ad dumped more sperm in her pussy before putting on clothes, tying her to the bed and leaving to go run some errands.

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