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Dragon's Tear. The Lost Chapter 1 (or 6.5)

My Heart Rolling the Dice?

On the outskirts of Magnolia's park.

A young woman with long scarlet hair leaned herself against a tree as she waited for someone to arrive. She was wearing a blue skirt that came down to her knees, and a white blouse. Her right arm was in a sling as she just recently had her bicep reattached to the bone only two days ago. With her good arm se re-quiped a watch on her left wrist which was saying it was midnight.

"Where are you Jellal? You should have been here by now." Erza said impatiently to herself.

After a couple of minutes Erza heard footsteps getting closer to her. In the next moment a man with blue hair with a red tattoo under his right eye appeared before her. He was dressed wearing an opened black cloak revealing a dark blue shirt underneath, and a pair of black pants. The man looked to be in his early thirties (started series out at 19 + a 7 year time skip + my 5 year time jump puts Jellal at 31 years old. Erza is 24.)

"Nice of you to show up Jellal." Said Erza giving the man a small smile.

"Nice to see you too Erza." His face mimicking what Erza's was doing.

The two mages simple looked at each other for a couple of moments as they always did whenever they would meet (roughly every 2-4 months.).

"So what happened?" Asked Jellal looking at Erza's injured arm.

Over the next four minutes Erza began to tell Jellal of how Fairy Tail had been massacred (where no one was killed, only beaten badly) by a single mage with a little help from four other mages.

"According to Master Makarov the group is part of a new dark guild that goes by the name of Shadow Angel." Erza continued to explain. "Of the five we only know the capabilities of three of them. One of them is a small girl called Shoka who primarily used sealing-magic. She kept her image safe under a long black-hooded cloak. The second one had short silver hair, hazel eyes, and a cross-shaped scar under his left eye who's named Samuel Stonewall who goes by the alias of The Living Mirror in the underworld of Magic."

"I've heard of him. Supposedly he's never lost a one-on-one fight, and has learned to mimic over twenty different types of spells. One of the top 15 most feared mages in the magic underworld."

"Apparently he is also a healer and a priest as well. For some reason he used those healing powers on us after everyone had been knocked out. Also he managed to learn Fairy Law during the fight."

"A dark guild that has the power of Fairy Law. That's a scary thought." Sighed the blue haired man. 'Strange, why would someone from a dark guild heal instead of kill their enemies.'

"The third one was the one who did all of the damage. He has long black hair, and blue eyes. During the fight he used earth, wind, water, and fire magic. He was strong enough to beat everyone who was present in the guild except for Makarov." Erza was looking at her right arm in the sling while describing the man. "His name is Seyru Alabaster."

"Seyru Alabaster." Repeated Jellal. 'Why does that name sound familiar?'

"Two more thing. After the battle was over they took Lucy with them as a ransom for a rematch with us in three years time." Erza found herself having a hard time saying final piece on info to Jellal. "And it turns out Lucy was pregnant with Natsu's child."

The Bluenette (pretty sure I misspelled that.) caught the key word. "Erza what do you mean was pregnant?"

Erza fought back some tears as she revealed the rest of the info. "Sometime during the fight Seyru went for a killing blow on Natsu. From what I was told Natsu was on his knees, and Seyru went to kick his head (off of his shoulders.), but Lucy intercepted and ended up taking the kick in the stomach." Erza couldn't bring herself to say anymore in fear of letting her held back tears fall.

Jellal knew what Ezra didn't want to say. He knew that this new enemy in Shadow Angel more specifically Seyru would end up paying dearly for what they had done. For hurting the family he wished he could be a part of. "Thank you Erza. I'll start looking into Shadow Angel." Jellal turned back towards the direction he had entered, and began to walk away with the new mission in hand.

"Wait, there's something else I want to talk to you about." Erza's voice changed from confidant and business like to a more nervous voice that lost volume with each word spoken.

Jellal turned back to look at Erza. "What else do you want to talk about?" 'Strange, usually when we talk

It's just to exchange Intel.' Plus he hadn't heard the great Erza 'Titania' Scarlet sound so nervous since they were kids.

Erza stayed silent for nearly a minute gathering all of her courage to talk about what she was originally going to talk to Jellal about this night. "Do you think there is really anything between us?" Blushed the redhead looking deep into the man's eyes.

"What do you mean?" The man asked dumbfounded by the question.

"Do you ever…you know. See the two of us…being together?"

"We're together right now aren't we?" Answering quickly and tried to think of a new topic quickly, but Erza was quicker.

"You know what I mean." Breaking her gaze at his eyes for a moment as her blush darkened.

"As a couple?" This time he broke eye contact, and didn't return it as fast as she did.

"Well, do you?"

He wanted to say 'Of course I do.' But instead he ended up saying. "What brought this up?"

Erza took a deep breath before speaking. "Before Shadow Angel attacked us Natsu was planning on proposing to Lucy, and in return she was going to tell him she was pregnant. That was of course the plan before Shadow Angel..." Erza felt a tear fall from her right eye.

"Don't worry I'll make sure they pay for that."

"Gray and Juvia are only a few months away from having their first child, and will probably get married soon after."

"Tell them I said…" He tried to say congratulations, but Erza cut him off and continued to talk.

"Gajeel and Levy have been engaged for three years now (Gajeel's willing to commit, he just can't fully pull the trigger.)." Erza hugged her injured arm with her left arm. "Romeo(18) moved out of his father's house, and is living with Wendy(17) in their new apartment." Her left eye soon followed the right eye in crying. "Mirajane and Freed just had their second child(one boy, one girl. Names TBD.), while Evergreen and Elfman just welcomed their first child (name and sex TBD). I can tell something is going on between Laxus and Lisanna(Yeah I decided to make them a couple in this story. LaLi). Cana ended up getting too drunk and is carrying Bickslow's child after a one-night stand." Erza feel down to her knees as she continued to cry, and her body quivered. "Out of all of my Nakama I'm the only one who is still alone."

Jellal walked to where red haired woman was kneeling of the ground. When there was only a foot of separation between the two the bluenette dropped down to one knee. He lifted the redheaded mage's chin with his left hand wiping away some tears, and placed his right hand on her shoulder. He stared deeply into her brown eyes.

Despite doing all of the right actions to help calm the woman in front of him Jellal couldn't bring himself to say the words that needed to be spoken. Instead he asked. "What are you trying to tell me Erza?"

"I know were still young, and I don't act like most other girls, but I do want to have a family someday." Erza was shaking in Jellal's arms. "I always believed you and me would be together when it's all said and done. Do you believe that as well?" She looked desperately at the man for any sign of a yes.

'I've believed that since I first saw you, but I don't deserve to be in love with you. Not after what I've done.'

"Evan after a decade of stopping dark guilds from unleashing all those horrors on the innocent you still can't forgive yourself for what you did in the Tower of Heaven, Can you?" Erza spoke softly.

Memories of all the people he had forced to re-build the Tower of Heaven sprung into his mind. Memories of his and Erza's childhood as they were tortured to build the tower. More specifically of all the evil acts he had committed under Zeref's (Ultear's) control, and how he had done the same things to those under his control at the time as those monsters had done to him and his friends when they were slaves.

"I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself." Jellal answered.

"It wasn't your fault. We both know it was Ultear who was controlling you."

"I wasn't strong enough to stop her possession magic."

"Do you not realize you're just not punishing yourself anymore?" More tears made their way down Erza's face. "Do you not know how long I've been waiting for the day you finally forgive yourself for what someone else made you do?" 'So we can finally be together.'

"Why do you continue to wait for me when I told you years ago I have a fian…?" Jellal tried to lie.

"Don't you dare try to pull that crappy lie on me again." Erza cut him off. "I knew the instant you told me that it was a lie."

Jellal let go of Erza's face and shoulder. He was hoping he could use that lie again to ease Erza's emotions. "What do you want me to say Erza?" He moved his eyes so he was staring at the ground.

"I want you to say that you love me like I know you do."

Jellal's gaze stayed glued to the ground. 'Punishment is the rule for Crime Sorciere. As such I can't fall in love with someone who walks in the light.' He repeated his guild's rule painfully in his mind over and over again.

Erza looked at the man in front of her, hoping that he would finally return her feelings. Then for some reason Erza heard Mira's voice in her mind. 'If you want to know how a guy has feels about you just ask him these seven questions.'

"Do I ever cross your mind?" Asked Erza using her good arm to lift Jellal's gaze so he would be looking at her as she recalled the seven questions Mira had given her.

Jellal wanted to answer 'yes', but he remained silent.

"Do you like me?"


"Do you want me?


"Would you cry if I left?"


"Would you live for me?"


"Would you do anything for me?"


"Choose mine or your life."

'Yours!' Jellal continued his painful silence. His lips were quivering showing he wanted to answer all her questions at once.

Several movements passed without a single word escaping the man's lips. Each second that passed without him saying a word put more doubt in Erza's heart. 'Does he really have feelings for me, and just cant say them? Or is our only true connection from our childhood?' She felt a new wave of tears readying to fall down her face again. Finally she had enough waiting for Jellal to answer her questions.

"Thank you for showing up tonight." Erza's voice was soft and shaky. "And thank you for answering my questions." The wave of tears she was fighting back finally broke through as she stood up. "After tonight I don't think we should see each other again." She barely choked out the last word. "Sayonara (meaning most likely never see you again in this case.), Jellal." Erza finished saying as she turned her back to the man that she thought she loved, and broke into a run.

The moment she began to run she could have sworn that she heard him shout out "Wait!" but she had waited long enough to hear his response to her confession. She continued to run away not daring to look back at the man she had confessed her heart to, and in return had it stomped on in painful silence. Before she knew it she had run into her bedroom at Fairy Hills. Erza quickly dove into her bed hugging her pillow tightly to her chest and folded her legs up to her arm/pillow, as she buried her face into the pillow drenching it with her tears. She held this position until she finally cried herself to sleep.

To be continued in Dragon's Tear Chapter 10.

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