The Lost, The Found. Chapter 1

"Alistair? Come on, we have to go now if we're ever going to find anything good at the stalls." Thumping came from behind the closed door.
Silence followed, "Alistair?.. Alistair Raleigh-?" The door finally creaked open slightly and with a small glance of a blue eye sticking through a gap, I just couldn't take anymore.
"Alistair, seriously it can't be that bad. Just come out, please?" A lock of curly brown hair stuck out through the door now, an improvement.
"Ismira, can't you just do me a favor and go without me?" I shook my head and the realized that he couldn't see me, "Nope. Alistair. Its been awhile now, i've been patient - but this is enough." A huff escaped his mouth and the door opened.
Hysterical laughter escaped my own mouth, I had been waiting outside Alistair's house in the hot summer heat for some time now, but it was all worth the wait.
There he stood, looking fine in all, curly blonde locks bouncing free, blue eyes shining in the sunlight, one difference though - his clothes. You see, Alistair has been growing faster than he can eat, which is new. That, plus his new job at the blacksmiths has given him some new muscle.
"I can't walk around like this.. I nearly can't walk at all." A white shirt hung above his belly button, the sleeves clung to his arms to tightly, and his pants once again, rose too high.
"Think of it like this, you will be able to buy some new ones while we are there, and see Hope. Somehow I think that will change your mind." With a huff and a stomp after grabbing a coat to cover his torso, we were off.
Once we arrived at the centre of town I skipped happily, seeing Carvahall fully restored (even though I had not seen it beforehand) touched the heart.
The inhabitants of Carvahall stood outside their windows polishing, raking fallen leaves from newly planted trees, and getting ready for the big celebration that would be held tonight.

Now the layout of most of the town had changed, most buildings are fortified, the extent of the town now extends to a hill just beside our farm.
The farm has also been built back up from its rubble, Papa tried to keep as much as the original structure as possible, which was limited.
It has been sixteen years since Galbatorix ruled, Carvahall was at its original state, and people were restricted. Now, freedom spurts from every corner you turn. That is, except on the outskirts of Aleglasia where Galbatorix's 'minions' still roam for trouble.

A number of friendly waves illuminated across the road towards us, I smiled in response. Its strange, being known in the town just because of your parents. It also limits a number of things, your never appreciated for who you are, its always 'hey, isn't that so-and-so's daughter?'
I sighed and returned to the task at hand, that reminds me - aren't I supposed to be somewhere?
"Its so lively around here today" I said, re-capturing Alistair's attention from the preparations of food.
"Yes," he agreed, "although I haven't seen your father anywhere." I looked down to the dusty road dividing the buildings.
"Yeah, I think he's somewhere with Horst. They have been talking about something suspicious for the past few- .. Hey, you wouldn't happen to know what thats about, would you?"
"No, not at all, why?"
"No reason." A lie. I was worried. The last time my father was this worried it was because of the construction of the New Carvahall, I was five at the time. The truth of it is, he has been acting strange for about a month now, ignoring me. Nothing of importance is ever spoken about, like it is forbidden, or it will bring a topic that is forbidden.
I saw my mother up the street and ran up to her, leaving Alistair behind.
"Ismira, what are you doing here? I told you to go get the rest of the food for tonight." Her copper hair reflected my own, looking at her was like looking in a mirror. The bushy hair, same short figure, and though I hate to admit it: same habits.
Katrina Garrowson, my stubborn mother.
I looked around, half expecting to find some sort of excuse but only found hustling people shadowed by the outskirts of the new stone wall encircling the town.
"Uh, I am just going to get it now, thats why i'm here, in town." She looked at me with that mothering gaze, the 'you better or you'll regret it' gaze. I ignored it, quickly kissed her on her slightly aging cheek, and ran back to find Alistair.
I saw him in the small window of the fabric store, both him and the new store assistant Hope laughing. 'Cute' I thought.
I turned in the other direction with a smirk on my face, striding to a large stall selling fruits, "good morn'n Ismira, lovely day to be munch'n on some fresh fruit don't ya think?"
"Good morning Fredrick. Well it looks very nice, in that case - would you be able to supply me with enough for tonights celebration?" Sweat ran down his brow from the hot summer sun and a wondering frown covered his normally expressionless gaze.
"For you, anything." This is another example of benefiting from your parents, Fredrick would not have done anything for me were it not for their reputation.
I nodded and after a brief conversation started to walk back home.
Down the road, keep walking for a mile or so, and when you reach the two turns, left is the way. Seeing the flowing fields of barley with the Spine's towering mountains just behind them welcomed me home.
Pottery colliding with the ground echoed down the lane, I ran to the front door to find it locked. More than one pair of footsteps sounded from inside the house, "Roran, i'm telling you the truth, I would not lie to you more than I would to Elain. And she scares me just as much as you can sometimes." Unmistakably it was Horst, probably talking to papa again about some other happening of the village.
"What would they be doing here in the spine? They have no hope in finding one here." My father's voice echoed through the room.
"Calm down Roran, no harm can come of it now. Maybe a decade ago, but times have changed."
Someone in the room sighed, I guessed it to be Papa, "I know, but I can't help to think otherwise. You know how much trouble they would bring with it in those days, no matter where it went."
'It? What does he mean by it?' I thought.
"I'm worried that some unreasonable bastard of the sort will try and steal it. Causing trouble of that description has been the gossip of many weeks now."
'Many weeks now? What trouble?'
"Roran, I can't talk about this now, I need to go find Hope. That girl can't keep her wits about her sometimes." I gruff acknowledgment was made and Horst opened the front door, I jumped behind it and leaned against the wall. I don't want Horst nor Papa to know i've heard their conversation.
Another ruffling noise came from inside "where's Eragon when you need him.."
I lowered my head, the only thing I know about my uncle is of his endeavors, the endless tales and songs. I had only hoped I would someday get to meet him, but now that i'm older i'm aware of reality.
I stood abruptly and when I saw Papa facing the other way through the window, I raced through the doorway, pretending I had just come down the lane.
"Papa." I said in greeting, he turned around holding his once war worthy hammer in his hands. He's thinking about it again. "..Are you alright?"
He nodded, his slightly unkempt brown hair bouncing away, "you know how it is." I left the answer alone.
'I don't know how it is. Should I?'
"Pa - please don't be this way. Its been 16 years since, we're celebrating the re-birth of Carvahall. You've been working for this moment with all the other villagers for more than a decade. You should be happy.. Pa?" I took a step closer, his brown eyes bore into mine, a reflective picture. I have his eyes, at least thats what everyone keeps telling me. I small grin appeared under his beard, I responded the same.
He stepped forward, the slight age showing on his face, "what would your mother and I do without our dear Ismira?" I lowered my head and he wrapped his arms around my shoulder leading me outside.
"I don't know, have a much more peaceful life I suppose." My sarcasm made him laugh.
"That we would, but it would not be much fun would it?"
I nodded "true that." He nudged me on the shoulder and walked behind the house, while he did so, I admired the fields in-front of were to be harvested soon.
He walked back with the two wooden swords we had made when I was younger.
"Again?" I asked, "did we not spar just yesterday?"
He shrugged his shoulders and threw me the sword, "its good practice." I shook my head and chuckled.
And so we began to spar as we would every night, this time in waiting for the celebration to start. The sky began to grow dark, a few dots of light appeared and the moon shone brightly through a patch of clouds.
The celebration was to begin.