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Chapter One: A Proposal Of Sorts

"Oi Yan!" Jack hollered across the Hub one particularly boring morning. "Marry me?" Tosh squeaked and fell off her chair at that. Owen looked up from the current "guest" he was dissecting, shook his head and rolled his eyes. Gwen offered up her customary wounded expression before shifting her gaze to stare daggers in the back of Ianto Jones' head.

Ianto had come in that morning, like normal, the only difference being was that Jack had spent the night at his instead. He'd made Jack a coffee then set about turning on the systems for everyone else, getting the others their drinks when they turned up. Tosh had given him a warm smile, glad to see two of her best friends happy together after so long. Owen had given his usual brusque greeting, he wasn't a morning person. Gwen had said morning, but that was all, she was still put out that Jack had chosen him over her. He left her to it.

He'd been thinking about how lucky they had all been. They'd lost Owen first, then he'd come back as a walking corpse, and then Tosh and Owen again. Then Jack had almost lost Ianto, but he'd survived, and somehow, so had Owen. Something to do with the radiation reacting to the energy from the glove that had brought him back as a living corpse. He'd managed to bring Tosh back with the residual energy too, so the Team were back together once more. But that was Torchwood for you.

Ianto had been checking the conspiracy sites as normal, seeing who was close to the truth and who would need dealing with. He'd then gathered the cups and gone to wash them up before he made them a new drink. He was in the process of drying his mug when he heard Jack yell and dropped his mug into the sink, shattering it. He turned to see Jack leaning against the door frame of his office. Was he serious?

Jack offered the man his most beaming smile yet. Inwardly, he was slightly nervous that Ianto would say "no" or think he was joking. Jack had never been more serious. Ianto had been silent a little too long, so Jack sauntered down the stairs and made his way across the Hub floor.

"You don't have to if you don't want to." These words were for the Welshman alone, as the Captain was now standing right in front of him. "But I really hope you say "yes". One hand reached out to cup Ianto's cheek and Jack's voice lowered further. "I love you, Jones-Ianto-Jones and I want the whole world to know it."

Ianto saw Jack smile and noticed the sincerity in his eyes. He felt a little guilty for being silent so long, but smiled at Jack as he came closer. He tipped his head into Jack's caress and smiled. "Of course the answer is yes." he said with a smile. He just hadn't expected Jack to ask, or even ask like that.

Jack's grin broadened even further. "Really?" He had to check. "You really will?" Finger tips caressed the younger man's check softly.

Ianto's smile matched Jack's and he pulled him closer by his braces. "Jack Harkness, I'd be honoured to marry you."

Overjoyed, Jack pressed his lips to the Welshman's in a chaste kiss that almost got out of hand. One hand curled around the back of Ianto's neck, pressing their foreheads together. "I love you Ianto Jones." It was a statement and a promise

Ianto smiled and told Jack he loved him in Welsh, then kissed him again. Once he turned to the others, Tosh came over and gave them a huge hug.

Gwen had stormed off somewhere during their little interlude and Jack couldn't bring himself to care. He hugged Tosh back with one arm, the other twined around Ianto's waist. Owen offered a non-sarcastic congratulations and coming from Owen that was almost cheerful. He also mentioned that Gwen was in the tourist office looking decidedly sulky. Jack was happy to leave her to it.

Ianto rolled his eyes at Gwen's reaction but didn't care either. He had his Jack. Jack had chosen him out of everyone he could possibly have.

Jack tugged Ianto closer, almost as if he was trying to meld them into one being. Tosh was beaming at them and Owen immediately asked for a raise. Jack cuffed him. "Maybe. If I'm in a very good mood." Owen looked disgusted and headed back to the medical bay with a parting sarcastic comment. Jack simply smirked

Ianto wrapped an arm around Jack and leant his head on Jack's shoulder. He chuckled at Owens comment and question, then looked at Tosh as she suggested they all go out for a celebratory drink.

Owen yelled out that if someone else was paying he'd join them. Jack hollered back that of course he'd pay. The medic reappeared, wiping his hands on a towel. Tosh suggested they grab Gwen on the way through and Jack nodded, albeit a tad reluctantly. If she wanted to come, he wouldn't stop her, but... Tightening his grip around Ianto, he directed them out of the Hub after directing the Rift alerts to his Vortex Manipulator. "Shall we team?" Tosh went to snag his free arm but Jack gently guided her towards Owen who looked flabbergasted, but Tosh was pleased, if a little embarrassed. Grinning to himself, Jack continued leading them out of the Hub.

Ianto felt slight giddy but pleased that Jack was being so possessive. They walked up through the tourist office, Owen telling Gwen they were going out for a drink.

Gwen took one look at Jack with her mournful puppy dog eyes. Receiving no reaction, as the man was too busy nuzzling his partner's... No, fiancé's neck, the Welshwoman appeared as if she wanted to stomp her foot. She agreed to get one drink with them but then pleaded, something or other, no-one really cared what, in order to leave after that. They all headed out, to the closest good pub they knew.

Ianto smiled and nodded at Gwen. He didn't want her spoiling the mood. He just hoped that Gwen finally got it into her thick head that it was never going to happen between her and Jack.

The woman pointedly ignored him. Jack reacted to that. Giving Ianto one last squeeze, he took the woman aside. Although all craned to see, they couldn't actually hear what went on. Gwen appeared to be quite upset, gesticulating wildly. Jack, on the other hand, was calm but firm. The Welshwoman culminated the discussion with a hard slap to the Captain's face. Jack hadn't seen it coming so was taken off guard. Owen quickly jumped in at that point and, moving fast, grabbed Gwen around the waist and dragged her, kicking and screaming, away. Jack, looking murderous, brusquely ordered her Retconn'ed and Owen looked pleased to comply. Gwen struggled but couldn't overpower the medic. Once the drug had taken effect, Jack called Rhys to come get her. There would be no slip-ups this time.

Ianto wanted to know what had been said, but he would find out later. She was reacting very strangely. Once Rhys had come to get her, he congratulated them then took Gwen away. They headed into the pub.

"Gwen Cooper is no longer working with us." Was all Jack said in response to the questioning looks. Owen was muttering under his breath, clearly irate. Jack laid a calming hand on his shoulder and shook his head. Muttering one last pungent curse, the Englishman obeyed. To no-one's surprise, Owen asked Tosh for a dance, dragging her away from the newly engaged couple. Jack glanced at his companion. "What's eating you Yan?" He asked quietly, wrapping an arm around the younger man's shoulders and squeezing gently.

Ianto frowned at the news, but smiled at Jack. "Nothing. Just wondering what was being said was all. Tell me later." He said then leaned in and kissed Jack. He watched Owen and Tosh dance. "Think those two will finally get together?" he asked Jack, cuddling into his side.

Jack responded enthusiastically before holding the Welshman close. He dropped a kiss to the top of Ianto's head. "Those two? It's quite possible. I think Owen just needed that little extra push." Jack buried his face in the younger man's neck. "Mmm you smell good."

Ianto chuckled and leant into Jack as he nuzzled him. "Hmm. But we're not doing anything here." He turned his head and kissed Jack hard and long.

The Captain grinned. "Awe why not?" He whined playfully. He pressed his cheek to Ianto's head and then hissed in pain. "Ow. That woman has a mean slap." Now that he thought about it, it felt like the whole side of his face was afire.

Ianto frowned and gently took Jack's chin in between his forefinger and thumb and looked at his cheek. "Hmm, it is a little bit red." He gently kissed Jack's cheek.

"Only a little?" He smiled at the kiss. "Kissing it better?"

Ianto smirked and kissed it again. "Hmm, sort of. Is it working?"

"A little," he teased. Actually, it was helping. Jack pulled the younger man close, almost into his lap. "Mine," he mumbled, nuzzling the Welshman's cheek.

Ianto chuckled as he was pulled into his lap. "Hmm, always." he kissed along Jack's cheek, then captured his lips in a teasing kiss.

Jack swiped his lover's lower lip with his tongue, grinning into his mouth. Teasing Ianto's mouth open, he then entwined their tongues, stroking languidly. The kiss would have continued had the other two not returned. Owen threatened to douse them with cold water if they didn't stop making out and get him a beer.

Ianto let a light moan out as he and Jack started snogging each other, not caring about the stares from the other tables, but broke off and laughed at Owen.

The glove energy, meeting the radiation has disrupted however it was keeping Owen alive and he'd come back, same as ever. Somehow, his wounds had been healed at the same time so he was in no danger or dying from the bullet hole in his chest. The only reminder of that, was a pale, puckered scar right over his heart. That had made him extremely happy and the first thing he'd done was gone out and eaten until he could hold no more food. Tosh, standing beside him, shoved him lightly. "Lay off them Owen." The medic grinned evilly. "Nah sweetheart, they're fun to tease." To shut them both up, Jack gently disengaged himself from Ianto and went over to the bar to order the first round. Coming back, he passed out the drinks and then resettled Ianto in his lap.

Ianto laughed and settled in his seat as Jack left. Tosh grinned and hugged Ianto again, happy for her best friend. As a team they had been through so much and it had brought them closer so they were more like family then just a team. Which was why Gwen's reaction felt like such a betrayal. Ianto grinned as Jack came back, chuckling as Jack put Ianto back in his lap.

Laughing freely, the Captain held his young lover close, enjoying the feel of the team altogether. Well... Almost. But... He sighed and tightened his grip slightly. Insults to himself he could handle. But Gwen had dared to drag Ianto into it, saying some very uncomplimentary things. He'd known she was jealous, but that had just been cruel. And then she'd... He couldn't think about that, but she had gone too far. He'd warned her once before about that. Jack Harkness did not give second chances.

Ianto was enjoying the general atmosphere of the team. They were all laughing and joking around and were happy. For the most part. He heard Jack sigh and tighten his hold so looked at the man he was going to marry. "Tell me later" he whispered to him before kissing him again.

Grinning again, Jack kissed him back heatedly. He ignored Owen's repeat of his earlier threat, he needed to tell Ianto without words that Gwen was wrong. She was so wrong. Ianto Jones was so much more than "the tea-boy and your part-time shag". And the fact that Gwen couldn't see that just proved how much the Welshwoman had drifted away from the rest of them. Pulling back, Jack nuzzled the younger man's cheek once more before turning to Owen. "Go get yourself another one." He threw a tenner at the medic.

Ianto was a little concerned about Jack's behaviour. Something was clearly bothering him and Ianto wanted to talk to him about it, but couldn't with the others there.

Jack figured his lover knew something was up, really, he wasn't being very subtle about the fact that he was upset. Owen had given an ironic salute and headed up to the bar. Tosh glanced at them curiously and looked as if she wanted to say something but stopped. Owen reappeared at that point with his beer and casually asked if anyone else wanted anything. Jack agreed to a whiskey over ice and Tosh asked for a cocktail. Jack glanced at Ianto. "Want anything?"

Ianto nodded and asked for his usual. The fact that Jack had asked for a whiskey showed he was upset. Ianto made up his mind to have this one last drink, then take Jack somewhere they could talk.

Handing Owen the correct amount of money, Jack settled deeper into the chair. The medic returned shortly and Jack all but bolted the drink down. That got raised eyebrows from the two across from him, but they didn't say anything.

Ianto only had a small drink too, so he finished his quickly, just not as quickly as Jack, then smiled at the other two. "Sorry to cut and run, but I want some time alone with Jack." He handed them some money. "Have another drink then we'll see you back at work." He turned to Jack and held out his hand. "Come on cariad." He said with a soft smile.

Jack took the offered hand and let himself be tugged to his feet. "Sure." Jack followed Ianto out of the pub and let himself be lead where he would.