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Chapter Seven: Some Scars Never Heal

Ianto didn't answer Gray. Though it looked like he was going to carve into his chest. Gray was none too careful about how he slit the shirt open. He bit his lip as Gray started to slice the

"G" into his chest when Jack turned up. Ianto's eyes locked on Jack's until his attention was stolen by the blade pressed against his throat. The blood that was on his chest tickled as it ran down his chest. A small trail of blood ran down his throat.

Jack took a small step forward, eyes never leaving Ianto's and Gray applied more pressure on the blade. "Uh-uh big brother. Don't move..." A small sound of pain escaped Jack's lips at the sight of the blood trickling down his lover's chest and neck and he halted. "Good," Gray's voice was soft. "You learn quickly don't we brother?" Jack made a slight movement and Gray applied pressure on the knife again. "Or maybe not. Stop right there! You're killing him!" He warned and Jack stilled, a clear expression of helplessness in his blue eyes.

"That's better. Now, you haven't told anyone where you are, have you? I'd so hate to have to pack up and move again..." Jack shook his head minutely. He hadn't told anyone, it was true, Tosh had told him. He hoped she had called Owen and told him what was going on... If she had, they might have a chance of getting out of this relatively unscathed.

Jack opened his mouth to speak but Gray shook his head. "Oh no brother, you don't get to talk. Not this time." Jack tried again and, with an almost annoyed roll of his eyes, Gray pressed down on the knife at Ianto's throat. The blade cut deeper this time and blood trickled down the curve of the Welshman's throat. Jack's eyes widened and his mouth clicked shut. "This is so easy!" Gray crowed. "Love makes you weak brother." The madman was gloating now. "All I have to do is threaten this... human's life and you are cowed. It's pathetic really." Jack's eyes flashed fire and Gray lazily moved the knife down Ianto's throat and almost absently began the "r". "Really brother dear, your infatuation with this sorry little planet will be your downfall one day..."

Ianto closed his eyes for a second as the blade cut into his throat more. He dared not swallow in case he sliced through his Adams apple. He locked gazes with Jack again, giving him a shake of the head when Gray moved to slice into his chest again. He didn't wince, didn't look away and didn't make a sound, but his eyes said it all.

Jack's eyes met and held Ianto's gaze, begging him to stay strong. He wanted to touch Ianto, reassure him that they'd get him out of here but... He was held in place and mute by Gray's threat. Meanwhile, Gray had started on the "a", concentrating as fiercely as if this was a master painting he was attempting. Jack bit his lip to hold back an agonised cry at the pain his lover must be feeling. His hands clenched into fists at his sides and swore to himself that, brother or not, Gray would pay for what he was doing.

Tosh, thankfully, had called Owen when Jack had dropped out and they both made their way to the place where the signal from Ianto's phone had come. They split up, Owen going around the back and Tosh going in the front. The met up at the foot of the stairs. Using military hand signals they communicated briefly. This floor was empty. They'd have to go up.

Gray chatted as he carved up Jack's fiancé's flesh like a side of beef. His conversation was almost... normal, if you discounted the fact that he had a knife to someone's skin and that madness shone through every word. He chatted about anything and everything, the weather, what type of tea he preferred... Jack almost wished he'd go back to discussing the merits of certain types of torture. At least then it wouldn't be so... so... He couldn't think of the word. Gray didn't seem to mind that he wasn't getting responses, simply kept up his work. The "y" finished he sat back, pleased.

Tosh and Owen heard the voice and, like Jack before them, thought it sounded familiar. They moved almost silently up the stairs, but trusted to whomever it was up there being too intent on something else to hear the slight noises their passage made. Again, they split up, guns drawn. Tosh went left and Owen went right. They stayed out of sight behind rotted doorways but peeked into the central room. What they say there made Owen's blood boil and Tosh's stomach roll. Their Captain was caught, helpless, being forced to watch... that fucking bastard carve up Ianto Jones as if he were a piece of wood. And all through it, he kept talking...

Tosh, from her position on the far side of the room, could clearly see the anguish in Jack's eyes as he was held immobile, helpless to save her friend who lay on the floor, biting through his lips so hard it was bleeding to as not cry out at the pain and cause Jack any more distress. This had to stop. Now! She stepped around the doorframe and into the room. "Hands in the air." Her voice shook slightly, but the hand holding her gun was steady as she levelled it at their Captain's brother.

Gray paused and then looked up, grinning. "Why hello Toshiko... it is Toshiko isn't it? I don't believe we were introduced properly the last time..." Tosh stared him down. "I said, hands in the air." Gray raised his hands lazily and laced them behind his head. "So forceful... I like it." His grin widened. "Shut up!" Tosh's voice was sharp and cold. The crazy bastard subsided... for now.

Jack, the spell broken had rushed to Ianto's side. He balled up Ianto's torn shirt and used it as a pad to stem the bleeding. "Oh God Yan, oh God, I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry." He applied pressure to the bleeding wounds, wincing as he did so. He could feel the pain radiating from the Welshman in waves. "I'm sorry," he kept repeating until Owen gently moved him aside. "Let me see him Jack," he ordered softly. "Let me help." Nodding, Jack moved out of the way and let Owen take over.

Ianto stayed silent through it all. He'd bitten through his lip but not made the slightest sound. He wouldn't put Jack through that or give Gray the satisfaction. His eyes though begged for it to stop. His chest was on fire.

He'd never been so relieved to see Tosh and Owen. His vision was starting to blur and he had to fight back a cry of pain as Jack pressed on the wound. He was passing out as Owen came over to check him.

"Jack, go get my medical kit from the SUV... Hurry!" Owen snapped. Jack took off like a shot as Owen considered the wounds. All in all they were fairly minor, just bleeding a bit too heavily for Owen's peace of mind. The medic kept pressure on the wounds as Jack came back with the kit. Grabbing a pair of gloves, Owen pulled them on and then set to work. The first thing he did was give Ianto a painkiller before he went about cleaning and then seeing if any of the wounds would need stitches. Upon closer inspection he found that the only wound that really needed stiches was the throat wound and he could use butterfly stitches for that. Ianto had been lucky, it could have been a lot worse. Owen was going to take him back to the Hub before he did any of that though, so made sure to cover the bleeding wounds, wrapping them tightly.

While Owen was working, Jack had come to stand over Gray with Tosh. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just kill you now." Jack growled, gazing down at the stranger who had once been his baby brother. Gray actually looked scared for a moment, the light of madness fading briefly before it returned. The last time, Jack hadn't wanted to kill him, because, after all, he was his brother and he'd thought, maybe, he could fix him, make him better. Now, he had no such illusions. This madman could never go back to being the sweet, innocent child he remembered.

"I can't." Gray said simply, looking his older brother square in the face. "I can't give you a reason." Jack nodded once, thoughtfully, before his fist, weighted with his gun hilt, lashed out and landed with a solid "thunk" against Gray's temple. The man slumped bonelessly to the floor. "There, he won't be bothering anyone for a while."

"Jack..." Tosh started before she stopped and laid a hand on his arm. "I'm sorry." Jack offered the Japanese woman a small, sad smile. "I know." He sighed before heading back towards Owen, settling beside Ianto and taking his hand. He raised it to his lips and then rested it against his forehead, where he stayed until Owen shook him gently, saying he needed help to get Ianto down to the SUV. Jack nodded and grabbed Ianto's shoulders while Owen took his feet. Together, they carried the prone man down to the car. Jack settled him in the back seat, where Owen climbed in beside him, before heading back upstairs to help Tosh with the unconscious form of Jack's younger brother.

Carrying Gray down the stairs in a fireman's lift, Jack's thoughts were awhirl. It was... surreal. This time though... this time... Gray would not escape. There would be no way he was going to be about to cause them harm.

Ianto was barely conscious as Owen worked on him. He vaguely heard Jack and Gray talking then heard a crack and a thump. He hoped to God it wasn't Jack that was hurt. He tried to move Owen pushed him back down telling him Jack was ok.

He must have passed out for a moment because suddenly he felt Jack take his right hand in his. He was glad that Gray hadn't taken the ring. He felt it on his finger as Jack rested his forehead on his hand.

Next thing he knew he was in the back of the SUV. Though his wounds were minor, they still bled a lot and he kept drifting in and out.

Jack set the unconscious form of his brother in the back of the SUV and then came around to check on Owen and Ianto. "How's he doing?" Owen nodded that he was fine, keeping a close eye on the bandages he'd wrapped around the wounds. Tosh came around to their side too and offered to drive Ianto's car back for them. Jack smiled at her gratefully and handed her the keys. She took them and disappeared and then came the purr of Ianto's car starting up and driving away.

Jack hopped into the driver's seat of the SUV, having casually pickpocketed the keys from Owen. "You'll be alright back there?" He asked softly, worried. The medic nodded once, shortly and gestured for him to drive. At a far more sedate pace than Jack normally drove the care, they peeled away, heading back for the centre of the city.

They arrived back near the Hub at the same time Tosh pulled up in Ianto's car. Jack helped Owen carry Ianto inside before going back for Gray. Tosh hovered near Owen, ready to help if it was needed. The medic gently laid their fallen colleague out on the autopsy table and carefully started to patch him up again.

Ianto was out for the trip, breathing shallow and paler then usual from blood loss. But he'd made a promise to Jack that he wasn't going anywhere, especially now.

Owen finished patching Ianto up then let Jack come and see him while he dealt with other things. Ianto looked over at Jack and gave him a weak smile.

Jack took his hand and raised it to his lips again. "You alright?" He asked softly, reaching out with his free hand to tenderly cup his lover's cheek. Stupid question really but... He smiled gently.

Ianto nodded weakly. "I'll be fine." He said hoarsely. He swallowed, wincing as it tugged at his throat wound. He gave Jack's hand a squeeze. Barely.

Jack hushed him softly. "Shh... sorry, I shouldn't have asked you to talk." Ever so softly, Jack sealed his lips over the younger man's, trying to push some of the life force swirling around him into Ianto's battered body. "Oi Harkness!" Owen hollered. "Stop molesting my patient."

Ianto gave him a soft smile and weakly returned the kiss. He chuckled at Owen's comment which turned into a coughing fit that had him curling up in pain with tears on his cheeks.

Jack gently helped him sit up and rubbed his back until the fit passed. "Easy there Yan." He murmured, low and soothing. "Take it easy." Jack pressed a kiss to his cheek, a little sad that it hadn't worked. After all, it had worked once before...

It had worked before as Ianto was dead or dying. This time he was only injured. Owen yelled at Jack to get Ianto lying down. Ianto groaned as he stopped coughing, leaning against Jack, pale, shaking and sweating.

The Captain gently settled Ianto back onto his back. "There you are," he murmured. "It's alright..." He took Ianto's hand again, in both of his this time as Owen stalked in looking murderous. "Bloody hell Harkness! What were you thinking?" Jack lowered his gazed and said nothing as Owen checked Ianto with hands that were infinitely gentle, despite his annoyed expression. "No lasting damage."

Ianto was feeling sick and dizzy as Jack laid him back down. He scowled at Owen for making Jack feel bad.

Owen pulled out a penlight and shone it in Ianto's eyes. "How're you feeling Ianto? Any light-headedness or nausea?" Owen deftly ignored the glare aimed his way, it wasn't the first time a patient had gotten pissed at him.

Ianto gave a short nod. "Both" he rasped. He closed his eyes but gave Jack's hand a weak squeeze.

"Hmm..." Quickly and efficiently, Owen set up a drip and inserted the needle into back of Ianto's hand. "It's just saline, it should help replace some of the fluid you lost and that should help with the dizziness and potentially the nausea as well. If the nausea persists, tell me and I'll see if I can get you something for it." Owen smiled tightly at the young man. "And Harkness, let him rest." Jack nodded his head and held Ianto's free hand in both of his.

Ianto nodded, eyes still closed. He waited for Owen to leave then tried something Torchwood 1 taught him. He had a low level of telepathy, not enough to read minds or anything but enough that he might be able to talk to Jack as Jack's abilities were far stronger and there was already a strong bond. Jack? Can you hear me? He said in his head, sending his thoughts to Jack. I'm so sorry cariad.