I apologize for the long delay between chapters. I was on unintentional hiatus and plan to pick up the story with current witFit prompts. In the spirit of witFit, I'm going to attempt to finish up the story by posting 2-3 times/week. This chapter was from one of the older prompts since it was already written.

Mini recap: The Cullens (Edward/Jasper/Rosalie) start at a new school where Alice and Bella are attending. Bella and Edward are thrown together in Biology class, which Bella is repeating for the third time. In the last few chapters, Rose revealed that they left their last school because she was gang raped. Edward blames himself for the assault because the assailants had found out that he is HIV positive.

Chapter 14

Word Prompt: Bar

I watch as Ally helps a nervous four-year-old onto the high bar. Ally spots her around her waist and lifts her up the few extra inches that she needs. The high bar for this class is roughly the height of the kid's, but the little girl is cautious nonetheless. She beams up at Ally after she manages to swing for a few moments then scampers over to the parallel bars set up amongst cushions to do her bear crawl with the rest of the class. Her smile is toothy with a wide gap in the middle—and that, that right there would be what my adopted sister-slash-best friend would say is what keeps her coming back.

Ally has been assistant coaching for years ever since multiple knee injuries prevented her from continuing on the gymnastics team. Jimmy and I used to tease her all the time that she wouldn't be so runty if she hadn't continued with the sport for so long.

"Hey, B," someone calls out as he plops into the seat next to me and places his arm around me. I'd know that voice anywhere. I turn my head and ruffle my hand through Jimmy's blond-spiked hair.

"Speak of the devil," I say.

"Daydreaming about me again?"

"You wish." We sit in comfortable silence for a few minutes while watching Ally teach her class. "So, what are you doing here, JJ?"

"Are you ever going to call me James?" he says with a smirk.

I roll my eyes. "Okay, James."

"How are you doing, B?"

"You came all the way here to ask that?"


"Ally told you."

"Ally told me that you and your boyfriend had a fight."

"He's not my boyfriend. And…we didn't have a fight."

"Whatever you say, Bella." He pats me lightly on the arm in his usual smug way and I want to scream, but don't want to scare all the little ones at the gym. I wonder what Ally told him, or what she told Jasper. Maybe Jasper is the one who said something to her? Does Edward think I'm mad at him?

It's useless, the way my mind is spinning. I don't think Ally knows that Edward is HIV positive, or what happened with Rose. She would have said something to me, but instead has been silent all weekend. Just like I've been silent all weekend with Edward. Or he has been with me. However you want to put it, we haven't spoken since his revelation in the woods.

Despite the fact that I told him that it doesn't matter to me, it does. Though, not in the way he's likely assuming. Or not assuming. Who knows anything when you're not talking to each other.

"Your mind is going a mile a minute," James says, knowing me so well.

"I know. I'm sorry. What are you doing here anyway?"

"Ally asked me to come; she wants me to meet her boyfriend."


"Yup. And you're coming too."