Story Info:

American Horror Story Fanfic: I Turn To You

I don't own the characters but I do own Carolyn, Jason, Yvonne and Jack Lockwood.

So I decided to write a story based on American Horror Story. (If you haven't watched the show, watch it. It's amazing!) This is only the info but the next chapter will be up tomorrow. (: Now onto the info:


-Ben Harmon

-Vivienne Harmon

-Violet Harmon

-Tate Langdon

-Constance Langdon

-Beau Langdon

-Adelaide (Addie) Langdon (deceased)



New Characters

Carolyn (Carol/ Care-Bear) Lockwood

Jason (Jay) Lockwood

Yvonne Lockwood

Jack Lockwood

Roles of new characters

Carolyn Lockwood:


State: Dead - Ghost

Characteristics: Nice, caring, funny, sarcastic, beautiful

FC: Karen Gillan


-Is basically a mother for Jason since the age of 13

-Best friend is Tate Langdon

-Is secretly in love with Tate

-Never been sexually abused but has been emotionally abused by father

-Plays piano and guitar and sings

-Loves Jason with all her heart

COD: Suicide

Jason Lockwood:

Age: 11

State: Dead - Ghost

Characteristics: Sweet, caring, funny, loves animal, cute

FC: Haley Joel Osmet (Younger)


-Loves Carolyn for raising him since the age of 5 and is very grateful

-Tate is like his older brother

-Addie and Beau are close to him as well

-Physically abused by father

-Plays the guitar and sings

COD: Beaten to death by father

Yvonne Lockwood:

Age: 39

State: Dead

Characteristics: Loving, caring, quiet - until she went into a catatonic state


-Mother of Carolyn and Jason

-Loved Carolyn and Jason

-Went into catatonic state since her husband nearly killed her

-Taught Carolyn to sing and play piano

COD: Heart Failure, shocked that both her children were dead

Jack Lockwood:

Age: 40

State: Dead

Characteristics: Alcoholic, abusive


-Father of Carolyn and Jason

-"Loves" Carolyn and Jason

-Lost his job and couldn't find another

-Physically abusive towards Jason and Emotionally Abusive towards Carolyn

COD: Suicide