I couldn't resist doing my own Jack stories! There will be three and they are all unrelated. First one!

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Kensi's brown hair fell in waves past her shoulders and she lifted glittery eyes to Deeks. He smirked at her adjusting his plaid shirt's collar as he responded to her teasing, "Why don't you like my plaid!"

The rest of the team standing around the tall table laughed. Sam rolled his eyes, "Deeks, style is not found in plaid."

"Sure it is," Eric protested looking to Nell for reassurance, but she instead just raised her eyebrows.

The team had gone out for drinks after another hard case to unwind and relax. Grabbing a drink after work helped them forget about the case and move forward with life.

A few minutes later Sam and Callen had fallen into their own conversation and Eric and Nell were flirting about some tech stuff. Deeks and Kensi were standing in a comfortable silence observing the other people in the bar.

Out of the corner of his eye, Deeks saw Kensi's back go rigid and he looked over at her. Her eyes flew from the entrance to his eyes, they were wide with worry clouding them. Immediately, Deeks stood up and took a step closer to her steadying her with a strong hand on her elbow, "Kens?"

Her eyes darted over to the bar, he was moving closer and closer looking straight at her. She had to do something, "Kiss me."

Deeks frowned in confusion leaning closer to her. He noted the seriousness of her tone. Worry and fear battled inside her and Deeks' muscles clenched in preparedness. Knowing she had a reason, he moved his hand from her elbow to her cheek. Getting closer, he asked, "What kind of kiss?" He knew this was important and needed to understand.

Kensi met Deeks' baby blue eyes, "Like you love me."

Clenching his jaw, Deeks shuffled his feet so his shoes were toe to toe with hers. This was serious. She wanted him to kiss her like he loved her. And he did. He loved her, but never dreamed he would be able to show her.

He didn't hesitate and didn't question her, he raised his right hand to the other side of her cheek and leaned closer until his lips just barely brushed hers. Gently he cradled his partner's face between his rough hands, Deeks kept his lips just barely touching hers for a matter of seconds. If this was his chance to show Kensi that he loved her, then he wanted to do it right. Deeks hoped she would be able to sense his sincerity. He started the kiss slow and gentle showing her that he cared for her and respected her enough to practice self-control.

Then Deeks tilted his head moving his lips against hers and she responded. Kensi leaned into him placing her hand against his chest. Her eyes had fluttered closed the moment Deeks' hand had touched her cheek. She was surprised by his kiss. She had imagined kissing her partner multiple times before this moment, but never had she imagined him beginning the kiss so sweetly. As his lips brushed hers, the reasons behind her demand faded and the only thing left was them…kissing.

When he deepened the kiss, Kensi seemed to be perfectly in tune with him moving her lips against his. Deeks' heart raced as he showed Kensi that not only did he care about her enough to be gentle, but his love was real and passionate. He slid his left arm around her waist pulling her closer to him and saying without words that he would protect her.

Lungs burning for air, Deeks gradually eased away from her hoping that his kiss conveyed his very real love for her and what love was to him. He brushed his thumb smoothly over her cheek keeping her pulled close to him. Looking at her beautiful face, Deeks was pleased to see her eyes were still closed and the unmistakable fear from before had vanished.

Slowly, her eyes opened revealing her stormy brown eyes, Kensi stared into Deeks' eyes. He had kissed her like he loved her that was certain. Stoic Kensi Blye could still feel her heart pounding, still feel his gentle lips against hers, still feel her knees shaking. Her partner had done exactly as she had asked, but there was something more. Suddenly remembering her reason for the whole thing, Kensi tore her eyes from Deeks and immediately found the man responsible for her unease. Jack was standing a mere two feet from them.

Deeks followed her gaze seeing the man standing close to them. He was a little shorter than Deeks and had brown short hair. He was clean shaven and well built. The question was why was Kensi acting so strange because of him. Standing straight, Deeks kept his arm around Kensi pressing her into his side.

Jack spoke, "Hello Kensi."

Kensi licked her lips and looked back at her partner. His eyes were clouded with worry for her and she felt the tension in his body. Kensi also realized the things he had just told her silently, were not fake. Everything she dreamed he was telling her through that kiss was true. He cared about her so much that he would respect her enough to show restraint. He thought she was attractive and wanted her, but in more ways than just physically. He would protect her because he thought she was worth fighting for and dying for. Deeks really loved her. And with butterflies swirling in her stomach, she discovered she loved him to. She had to swallow the emotion building inside of her before she spoke. How was she supposed to handle this situation with the current revelation fresh in her mind and heart?

Opening her mouth to say something, Kensi was interrupted by the clearing of throats. She pulled away from Deeks unable to concentrate with him so close. They looked at the table behind them having completely forgotten about the rest of the team.

Although looking extremely confused, Sam and Callen nodded their heads promising they would be asking questions Monday, but for now they would leave it alone.

Shifting from foot to foot, Sam muttered, "We'll talk Monday," and followed Eric and Nell out of the bar. Callen nodded in agreement adding, "Good night." Then he hurried after the others.

Slowly, Deeks and Kensi turned back to their visitor. Deeks wished he had time to ask Kensi how she wanted him to play this, but he would just follow her lead instead. Shoving his hands in his pockets, Deeks forced himself not to take Kensi back into his arms.

Kensi took a breath and sidled closer to Deeks leaning ever so lightly against his shoulder, she needed his strength and support to get her through this, "Hello, Jack." As soon as she spoke the name, Deeks clenched his jaw and took her hand in his squeezing it to remind her he was there for her.

Jack seemed to become more unsettled when Deeks held Kensi's hand, "So…I…uh, who is this?"

"This is Marty Deeks," Kensi tightened her grip on Deeks' hand.

Not bothering to attempt a handshake, Jack stumbled on, "Well, I just…Forget it, Kens when I saw you I was excited. I wanted to see how you were and apologize, maybe even beg for a second chance. But the moment I saw him kissing you and you kissing him, I knew it was too late. I came over anyway because it was the right thing to do. Kensi, I'm truly sorry for what I did to you and I hope I didn't cause you too much pain. You had the right to hate me. I did look for you after I had gotten real help, but you were gone."

Kensi was silent for a minute before responding, "I couldn't handle the pain of being alone in that house everyday wondering if you would ever come back."

Swallowing, Jack seemed genuinely remorseful, "I am so sorry. I'm glad you were able to find a man, who could love you like Marty does."

"I forgive you and Jack I never hated you for leaving," Kensi noticed the way Deeks looked uncomfortably at Jack and felt his hand tighten its grip on hers. He probably thought she still had feelings for Jack, but would that really disappoint him. Could her interpretation of his kiss possibly be correct?

Nodding his head, Jack began to turn to leave, "I wish you the best Kensi."

Kensi hesitated before asking, "What made you know it was too late? I mean you saw me kiss other men before we were together, why was this time different?"

Deeks tore his eyes from Kensi, who had been watching closely trying to interpret her forgiveness of Jack. He looked at Jack waiting for a response. Obviously Kensi was going to let Jack go so that meant she didn't love him still or at least Deeks hoped that was the case. But then she asked this question so the answer was important to her and it was to Deeks too.

Jack lifted a corner of his mouth in a wry grin and looked at the two holding hands, "Because never once when we were engaged did you kiss me like that you just kissed him. And I've never seen any man put such pure love and promise into one action." Jack glanced at Deeks and nodded in respect before looking back at Kensi, "I'm happy for you, Kens. I really am." Then he turned and walked directly for the exit.

Her lips were parted trying to come up with a response that didn't matter now. Kensi stared at the exit for a full minute before she faced Deeks fully.

Deeks swallowed trying to sort through what had just happened. What Jack had said was unbelievable, surely Kensi had kissed other guys the way she had just kissed him. He had to ask so he leaned closer and whispered, "Is that true?"

Not exactly answering, Kensi said, "I thought I was imagining…"

Deeks' shoulder slumped forward slightly, "You were imagining Jack."

Shaking her head adamantly, Kensi spoke softly, "No, I thought I was imagining the kiss…what you you meant. I mean…I thought you were just doing what I asked, but," Kensi unconsciously touched her fingers to her lips, "it just felt so real and I guess I imagined you trying to show me what true love is." Kensi avoided eye contact, she was making a fool of herself. No way did Deeks love her and now he knew that she loved him. They wouldn't be able to be partners anymore. Her heart pounding, Kensi decided if the damage was already done then she may as well keep going.

Tentatively, she raised her hand to his cheek and looked at him, "Thank you Deeks. I couldn't deal with Jack and I didn't want him to see how he really broke me. If he knew I was still single," she shook her head, "I don't know."

Deeks lifted her chin with a finger forcing her to keep eye contact, "Kens, it was real. What you imagined me trying to show you, I was trying to show you."

Kensi felt the tears pricking the corner of her eyes and again shook her head lightly. He couldn't love her, she was broken. Deeks was too good for her. Everyone else in her life had left her so why would Deeks want to stay with her obviously there was something wrong with her.

Lifting his other hand to brush a tear from her cheek, Deeks spoke softly, "I'm serious. Kensi Blye, I love you and it's just sad your ex-fiancé had to give me the courage to tell you."

Looking up at the ceiling, Kensi whispered, "You can't love me. Didn't you hear me, I'm broken. Jack left me and so has every other man in my life."

"You are not broken, Kensi. You are the strongest and hottest woman I know. Maybe Jack broke you and I could beat his face in for that, but you aren't anymore. You were just waiting for the right guy to love you. Will you let me be that guy?" Deeks slipped a hand behind her head and methodically rubbed his thumb across her jawline.

Kensi took a small step toward him so they were standing only inches apart, "I think I love you."

Deeks grinned, "I'm going to take that as a yes then," He leaned closer to her lips, "And I know I love you."

"It's sweet that you want to beat Jack up for me and thank you for trusting me enough to do as I asked," Kensi couldn't believe this was happening. She owed Jack a 'thank you' not that he would ever know.

"I believe you demanded me to kiss you, there was no asking involved, but who am I to question," Deeks brushed his lips across hers, "Did you really never kiss Jack like that?"

Kensi smirked against his lips, "I guess not, but he never explained love to me so perfectly as you did."

"I'm so glad you interpreted it and I'm not gonna lie I am feeling pretty cocky that you kissed me like you have never kissed anyone else," Deeks grinned widely searching her eyes.

"Shut up and kiss me again," Kensi rested her hand lightly on his chest and leaned into him letting her eyes flutter closed at his soft touch.

Deeks' smile grew, "Pushy, so are you always going to demand me to kiss you or do I get to surprise you sometimes."

Kensi opened her eyes and frowned at him, "I suppose you can decide to kiss me as well, but when I want a kiss you better always give it because contrary to popular belief your kiss is intoxicating."

"I coulda told you that and I will always kiss you," Deeks continued to smile.

"You talk too much," Kensi feathered her lips across his.

Deeks mumbled, "Ah true love." Then he did as she told him and kissed her again like he loved her because he did and she loved him back.