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day thirty: future.

"Okay," Mako sighs, sitting down next to her, "enough. What's up?"

Korra tilts her head further back into the couch cushion. "Listen."

He looks around the room, out the window – nothing. "To what?" he says.

"Exactly," she groans, pushing herself up. "It's too quiet."

Again, he listens, and this time he's not surprised that she's right. All the life seems to have faded from the walls: They don't breathe like they used to, don't ring with the sounds of laughter and shouts and always messy, always loud family dinners.

Change is good. Life has taught him this, time after time. Change is good, especially when it's for the better, and he knows that. But he knows, too, that sometimes – times like right now, when the house is the emptiest it's been in years, when it's finally fallen quiet – change hurts.

"Well," and he skims his fingers back and forth over a spot just above her knee, "we could make it a little less quiet."

Smiling slightly, she leans up to kiss him, but it's chaste and quick, exactly what he was expecting.

"Not right now," she says, brushing her hands along his shoulders, down his arms. She drums her fingers on his chest so she can slip out from under his arms and get up, walks down the hall and into one of the – he corrects himself – into what used to be one of the kids' rooms – Rai's, he thinks, because he can't hear her rummaging through all the boxes Kouri left behind. A few moments later she comes back with an old radio in her arms and sets it on the table.

"That's Rai's," he says, to state the obvious.

Korra plugs it in. "It was," she says. "But she left it here, so…"

Mako gives her a look. "Korra."

"What?" Corners of her mouth twitching. "I'm sure she won't mind."

He raises an eyebrow. "Wanna bet?"

"Hmm, not really," she says, given a second to think about it. "But" – she leans toward the dial – "what she doesn't know won't hurt her."

That, at least, is a point he can't argue with, so he doesn't protest as she deliberately slows the movements of her hand, glancing between him and the radio for dramatic effect. Even as he rolls his eyes he can't help smiling.

Finally she flicks it on. There's a second of static and then she's twiddling the dials back and forth, squinting one eye, tongue poking out. He catches snatches of a few popular songs, some he actually recognizes here and there, could maybe sing along to if he tried (a playful shove – Dad, shut up, you're embarrassing me – the child falling asleep in his arms).

"What station are the oldies on?" Before he can answer: "Aha! Found it."

This one he knows. Gentle drums, the lilt of violins, the steady flicking of a bass – more than that, it's her hands locked around his neck, his arms around her waist, his heart pounding in his chest, her stretching on tiptoe to kiss him, the blue of her eyes never leaving him, the world spinning on without them. Those are the things he breathes every day, those memories run unchanging through his veins. Never changed, never will.

Korra sits back and throws her legs over his lap. He grabs her ankle and tugs her closer, pressed up against his thigh, and she sighs, rests her head in the crook of his neck. For a moment he considers asking her to dance, but she's humming in his ear and he can feel her throat vibrating against his shoulder, so instead he takes her hand, laces their fingers with many years' careful practice, and holds them both close to his heart. She breaks them apart, once, kisses his scarred palm, bared to her now, before she clutches at him again, and they stay there until long after the song ends.