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After battle with a wild Digimon Beelzemon walked home with Ai in one arm and Mako in the other. They had followed him even though he told them not to. He managed to somehow sneak into the house without being noticed. "Didn't I tell you two to stay here!" he said a bit too loud once the twins were safely in their bedroom. The twin's mother had no idea that impmon had the ability to digivolve, so when she heard Beelzemon's voice she grabbed a heavy iron frying pan and quiently went into her children's bedroom, and almost had a heart attack at the site of the demon lord digimon. She scanned the room for impmon who was supposed to be protecting the children. "Where is impmon!" she yelled. The chidren simply pointed at beelzemon. "He ate impmon! you monster!" she yelled and then proceed to chase beelzemon around trying to hit him with the pan.

She chased him out of the house and for blocks after that. "Ouch!" he screamed as she actually managed to hit him in the back with the pan. He heard laughter from the other side of the street and then realized that all the tamers and their digimon were watching him. "Ouch! knock it of you crazy lady!" He finally managed to run fast enough to loose her for a bit and climb up a tree. "You coward! You'll regret it if i see you near my children again." He reverted back to impmon. "Wow for a human she sure can run fast," he said out of breath. He watched as the twin's mother took a taxi home, and he sighed when he realized he had to walk at least 10 blocks to get home. "Might as well get going," he said as he tried to jump down gracefully from the tree but instead fell flat on his face. "Why me?" he wined, then got up and started walking.

By the time he had walked up three blocks he was almost completely out of breath. "huh?" he said as he saw a car park near him. Ai and Mako jumped out of the car. "Impmon!" yelled both twins exitedly. Ai picked him up jumping up and down, and hugged him tightly enough to make him unable to breathe. When they were all in the car, with his arms crossed he glared at the twin's mother from the backseat. "Im so sorry impmon, the kids explained the whole thing to me when I got home." she said with an apologetic smile glancing at him with the rearview mirror. "Don't worry about it," he said unsincerely. Then an evil smile spread across his face as he planned his revenge against the twin's mother and the tamers for laughing(without hurting them of course!)

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