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when Impmon woke up, he was a bit confused. He didn't remember falling asleep on the couch, but he did remember Demidevimon making fun of him. "I'll make him pay!" he yelled. "No time for that," said Ai as she entered the living room, "we have to go see Jenny before she calls the police." "Ready?" asked Mako as he stood by the front door, Demidevimon by his side. Ai looked at Impmon who nodded and jumped of the couch.

The kids headed to Jenny's house on their bikes. Impmon was in the basket, in front of Ai's bike, while Demidevimon flew by their side. Jenny's house was only fifteen minutes away. "Her house is almost as big as Rika's," noted Impmon. "Wonder why she would work as a babysitter," said Mako. Ai shrugged.

Impmon knocked loudly on the door. "Impmon! We don't wanna break down her door!" Jenny answered the door, but her face wasn't full of fear as they had anticipated. "Has anybody else noticed that she doesn't look the least bit afraid?" whispered Demidevimon. "We have eyes," whispered Impmon back. "What do you want?" asked Jenny, popping her gum.

Demidevimon flew up so he could see into Jenny's eyes. "We came to tell you that you better keep your mouth shut. We know were you live," he told her, with an evil grin. "I didn't know you kids had another little pet," said Jenny. "I'm not a pet!" yelled both Digimon at the same time.

Jenny laughed, "You guys need to leave. Now." "What will you do if we don't?" asked Ai, with her arms crossed. Jenny's sister, Elena, came to stand beside her in the doorway. "Oh! are these those kids you babysit?" she asked Jenny. "I use to babysit them," Jenny answered.

"Well Jenny? We will leave once you swear to keep our secret." Never," said Jenny. "Fine, then. Impmon?" said Ai, and Impmon went to stand before Jenny. "Demidevimon?" said Mako, and Demidevimon took his place next to Impmon. Jenny still had a smile on her face. "Guys, we need your help," called Jenny to someone in the house. "Who are they calling?" said Demidevimon. "How should I know," answered Impmon. "Who said I was asking you?" told him Demidevimon, not looking at him.

A Gabumon, and Biyomon stepped out of the house to face Impmon and Demidevimon. Gabumon and Impmon glared at each other. Impmon warp digivolved to Beelzemon Blast mode, and Gabumon to Metalgarurumon. "Spiral Twister!" yelled Biyomon, Demidevimon dodged the attack, "Demi dart!" but Biyomon dodged too. "Bat flutter!" yelled Demidevimon, hitting Biyomon with his wing, and sending her crashing to the ground.

"Biyomon! What are you doing? Digivolve!" yelled Elena to her partner. Biyomon digivolved Phoenixmon! "Ahhh!" yelled Demidevimon as he stared at the huge golden bird. Ai tried to figure out how to check the other digimon's information. She finally figured it out. "The bird is phoenixmon and the other one is Metalgarurumon. They're both megas!" she announced. Jenny had already looked up Beelzemon's information, and seemed confident.

Some screams were heard from people when they saw the three large digimon fighting. "Demidevimon! you have to digivolve!" yelled Mako worriedly. "Why bother wasting my energy with you?" said Phoenixmon about to crush Demidevimon with her claws.

"Demidevimon!" yelled Mako, and Demidevimon began to glow. "Demidevimon Digivolve to Devimon!" "We can't battle them here! Let's lead them to the park!" Beelzemon yelled at Devimon. "Right!" and with that they both flew toward the park, with Metalgarurumon, and Phoenixmon right behind them.

Jenny and Elena got into their parents car, and followed. Ai, and Mako followed on their bikes. "Let's finish him first!" said Metalgarurumon to phoenixmon referring to Beelzemon. Before Devimon could do anything, the two digimon attacked Beelzemon, "Crimson Flame!" yelled phoenixmon. "Metal wolf snout!" Beelzemon was reverted back to Impmon by the combined attacks.

"Impmon!" yelled Ai, getting off her bike and running to him. "Don't worry...Devimon will get them...I hope," said Mako. Ai was quiet. They watched as their would be savior was attacked by phoenixmon, before he himself could attack. With that single attack, he was thrown back, and crashed against the kids bikes, destroying them in the process.

He too reverted to his rookie form. The remains of the bike fell on him. "Ow," he said weakly before passing out. Mako rushed to get the severely broken bikes of him, then picked him up. Phoenixmon, Metalgarurumon, and their tamers stepforward. "We'll leave you alone," promised Ai and Mako, trembling. "You'd better," said Jenny, and she and her sister walked to the car, with their now de-digivolved partners.

"Do we have to walk home?" asked Impmon. "Yeah..." responded Ai. "Can't we call your mother to pick us up?" "Are you kidding? She'll kill us for coming here at night! Hopefully she hasn't noticed were gone," Mako told him. "Im sorry about your bikes," said the now partly recovered Demidevimon. "Don't worry. We're not mad at you," Ai assured him. "Speak for yourself, " Impmon said, earning a glare from both twins.

They started the walk home. Demidevimon walked behind the tamers and Impmon. "oh," he said quietly looking down, his wings dragged by his sides. "What's wrong with him?" Impmon asked Mako. "That was his first battle, he's upset cause he lost," responded Mako. Suddenly a car pulled up beside them, and he Twins mother stepped out looking very angry. She was wearing a robe, and had some green stuff all over her face.

"What on earth are you doing out at this hour?" she yelled angrily, with her hands on her hips. When she saw the two beat up digimon she knew the answer to her question. She grabbed both pulled both twins by the ear to the car. "Ow, ow, ow, ow," said both twins. "I'd rather face Phoenixmon, then her," said Demidevimon hiding behind Impmon, as the woman turned her attention to them, once the kids where in the car. "In the!" she ordered the two digimon, who almost tripped on their own feet as they ran to the car.

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