Safe In His Arms One-Shot

Louis snuggled closer to Harry as they watched a scary movie when Louis did this Harry he had wrapped him closer to him like always Louis felt safe in his arms but..he wasnt safe..the reason cause Louis was hurting himself!Ever scince Harry had started dating Caroline he had begun cutting himself nearly all over his stomach,his thighs,his arms,and his wrist he couldnt stop once he had started he just kept on and on once he cut himself so hard he nearly blacked out..well Louis frowned as he looked down at his hands the pain from his shirt brushing across the cuts stung him and hurt him,he felt like crying and screaming from pain on how much it hurt suddenly Harry noticed his friend acting weird so he nuzzled his head and whispers "You alright Boo?" of course Louis lied and said he was fine just fine Harry didnt belive him but he knew how to make him talk he slid his fingers up Louis shirt and started tickling him but instead of laughter Louis had yelped in pain making Harry worried he then said "Alright Lou I know when your lying,tell me whats going on and why are you in so much pain?"Louis looked at his friend and frowned the tears streamed down his so he got up and faced Harry then he grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off and then said "T This is why im in pain Harry!"Harry gasped at the many cuts and scars all his friends body he frowned and reached out to one of them which he started tracing as Harry did this Louis started crying so Harry went and hugged his best friend he brought him close then he kissed Lou's forehead but it didnt help him much so Louis finally got some courage he looked into his crushes eyes and kisses him right on the lips as passionatly as he could..Harry on the other hand was shocked but soon started to kiss him back they kissed for hours and soon Lou told Harry he loved him and the reason for his self harming Harry frowned and said that he'll make it better and he did he broke up with his girlfriend and soon enough Louis & Harry were offical!
Louis had been seeing help for his self harming and it worked when he was all done with it he felt better much better he had to be the now happiest guy on earth cause he had Harry & cause he had his prince charming who had kept him safe in his arms..
:)The End(: