Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Carlerella. After her father remarried a woman, Pam Puckett, she gained two stepsisters named Melanie and Sam. Her father often left the house for work and left Spencer, Carlerella's brother, and Pam in charge of the hosue. However, one day, he died due to an accident and Pam became the new owner of the house.

Spencer was kicked out of the house as he was proven to be an eyesore to Pam, and he died due to hunger. The whole family now depended on the family fortune that Carlerella's father left behind for her and Pam. But Pam and her daughters abused Carlerella, asking her to do all the chores.

Unlike her mother and sister, Sam Puckett is different. She only abused Carlerella because of her mother's instructions. If she did not obey her mother, she would not be provided food. But one day, Sam met a fortune teller who predicted that she would marry a prince. This changed her as she strived to become a better person.

One day, she saved a boy whom she met on the streets. However, she doesn't know that the boy was the prince. Soon after, they were invited to a ball. Although Carlerella and Melanie were very excited, Sam did not show any interest in the ball.

That night, Sam and the prince danced the night away, with Carlerella and Prince Gibson dancing together. Since Sam believed that Carlerella was dancing with the prince but not her, she no longer took what the fortune teller said to heart.

One day, she was introduced to Pete, whom she thought she fell in love with. But she didn't realize that he only dated her for revenge against the prince.

When the prince realized that Sam was in love with someone else, he wanted her to be happy, so he decided to help her. But his help became poison to her heart when Pete reveals the prince's true identity. After seeking his father's help, Prince Fredward decides to apologize to Sam and confess to her about his feelings for her.

Sam reciprocated his feelings and they were together. But crisis is not over yet for Pete and Melanie have hatched a plan to separate them from each other.

Melanie became the evil twin by snatching Prince Fredward away from Sam and pushing Pete towards her. Both people lived in agony each day as they had to see each other with another partner. But one day, Pete and Melanie kidnapped Sam and the prince. Thanks to Melanie and Sam's quick actions and wits, they were saved from being destroyed.

"So, they lived happily ever aft- Wait, the story's not over yet! We've not come to the good part!" Carly exclaimed. "Come on, sit here on my lap and I'll tell you the rest of the story, well, up to this point."

The little brunette boy climbed onto her mother's lap and sat comfortably.

"After the Prince Fredward and Sam were saved from destruction," Carly continued. "The prince decided to introduce the love of his life to his family..."

Freddie's POV

"Father," I greeted. "I would like to introduce you to the love of my life, Sam Puckett."

"Sam Puckett?" he examined her closely. "Is she of royalty?"

"Does she have to be?" I asked, rolling my eyes. "Mother wasn't even royalty when you married her!"

He stuck his hand out in front of me while shaking his index finger. "No, no, no, you know nothing of it! Your mother was princess! She was the princess of the people! Everyone respected her!"

"But everyone likes Sam too!" I tried to convince him.

"Your majesty!" a guard barged into the throne room. "There was a woman! She... she almost killed us!"

"I did not!" Sam argued. "You took away my meatloaf!"

Seeing her in the same room as he was, the guard was flustered and decided to take a run for it. "AHH! Get away from me! I promise I won't do that ever again, please don't hurt me!"

"That's enough!" father stood up from his throne. "My dear prince, you will not be allowed to marry a commoner like that! You're of royal blood, so it is natural for you to marry a princess! Guards, remove that girl from my sight!"

"Yes, sir!" they charged towards her, but stopped once her menacing glare froze them in their spots. But they were persistent and followed the king's instructions.

"But, father-" I tried to convince him that Sam was a nice girl.

He had a very angry look on his face. "No buts! I never want you to be seen with a girl like that ever again! And don't even try to convince me about the good in commoners! You will never marry anyone but a princess!"

I ran out of the throne room, trying to stop the guards from taking Sam away from me, but they were persistent in their mission.

"I said, let her go!" I commanded. "That's an order!"

"But sir..." they said.

I gave them the best glare I ever could while Sam struggled under their touch. "That's an order."

"Yes, sir," they released her.

Sam ran over beside me, not holding back from showing her tongue at the guards. She may be violent, aggressive, uneducated and unforgiving, she's a lot of fun. And most of all, she's my girl, she's the one I love.

"So," she said. "Are you going to show me around the palace?"

"Sure," I replied with a smile.

No matter how much father is going to disapprove our relationship, she will always be the one that I love. Forever and always.