He met Ned Stark for the first in the interrogation room of the Sheffield Police Station.

Gendry had tried to split up a pub fight earlier that night which had resulted in a death, and he was brought in to give a statement. Ned Stark was the officer questioning him, and before long their conversation took an unexpected turn. The officer began asking Gendry about his life and what he was doing with it. He'd done it in such a carefree, casual manner and with such a warm smile that Gendry couldn't bring himself to cut him off. He answered the man as well as he could, and the officer listened intently. There was a chuckle here and a concerned look there and then Gendry had been released with a warm pat on the back and a "Stay out of trouble son".

Two days later, Gendry found him standing outside his building, two coffee cups at hand.

"Got a minute?" Ned held up the steaming drinks and nodded towards a street bench across Gendry's apartment complex.

"I was actually on my way to meet someone." Gendry stated as politely as he could manage, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"I'll cut right to the chase then." Ned sat on the bench and Gendry followed suit, as wary as he had been on their first meeting. "When I first saw you, I didn't see a deviant. I saw potential," He offered Gendry one of the coffees as he took a sip from the other. Gendry took the cup but did not drink from it. "Don't think I say that to every kid we bring in at the station. I really do see something in you. You can be doing more with your life. Behind that stubborn brow of yours there is a unique sense of honour and strength that is rare to find in young men these days..."

The better half of Gendry's day was spent sitting on that bench, listening. Listening to this man's low booming voice.

He offered him the opportunity to join the police force! Him. Him! Gendry Waters. The bastard, lowlife nobody that could very easily spend a few weeks dead in his flat before his landlord came demanding the months rent, only to discover his rotting corpse.

Raw fear overtook Gendry that day. Fear at the realization that a very big part of him wanted this. He had been waiting for this his entire life. The chance to better himself; to make something of himself. This seemingly strict but oddly caring man besides him was handing him the opportunity to do just that, and Gendry took it. He practically snatched it from the man's hands.

Difficult months followed, but he was now part of the S. Yorkshire Police Dept. All thanks to the unfailing faith Ned Stark, his friend and Chief Officer, had in him. Gendry was not ashamed to admit he had grown to love and deeply respect this man, who in a few months, had become the closest thing to a father figure.

Constable Waters.

Gendry exhaled as he took a corner and pulled into the Shell station. He was still not used to the title. Time will change that, Yoren had promised him. Gendry clicked his seat belt and turned his engine off. He sure hoped so.

He stepped out of the police car and stretched his back until he heard a pop. When he turned to the pump a forest green Jeep truck caught his attention and he stilled his hand before grabbing the pump. A small hooded boy hopped off the truck, leaving the motor running, and stalked casually across the petrol station towards a couple of giggling girls that were crossing from the quickie mart to a silver BMW. In a few swift moves, the boy flung, with great force, one egg after another before making a run for it. Gendry saw two hit one of the girl's face and chest and two more explode against the car's windshield before he started after the hooded boy. He got to the Jeep first and slammed the door closed. When he turned, the boy was gone and the BMW girls were shrieking and pointing towards the motor way. Gendry started in the direction they were pointing, running around the corner, where he spotted the black hoodie at a distance.

It didn't take long for Gendry to catch up, and he grabbed the kid from behind.

"Let me go, stupid!" cried a girl's voice, kicking and pulling away from him with surprising force.

"Stop moving." Gendry flinched, head darting from side to side to avoid being head butted. He had no choice but to push the squirming figure down on the dirt floor.

"Let. Go!" she demanded.

"Hold. Still!" Gendry matched her defiant tone as he struggled to pull the handcuffs out of his pocket. A truck driver whistled at them as he sped by and several other cars honked.

Once he had her handcuffed, he pulled her to her feet and whirled her to face him, yanking off the hood.

Yep. It was a girl


Shoulder length brown hair fell around undoubtable feminine features. Two large, fierce eyes glared up at him under deeply furrowed brows before she swung her leg just missing his. Gendry took a step back and shoved her forward. "Walk!" he barked, struggling to move her. She dragged her feet and tugged against his grasp and by the time they reached his police car he was sweaty and irritated. The BMW girls were gone.

"You're new, aren't you?" the girl taunted.

Gendry rolled his eyes and pushed her into the back seat of his car. He slammed the door behind her as hard as he could and wiped the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand. He was not sure what gave him away, but even the old lady at the diner that morning and the blonde waitress Yoren had flirted with had figured out he was a rookie.

"You are," The girl continued as soon as he was behind the wheel. "I can smell it on you!" she slammed her boot against the barrier fence between them.

Gendry groaned in irritation and disbelief, shaking his head at her through the rear view mirror. "You're a little pain in the ass? Had anyone ever told you that."

"You have the pleasure of being the first to voice it."

Gendry laughed at that, despite himself. One of his genuine, raspy laughs.

Walking into the station, they were greeted with smiles from most of the officers.

"Hi Arya," Officer Levan called from across the front desk with a smile for her and a curious glance towards Gendry.

More greetings and some cheering came from all over the large back office as Gendry escorted the girl along the cubicles and desks of his colleagues.

"I'm guessing you're a usual, eh?" Gendry spotted two constables clearly shaking their heads at him before bursting into obnoxious laughter and someone across the room yelled "She's broken the rookie!"

Gendry ignored them all.

"Sit," he shoved her towards a chair by his desk.


They both turned to face Ned and Yoren who were just walking out of Ned Stark's office.

Arya took a step forward and Yoren crossed to uncuff her.

"Hi dad." She chirped shamefully and Gendry head snapped to her.




A few quick notes on this story and the characters.

Arya is 16. Gendry is 22. This takes place in Sheffield, England. Bran will be significantly younger than Arya, which is not the case in the books, and Sansa will be significantly older than Arya. This will be a multi chapter. I shall be aiming for 40+ chapters.

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