It was going to be a long day..

"What?"Said a very angerd Simon while staring shocked at the curly haird lad who had just admited he kissed Louis not the other way Harry gulped and nearly chocked on his tears as he cried "I kissed Louis..cause i i im in love with him!" at first the Cheshire boy thought that is band mates would be angerd except they werent "HAH I TOLD YOU SO!"shouted Niall while dancing around the room shouting "LARRY IS REAL,LARRY IS REAL,LARRY IS REAL" his little chant made both Louis & Harry blushed a deep red then Niall said "LIAM WE DONT HAVE TO HIDE US ANYMORE!"then suddenly Niall grabs Liam by his shoulders and kisses him deeply till a whistle to stop was heard from the angerd Simon who looked like he wanted to blow up! Then Simon told the boys that they couldnt be with eachother he said that it would everything this actually made Harry a bit mad so he shouted "WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO LOVE WHO EVER WE WANT TO LOVE NO MATTER WHAT GENDER WE ARE PLUS THE FANS SHOULD EXCEPT US FOR WHO WE ARE!" the boys were shocked at Harrys yell he had never really yelled like this before except when he found out that people were making fun of Louis & Niall…
A/N:Hii my beautiful Larry&Niam Lovers well sorry its short but I promise you it will grow!(:

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