Fix My Heart

By: Asagi Tsuki

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Summary: "Will you fix it? My heart."

Warning: OOCness, non-canon compliant, AU

Disclaimer: obviously, Harry Potter is not written by me. If it were, it would be so lame, that this fandom would be non-existent. And I would be off writing another book instead of fanfics

A/N: written for another fandom at LJ, but I figured would sit HD too. Since HD is my current OTP, I crosspost it now :) hope you like. Since I'm a fan of bottom!Draco, the first one to speak in all scene is Harry :)

Fix My Heart

"Will you go out with me?"


"Why not?"

"You're not my type."

"So what's your type?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Because I want to be someone you can like."

"Just give up. Don't bother trying."

"I'm not that kind of person."

"Even if I will never like you?"

"Feelings are fickle. We'll see."

"Go away."

"Fine, I will go away for now."


"Is he your type?"

"What do you care?"

"I want to know if he's your type."

"What if he is? What's it to you?"

"I just want to make sure you're happy."

"Oh, come on. No one in this time genuinely wishes for that. Don't be a hypocrite."

"I do. Really wish you happiness."

"Then go away and don't bother me again."

"If you say so..."



"What? Come to gloat?"

"No. I will never do that."

"Stop being such a goody two shoes."

"I'm not. I'm here because of you."


"Call me whatever you want. It won't change the fact that I like you."

"Why? I've never treated you kindly."

"That's because you were trying to deter me. I've seen you with your friends. You're a kind person."

"I'm not."

"Now you're the liar."

"You're too good to be true."

"But I'm real and here I am. All yours for the taking."

"Why? There are better people out there! People who will be more than glad to be with you. Unlike me."

"So he wasn't your type, after all?"

"The arsehole dumped me. Wait till I have my revenge on him."

"That's the spirit. Come on, let's wash your face and return to class."

"Yeah... thanks."

"You're welcome."

"Don't expect anything yet."

"Wouldn't dare to."


"How are you feeling now?"

"Surprisingly a lot better."

"Why is there surprisingly?"

"Because I didn't expect anything."

"You wound me."

"Shut up, you."

"That's alright, though. As long as you're feeling better."

"You're such a sweet talker."

"Well, has it touched you yet?"

"No. Try harder."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Yes, it's a challenge."


"Have I proven my worth?"

"Another surprisingly, you have."

"Now will you got out with me?"

"That depends."

"Depends on what?"

"Will you?"

"Will I what?"

"Fix it. My heart, I mean."

"Of course. If I'm allowed to."

"I grant you my permission. Now make it whole again."

"I promise I will. I'll make it better and whole again, and in time, it'll be the best it can be."

"I'll be waiting for that then. Thank you."

"No problem. I love you."

End Story

First time trying an all-dialogue fic. I've done a couple of no-dialogue fic, but this is new, so I hope I didn't botch it up spectacularly :D