Cutting Words

(Takes place before Avenger, during the end of iron man 2 right before fury and black widow have there intervention with Tony.)

Director Fury paced along his office reviewing profiles of possible new recruits. Huffing in frustration he tossed the files to his desk. None of them had what it took to be accepted into SHIELD. Seriously if those agents were what was considered top class from the academy, standards had dropped since his glory days. A knock interrupted his pacing and internal rant.

"Enter" His voice brusque, he was in no mood to tolerate new recruits or anyone else.

Coulson stepped in crisp and orderly in a navy suit.

" Make it quick Coulson, I have recruiting to deal with." Coulson smirked, he understood Fury's frustration. These newbies were all arrogance and determination, nothing that stood out that could possibly benefit SHIELD.

"Yes sir." Walking up to the directors desk he pulled a file from the inside of his coat. " I may have found a candidate that may interest you."

" Oh?" Fury raised his eyebrow from his one good eye. Coulson had never shown much interest on a candidate before, let alone recommend one. Curiously he took the file from his hand. " Where is he from? FBI, CIA?"

"She isn't from either of them. Actually sir she's actually a civilian." Fury's eyes widen at the information gathered in the file. A civilian. Overlooking her current where about she was currently in a detention center outside of San Diego.

" Coulson I believe you may have found a valuable new member for us." Shutting the file he dismissed the other candidates, this is one he wanted.

" Thank you sir." Coulson nodded quickly.

" Take agent Hill and collect our newest candidate, we will meet in Malibu. I have to have a word with our favorite pain in the ass."

Coulson chuckled. " Stark causing trouble again."

Fury smirked he was about to make Coulson's day.

" Yes and I suggest you hurry with your assignment agent. Your on babysitting duty for Mr. Stark tonight." Coulson's face fell a bit before collecting himself.

" Yes sir, right away." Fury watched as his best agent straightened up and stepped out.

Now if the academy's were producing more agents like Coulson there would be no need to extract teenagers out of detention centers. Then again, he thought gazing down at the black and white follow on his desk; dark sad eyes looked up at him a photo, maybe we do need new breed of agents.

-San Diego-

Dark eyes darted about the room. There was too many people surrounding her, too many for her to read. Pulling the orange sweatshirt sleeves past her wrists she tried unsuccessfully to drown out the noise around her. The girl behind her had mommy issues and liked to force her superiority around the newbies, ones just like her. Squeezing her eyes shut she began to count as she heard footsteps coming closer to her.

Please just don't she begged her mind. Just this once don't do it.

" Hey new girl." Fantastic...

Ignore her just don't listen. Stay calm don't get mad.

"I'm talking to you little slut." Sticks and stones may break my bones...she started to sing to herself. But words may never hurt me...ha she scoffed to herself. They may not hurt me but others...

"Hey cunt I'm talking to you!" At that moment she felt a sharp tug on her scalp. Really? Hair pulling for petes sake! What the hell is wrong with this chick.

" I HEARD YOU!" Her outburst sent her bully staggering back, as she calmly got to her feet. Her anger was surging through he body, hot and unbending.

"Just like everyone else in this god dam room you loud twit!" The main of room of the detention center had gone silent. All eyes on the bully and her new victim, but it seemed that this time she may have met her match.

" You little bit-" The bully didn't get the chance to continue before she cut her off.

" Little bitch right? Your mommy's favorite pet name for you, right Olga." The bully froze, how could she know that..." Along with cunt, slut, whore, worthless shit" Each word spewed from her lips caused a thin cut to show up on her target, along her cheeks, chest, arms. Fear caused her eyes to go wide.

" Yes your mommy didn't like you very much did she?" She continued on her anger still burning, the girl should have left her alone." She thought you a mistake, one that took away all possibilities of a great life. A dream career, a happy marriage with a good man. All because of you, the pregnancy that she should of terminated when she had the chance. But no she left the abortion clinic, thinking you would be worth it. Boy was she wrong. What did she end up with? Right you a little bitch of a daughter that ruined her life!" Her voice had risen as she was yelling at the cowering girl before her.

The girl, Olga was frozen in place. All her fears and insecurities were out in the open, just like her blood dripping from her various cuts. This girl shouldn't know so much about her, and the cuts from her words aren't possible. What hell is she! She didn't move as the girl moved closer, dark brown hair hanging limply to her shoulders. Body dwarfed be the horrid orange sweatshirt uniform, with dark eyes tinted red glaring at her.

" Enough!" The wardens voice rang out, causing her to snap her gaze from the girl on the floor to the door. Her eyes focusing on the two people in suits behind the warden. " Lyla come with me. Olga get to the nurse. Everyone else return to your dormitories!"

At those words everyone scattered, rushing out the door. Doing their best to avoid the trembling form standing in the middle. Olga shakily got to her feet, keeping her eyes on the girl, Lyla. She was currently glaring at the floor, fists shaking as the red tint disappeared from her eyes. Summoning on her defiance she spat at her feet, "Freak!" and promptly stumbled out of the empty room.

Lyla flinched at the insult but didn't move from her spot. Her temper had bested her again, that's how she ended up here in the first place.

"Lyla Evanson?" A cool crisp voice sounded to her right. Looking up she noticed it was one of the suits that had been with the warden. Neatly combed hair, crystal blue eyes that held a look of pity and wariness. That last one struck her, she didn't want people to be afraid of her. She hated hurting people.

" Agent Coulson and Hill, Miss Evanson, that was quite a temper you have." Spoke up another crisp feminine voice, introducing the two of them. She winced at her comment, looking up to another pair of blue eyes framed by brown bangs.

" Sorry, it only happens when I lose my temper." She answered guiltily wringing her fingers together.

" Well Miss Evanson we have a proposition for you." Coulson spoke up smiling kindly at her. Poor girl had suffered enough.

" Proposition?" Lyla asked curiously, who would want anything from her? From someone who can hurt people with just words.

" We believe you can be an asset Ms. Evanson, were from an organization called SHIELD. We've been monitoring you since your incident at home." Hill stated bluntly, Coulson rolled his eyes at new agents lack of tactfulness.

" What my partner is saying Lyla is that we can help with your anger issues."

" You think you can help me? I can't even help myself, what makes you think your top secret organization can help someone like me!" Lyla's eyes began to hint at red, Hill's hand slid towards the gun at her waist band of her pants. Coulson stepped into Lyla's field of vision, effectively hiding Hill.

" We aren't promising a quick fix, but we are promising a more stable environment. One without so many triggers at your anger. We can help you control it, and in return all we ask for is you to help us with your unique set of skills." Lyla stared at the man before her, so quick to step in to save a colleague. He wasn't lying, he wouldn't be able to get away with one anyway, not with her 'skills' as he had said.

Stepping back Lyla took a deep breath, before whispering a quick apology to the female agent. Looking away her eyes dropped to the red on the floor, Olga's terrified face popped into mind. She shuddered, she didn't want to see that look again. She's seen so many times in the past week.

"Ok, I'll join SHIELD." Lyla answered quietly.

"Excellent. Now lets get going director Fury will have had enough of Stark by now." Agent Hill turned on her heel and out the door. The brisk manner with which she spoke had Lyla wondering is she had offended her.

" Don't worry about her, she's new." Coulson spoke shrugging, hoping to ease the nervous her his arm she led her out to a black SUV waiting by the curb.

"Welcome to SHIELD future agent Evanson.