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"Well Raze welcome to my army, you are going to be key in the final battle of Midguard." Lyla stood still, not taking in her surroundings. She was lost, numb. Nothing existed outside of her foggy mind.

Standing alone a veil of mist, her thoughts, memories and emotions were gone. Mind had been emptied after breaking the control the Other held on Loki.

"Seems I may have let you do a little too much damage when I released your gift." The Other appeared in her mind, taking the nothingness surrounding them. " However it seems that it worked to my benefit. Trying expel me from Loki's mind left yours wide open for me to enter."

The Other petted the brown haired figure, she had still yet to move. The blank look upon on her features pleased him, his handiwork was just extraordinary to see. Who knew such a petty planet could hold such potential.

Pity that his new pet probably wouldn't survive past the invasion. He had a no prisoner rule to abide after all. Even if he had kept the trickster, the Other would never have held up his end of the bargain. Just as he knew that the moment the prince had taken over the planet he wouldn't have surrendered the tesseract to them.

In reality this new plan was more beneficial then the previous one. Getting rid of the wayward prince for something more destructive and at the moment mindless. Oh the sweet irony that the protection of midguard would now have to face one it's own. The fall of the pathetic human race would come from one of its own.

"Such luck I had on coming across you. It matters not that plans must be adjusted my pet, for the outcome will be the same. Midguard will fall and you will be the reason for these so called heroes not being able to do a thing about it."

The Other circled the young mortal, the red eyes stared at nothing. He took in the rest of her appearance. No, no this would not do. His ultimate weapon could not be seen bloodied and damage.

If one thing he had learned from the trickster was that a flair of dramatics had its advantages. Slipping from the empty mind he called upon one of the troops that the agent Barton recruited under the scepters control. The trickster had set up a decent amount of troops, and a hidden base prepared when the Other gathered strength to come to this planet.

" Here take her and clean her up. Mustn't have her all bloody." The troops eyes held the blue of the tesseract's control. How foolish was the trickster to believe that this basic mind control could ever be freedom.

"Yes sir, right away." The troop took the girls arm into his grip. The prone figure did nothing as it was dragged a couple steps away, before the troop stopped.

" Any suggestions for her dress sir?" The Others face twisted into a cruel grin.

The carrier was in one word a mess, his careful planning was finally succeeding. The joy he thought he would feel of taking down such a fortress was lacking. Instead of the master piece he was expecting he saw nothing but panic and fear.

The avenger were not scattering out of the medical bay, the captain and man of iron were running off for there suits. His brother Thor was across the room wrestling the now enraged out the door, as the Black Widow struggle to free herself from a over turned shelf.

Standing quickly he left the older agents side hurrying over to the assassin. There wasn't enough time; if the Other hadn't changed all his plans Barton would be on his way to take this hunk of metal straight of the sky.

With a flick of his wrist he had the assassin out from under her prison. As predicted the Black widows reflexes were astounding as she pulled out a blade and gun from her person aiming both straight at him. Loki sighed in frustration before waving a hand, vanishing away all her weapons.

" Look you silly mortal we have to find your agent Barton immediately." The red head paused at her partners name, the skepticism did not leave her gaze.

"Why should I believe you?" She answered defiantly.

" We have no reason to." Coulson's voice rang from behind them, they turned to see him brushing off dirt from his suit," However we have no choice, we will deal with him later. We have priorities to sort out now. Primarily Agents Barton and Evason."

The god and assassin ignored the tremor that appeared at the mentioning of his pupil.

" This isn't over but for now we call a truce. So tell me how do I release Barton from your control." Loki admired her tenacity, she was a formidable warrior. No doubt she would be one to watch out for.

" Unfortunately I have no control over him. It was never me, it was the Other who held all the cards, even myself. However I know of a way to break the control."

" Well get on with it."

" Have you ever heard of cognitive re-calibration?" The widow a skeptic eyebrow a smirk graced her lips.

Loki watched in awe as the Hulk took on his brother, the beast was a sight to see. Of course he had done his research on the mild manner doctor, seen the videos and photos. It didn't prepare however when seeing the monster in person.

Thor had summoned his mighty hammer and was continuing to reason with the savage man beast. To say the least, it wasn't working out very well for Thor.

With a heavy sigh he jumped into the fray, knocking the golden god to the side, narrowly missing the green fist that was coming. Thor froze stunned for a moment, surprise in his blue eyes at the sight of his little brother.

"Come on you oaf! The sooner we calm him, the sooner we can find Lyla!" Loki growled out summoning clones around the area to confuse the Hulk. Thor grinned, internally rejoicing at the chance to fight by his brother side once more.

" Just like the old days right brother!" Loki did nothing but give a humorless chuckle. Though he refused to acknowledge the fact the Thor continued to call him brother. In his own mind Loki had began calling Thor his brother again; it would take time before he said out loud though.

Loki's clones were taking a beating and soon the beast will have seen through the allusions. There had to be a way to calm the wayward creature. Loki summoned all the knowledge he had collected on the doctor. Searching through memorized spell books within his mind trying to find a way to calm the ever present rage.

"Thor! Hold him down I have an idea!" Thor did as he was told, refusing to go against whatever plan Loki had created. Over years of fighting along side one another, it was easier to heed his word. Less injuries resulted from the tricksters careful plans.

Thor roared as the Hulk charged at him, swinging his hammer at the beasts head. It only served to enrage him more, but allowed for an opportunity to pin him down.

"Hurry brother for I know not how long I can hold him!" Thor yelled out as the Hulk struggled out of the grip at his large throat.

Loki appeared upon the green chest in a puff of magic, placing a hand upon the Hulks forehead. Muttering an ancient language that not even Thor could even comprehend. The beast roared before the large green eyes rolled to the back of his head. The slack weight of the unconscious figure began to shrink as the body returned to the doctors smaller body.

Thor sighed in relief at the sound of soft snores coming from the sleeping man. Looking up to his dark haired companion he smiled at the fact that they had worked so well together again without causing such damage.

" Loki it is good to have you back." Thor said jovially standing after lowering Banner to the ground.

" Now is not the time for such pleasantries. We have priorities or have you forgotten that already?" Loki hissed out, however it didn't stop the half smirk from slipping onto his face. It had been far too long since he and Thor had gotten along so well.

"He is right Thor, there are no time for pleasantries." The two gods turned to see the director of SHIELD strolling towards them, with two agents trotting behind him. Fury cast a side glance towards the unconscious and slightly nude doctor.

" You two take Dr. Banner back to medical bay and see if you can wrangle up some pants for the man." Fury orders were immediately carried out leaving him alone with the asguardians.

" Loki you may have helped us in our time of need, however that doesn't make up for the crimes you have committed." Thor growled at the dark skinned man.

"Careful how you speak to my brother." Thor growled out as he took a step toward the the one eyed man.

" It is alright Thor, I know I deserve no trust. Though I will not be brought into custody just yet director." Loki said confidently, smirking at the mortal," Not until agent Evanson is returned. A god must keep his vows."

Fury glared at the green clothed god, he was bullshitting the ultimate bullshitter. There was no way in hell this criminal would ever turn himself in. Evanson was his play, no surprise there. A unknown amount of power in the hands of a god of chaos, doesn't that sound like a match made in heaven. Fury snorted, only causing the dark haired figures smirk more prominent.

They were at a standoff, both knew and acknowledged this. Fury would not be able to put him in jail, not with Thor acting as the over protective brother. Loki held back the urge to taunt the director, there would be time for that later. For now he had to play nicely, it was the only way that the trickster would gain help from the band of heroes. It was the only way to get Lyla out of the Others clutches.

" Guess we have an ultimatum." Fury sighed, there was no way in this situation that he would get a good outcome, " So care to share to the class what the plan is now?"

" The Other, the creature that has taken Agent Evanson is the leader of this plan. Believe me or not, he has been controlling my actions these past days. None was at my own free will, not unlike your Agent Barton. The plan is to open a portal from his home world to yours so that his army can come through."

"Cut to the chase, this we all know." Loki ground his teeth at being cut off be the mortal. Of course they would know, SHIELD had proved to be quite resourceful, "Also how do we free our agents from the mind control you've had them under?"

" I have already informed agent Romanoff how to eliminate the threat from Barton's mind. Though he will be awakening with a rather bothersome headache." Loki couldn't help but chuckle at the thought.

" Where will the attack occur brother?" Loki turned to the blonde but was cut off from speaking.

" New York is where its going down Point Break." Tony Stark strolled into the tense atmosphere along with Steve Rogers. Both looked worse for wear, Tony's usual spectacular suit dinged and scratched and the captain sporting nothing but a few scratches. " Using my own tower may I add!"

" I do apologize for that, thought it would be a clever way of going about it. The Other does not seem to have changed my plans." Loki admitted, annoyed at the sense of guilt that was in him. The presence of these mortals was getting to him, more so though his mind was more concerned on his mortal Lyla.

The Other obviously is going to use her against them, perhaps as a distraction as he allows his army to emerge from the space portal. Loki frowned at the thought, how would this team fair with fighting against one their own.

" No harm will come upon Lyla, she is under the control of the Other. I will not stand by and allow her to get injured." Loki was adamant on this part.

" That cannot be promised, especially with the fact that she is fighting alongside of our enemy." The soldier out time was of course speaking with reason. That did not stop the feral growl escaping the gods lips.

"Hurt so much as a head on her head and I swear to you I will end your life." Loki hissed glaring at the blonde, to his credit he did not flinch away from the threat.

"If I was in your position Loki I would not be one to be giving such threats. You are still considered the enemy."

"Enough!" Coulson's voice rang out in finality.

" It will accomplish nothing to stand here bickering. Loki is now fighting on our side and we be doing so until this mess is sorted out. He has the most inside knowledge on this invasion, enough to give us the upper hand." Coulson was stoic as he addressed the rag tag team, stepping to stand beside Fury.

Couslon could only hope that they would put aside their differences and band together. For the sake of his agent and more importantly that world.