The carrier was a scene of purposeful chaos as SHIELD agents ran to and fro, quickly and efficiently taking and giving orders.

Loki stood in the middle of it all, taking it all in. Allowing the frenzied surroundings to calm him, he took a moment to gather his thoughts. He had to prepare himself for the battle that lay wait ahead, had to devise a way to rescue his mortal, Lyla.

"Anyone care to share why Loki isn't in shackles and in a detainment cell?" Loki fought back the growl as Director Fury strolled into the vicinity.

" I believe I have proven my innocence in my actions." Calm, remain calm. You will do no good to Lyla, chained and locked away like some animal. Loki breathed deeply, it did nothing for his temper.

" That has yet to be proven." Fury nodded at a couple of agents, with impassive faces they stepped toward the god. Loki snarled and dodged them.

"I will not be locked away! Not when my help is needed, not when you need my insight for such a battle!" Not when she is still in the hands of that vile monster.

"Look I understand you may have some petty crush on one of my agents, but the fact still remains that you are a criminal" The agents now had the god surrounded, Loki smirked he could easily free himself.

However the words from the girl rung in his mind. What kind of consequences would come from his actions. Escaping now, or slitting the one eyed mans throat would not be wise. He would have to be tactful about this delicate situation. Loki sighed, weaving lies and deceit was far more simple then trying to gain trust.

" Director I know my previous actions were cruel, however I was not in my right mind." The agents had now put cuff upon his wrists, the trickster sneered at the sight.

" Director what is going on here?" Loki was grateful at the archers timing, the distraction helped restrain his nasty temper.

" Barton I see that you are in your right mind once more." Clint grimaced at the remark.

" I was never out of my right mind, more like someone had invaded it. Now may I ask why Loki is being restrained?"

" He has to face the consequences of his actions for the crimes he's committed." Fury said coldly pointing at the green clothed figure. Clint returned the glare with impassive features, the look brought a hint of worry to the director. His agent could be a stubborn asshole when his mind was set on something.

" I assume that I will be joining Loki in his detainment sir. Seeing that my actions for the past couple days has also been less then justifiable." Clint held out his wrists to the closest agent with hand cuffs. The agent glanced back to the director, this was a trap. He knew it and so did the director.

Will that little shit, Fury glared at the archer. Both knew that SHIELD couldn't afford having one of there top agents locked away.

" Sir, this man was in the same position as me. We were both trapped in our own minds, neither fully aware of our actions. Now all we want to do is the right thing and get this creep."

" And I am to assume there is no personal vendetta against our enemy?" Fury nodded at the agents to free Loki. The god smiled as the agents found the cuffs melting of his wrists. Fury refused to comment at the smug smile on the bastards face.

" Now director why would you ever believe that?" Loki smirked as Clint chuckled at his comment. Both men glanced at one another, a silent pact being made to ensure they would get there revenge.

" Director Fury," Agent Hill's voice rang out over the com, " Stark has left the carrier and is on his way to New York."

Fury growled muttering profanities and threats of bodily harm to the play boy. He glared when he saw that the two idiots hadn't moved from there spots.

"Well? What are you waiting for, board a jet and make sure that tin can doesn't cause more damage then there already is!"

"Are the preparations in order?" The Other sat languidly upon a seat in Stark tower, above him on the roof Dr. Selvig was prepping the tesseract.

" Yes sir, and it was just reported that Ironman is on his way to the vicinity." The Other grinned at the news, perfect timing. He would be the first to face his new toy.

" Excellent. You take a group of men and protect the device, I am sure our dear Raze is eager to see a familiar face." The blue gaze of the "recruited" soldier slid towards the frozen figure.

Lyla stood facing the window staring out into the New York skyline. Her gaze was as dead as the soldiers, and as blue as the tesseract itself. The Other petted the dark haired girl, she was a lovely sight, for a human anyway. This would definitely cause pause against those rag tag group of heroes.

They had dressed his latest toy as if ready for a grand ball. Her long dark hair loosely and delicately twisted into a intricate braid falling down her back, a few tendrils framing her face. It was a look of innocence. All in-cased in a rich strapless emerald gown, the top bodice tight around her chest and waist before loosening to the ground.

The Other smirked, this would surely infuriate the fallen prince. His beloved being used against him, dressed in his preferred color. This was sure to create some shock and awe, long enough for plans to come together.

"My dear a old aquintance is coming by, won't that be exciting." The girl didn't show any sign of response.

The sound of repulsors could be heard nearing the outer deck of the tower. The Other could see as robotic arms peeled off armor to reveal a vulnerable human beneath.

Tony Stark was never one to filter his thoughts, so when he caught sight of the intruders in his home he said, " I don't remember giving you entrance to my place scarface. However the girl is an exception, who knew she could clean up so nice?"

The Other chuckled the impudence of the lowly being as it strutted across to a bar area.

" So mortal what brings you here at such a time?"

" What brings me here? Uh no, you got things a little turned around. This is my home, what brings YOU here?" Keep Mr. Creepy talking, keep him distracted.

Behind the bar he immediately sought out the silver cuffs that belonged with his latest suit. THe mach7 hasn't exactly been tested just yet, but this was as best time as ever.

" Isn't it obvious little mortal? We've come to conquer you and this lowly planet."

"Lowly huh? Why conquer something you consider so lowly?" Stark replied flippantly, latching the metal rings around his wrists. The Other growled at his comment, Tony could feel he was playing with an extremely short fuse.

" My army will devour your planet none the less!"

" See I'm not sure about that. I'm on a team of sorts, we call ourselves the Avengers." He took a casual sip brandy he had served himself.

" Your pathetic team stands no chance!"

" Well lets do a head count, we have living legend, that kinda lives up to the legend. A man with extrodinary anger management issues. Two master assassins, two demi gods- one I may add who is extremely pissed that you took his lady friend." Pausing for affect he took another sip, " And to toot my own horn you got me, billionaire, playboy-"

"Enough! Silence him!" The Other howled, Tony didn't see the agent move before she was standing in front of him. A blur of green then the feeling of a small hand at his throat.

SHIT! How strong is this chick? My feet aren't even touching the floor.

"Get rid of the annoyance my pet, I am going to go check on my army." In a swarm of shadows the Other disappeared. Lyla's blank stare bore onto Tony's face, watching but not seeing as his lips began to turn blue.

"Ja-Jarvis! De-deploy the su-suit!"

A burst of red and gold knocked Tony out of the possessed girls grip. Dazed she stood, the Others grip on her mind flickered for a moment.

"Tony! Help me-" The blue haze settled over her once more, as she stalked over to the now battle ready Iron Man.

" Sorry about this kiddo." Raising up his arm he fired a beam from his repulsor at his target. The blue beam sent the agent through a window and out into the deck.

Tony flinched at the sound of her body hitting and then breaking through the glass. Oh god, please don't let Loki kill me for doing that.