FAGEtastic Four

Title: If He Would Have Been Faithful

Written for: WoahNow (Callie WoahNow Jordan)

Written By: beegurl13

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: Someone lives on the coast.

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A/N: I don't own this. We all know who does. What I do own is a hubby and kids that sometimes surprise me and do nice things for my birthday. I love that... :)

This story isn't beta'd or preread. I know, it's supposed to be, but it's not. I'm getting rebellious in my old age. :D This is a drabble-ish-like story. Some chapters will be longer, some shorter...just depends on what's happening at that moment in the story. If you've read my other drabble-ish-like stuff, you know I try really hard not to break up chapters, I like to go through whole scenes. I hope you like that. :D

Some of this is based on true events. Some isn't. I researched a few places, and I kinda wanna go to them now. :D

And now that this A/N is longer than the chapter...enjoy. :)


Chapter 1

My life was perfect. Amazing. Nothing like I'd hoped for, yet everything I'd ever dreamed of.

Well, it was for a while, anyway.

Sometimes things happen to us, and we don't really know why. We don't understand. Things break us, kill our spirit, and we just don't get it. But every once in a while we realize that something horrible had to happen so that something amazing could occur.

This is a story about that. It's a story about me and my life. It's about the worst thing I could ever imagine, and how it came true. And how I moved on, got over it, and found myself.

And then, in the shadow of all that sadness, something perfect was formed, created. It grew. It consumed me. And I suddenly found myself grateful for the hurt and pain I'd endured.

My name is Isabella Swan Whitlock, and this is my story.