A/N: Dean drops the F word (yes THE F word) and has a hair trigger... unabashed schmoopy smut leading into a cliffhanger. Dun-dun-dun!

Dean was in denial. He was not awake. No, no, no. He was still sleepy, only half awake and staying in bed, where he could watch Cas' sweet, sleep-absorbed face and soak in the warmth of Cas' bare skin all the way to his heart without being judged. Cas who looked after him when he was sick. Cas who was looking more kick-ass every day, with his cropped hair and his smooth, lean swimming muscles. So Dean stared and soaked.

He loved that Cas was not afraid to ask about things and Dean would never make fun of him for that. Laugh, yes, but only because Cas was funny in a refreshing way. Dean would laugh and then they would talk quietly in the sanctuary of their room about whatever had struck Cas' curiosity, no matter how embarrassing. Dean would try to be honest and Cas would try to understand. Sometimes demonstrations were required. Dean never begrudged Cas that. The fact that Cas never hesitated to ask Dean anything made Dean's heart hot with pride. He was willing to overlook a few embarrassing moments in order to keep that warm feeling.

He really enjoyed the freedom of knowing he was allowed to touch, hold, stare, as much as he liked. Knowing Cas always welcomed him, accepted him, even encouraged him. Cas knew Dean needed him and gave himself to Dean in any way Dean required. Silent support, an extra pair of working hands, scratching an unreachable itch. A smile and a warm hand when he was down, patience when he was grumpy, a firm push when he was stubborn. Dean didn't know how to repay that, other than to let Cas know how loved he was when they were alone.

So he tucked Cas into his arms, so he could be the protective big spoon, and ran his lips over Cas' nape. He nuzzled at the base of Cas' neck and licked a warm stripe up to his hairline where he nuzzled some more. He tightened his arms and sighed contentedly. He always thought of himself as a pretty uninhibited guy, but now that he and Cas had their own room, he realized how much of his affection he kept locked up inside when they were in public. There were some things he didn't feel 'permitted' to express in front of others. It gave others too much hold over him, too much knowledge. The feelings were always there, but he only gave himself permission to show them freely when he and Cas were alone. And when he didn't get much alone time with Cas he got snappy. The twins had commented on it.

He rubbed his lips lightly over Cas' neck and nudged his hips against Cas so Cas would feel his arousal against his warm skin. "Dean..." Cas grumbled sleepily.
"Its okay, baby. You can keep sleeping. You smell so good..." He licked another stripe up the back of Cas' neck and lay some sucking kisses along the same trail.
"I'm fairly certain it has a clinical label and is frowned on in civilized society. "
"Your delicious neck? "
"Hm." Dean smiled against Cas' neck at their version of flirting and pillow talk.
Cas turned to face him, rolled Dean onto his back and straddled him, pinning Dean's hands to the pillow beside his head and smiling mischievously.
"What if I take what I want instead?"
Dean's back arched. He closed his eyes, gasping. "Oh baby, yes. Please!"
Cas leaned down and breathed against his ear. "I know you like it mad and passionate. Rough."
Dean heard himself moan like a whore and liked it, arching his back again to feel more of Cas against him.
"I'm only for you. Make me take it, Cas. Fuck me into submission. Please. God, please, yes."
Cas moaned in his ear and rolled his hips, whispering in his ear. "So beautiful when you give yourself to me, Dean. All panting and breathless."
"Only for you, Cas." He nudged his nose against Cas' cheek and pressed a desperate, lingering kiss there. He dared ask for things from Cas that he'd never even admitted to himself before.
Castiel pushed himself up enough to stare seriously into Dean's eyes, lacing his fingers with Dean's. He hesitated and took a short breath before he rapidly confessed.
"I want to take you. On the armchair. Make you sit on my lap, facing me with your legs spread wide over the arms-"
Dean blanked out for a moment as his body bucked in a spasm of totally unexpected orgasm, stealing his breath. When he came back to himself, Cas' face was tucked against his neck, his limbs wrapped around Dean possessively.
Cas gave an exhausted sigh and Dean felt the suction of a warm kiss against his neck.
"Cas. That filthy mouth. Fuck."
Cas chuckled. "Maybe later."
Dean exerted himself to lift an arm and stroke Cas' soft hair. He'dbe embarrassed, but Cas would never think of judging him when he was so vulnerable, so he lay back and petted Cas.
"Y'mean it? You really fantasize 'bout doin' it -having me- on the la-z-boy?"
Cas lifted his eyes to Dean's. "Oh yes."
Dean felt parts of him tighten and ache at the admission.
"N' all this time, thought I was the only one gettin' distracted," Dean said with wonder in his voice. He placed a firm kiss on Cas' forehead. "You're perfect," he whispered.
Cas snuggled closer at the praise. "I'll wake you later," he murmured, "you owe me. "
Dean had just enough energy to snort.


Cas was woken by jarring music and Dean's flailing. "Cas. Phone."

Cas recognized Nine Inch Nails Closer, which Dean had programmed as his ring tone in a fit of high humor. Cas had been unable to find the time to undo Dean's handiwork. He stretched past Dean's bare chest, kissing Dean's shoulder on the way, to snatch his phone from the dressing table, grumbling, "You're closer to it."

"It's your phone," came back tiredly from Dean's pillow. Cas resisted the urge to lean his whole body-weight on Dean as he reached for the phone. Just as he grabbed the phone, the music stopped. Cas let his body weight rest on Dean. "Hey, I'm sleeping."

"You are not sleeping, as clearly evidenced by your speech," Cas replied, straddling Dean's hips.

Dean groaned wearily and gave Cas a soft slap on the thigh. Cas relented and rolled off Dean, just as his phone beeped, indicating a message had been left.

He played it on speaker.

"Uh… hi. It's me. Sam. Listen, we might be gone for a while. Bobby met a friend so... Anyway, the place we're staying seems like a funky town. So…yeah. Okay… you guys take care."

Dean sat bolt upright, startling Cas enough to drop his phone.

"Dean! What is it?"

"That's our code word, 'funky town'. It means someone was there, he couldn't talk. They're in trouble."

Dean had already swung his legs out of bed and started pulling on pants.

"You need to tell me about these signals between you and Sam. If you hadn't heard the message… We should have a code word," Cas suggested, climbing out of bed and gathering his own clothes.

"Good idea. How about 'assbutt'?"

Cas compressed his lips and raised his brows at Dean. "And how do you suggest I work that into a sentence, assbutt?"

"Yeah, just like that."

"Funny." Cas padded barefoot to the wardrobe and pulled their duffle bags from on top. He started removing clothing from their drawers into the bags. He watched Dean's agitated search for his second boot. He placed the gun and knife that Dean always kept nearby, into Dean's bag and brought the bags over as Dean laced up his boots.

"Don't you need a shower?"

"Nope. Sam's in danger. Don't care."

Cas finished buttoning Dean's shirt for him as Dean sat on the edge of the bed. "I have a bad feeling about this, Dean. I don't like being woken in the night by bad news." He smoothed his hands down the shirt sleeves to Dean's hands.

Dean nodded squeezing Castiel's hand. Cas squeezed back.

"What about the twins? They will want to come. They will want to help."

Dean sighed loudly and his spine slumped dejectedly. "Cas… I don't want this for them. Phone calls in the middle of the night."

Cas rubbed Dean's back and watched his face with concern.