Like I said, this is a little experience I wanted to try out. To those who already read this, well, thanks for re-reading it. For the ones who haven't, I hope you like this.

Parent and Child

親子 (Oyako)

It took three days.

Twenty minutes after they had kidnapped the human baby, frogs repented having laid eyes on it. The baby screamed and cried as Gamaru beat him with the rolled leaf, leaving red marks on the infant's back and belly. Sasuke only stopped crying when he no longer had the strength to yell.

Gamajun was ordered to take charge of the infant's "training", but nothing went as expected. No one changed Sasuke's diaper one whole day. The baby felt his skin hurt underneath the dirty diaper. Gamajun was forced to take it of the baby when the diaper was so full that it began to leak, leaving the child naked, dirty and hurt with diaper rash.

Angered by the disgusting work, Gamajun wiped the cave's floor where they lived and threw a bucket of cold water onto the child to clean him. Sasuke started crying from the cold and pain, getting more spankings from Gamajun and Gamaru.

They tried to feed the baby with maggots and flies, but he wouldn't eat them. Exasperated, Gamayuri gave him some water and left him alone in his corner. Later, they tried to train him to poop and pee outside the cave, beating him whenever he didn't "obey".

After some time, Sasuke stopped crying. When he cried the frogs would come, shout at him and beat him until he shut up. His back, legs, arms and belly were covered with bruises and scratches so, whenever he felt pain, he started moaning softly. He didn't want pain... if he'd cry; he would suffer more and more.

Three days after they brought the baby to their cave, the three frogs realized that the kid was not worth the effort. So Gamaru ordered Gamajun to get rid of him.

"Ah!" Naruto said, rubbing his swollen belly with Ramen. "I really needed this. It doesn't compare to the Ichiraku ... but it felt so good!"

The maid from the restaurant smiled politely over the many empty bowls of ramen that Naruto had devoured in seconds.

"Ah... I'm glad you liked it ... here is your bill" she said, handing the receipt to Naruto.

"To eat Ramen again, I'd pay with blood, sweat and tears if I had to. Where's my wallet...?" Naruto stuck a hand in his pants pocket and pulled out Gama-chan. "Here it is! Hm?"

In one corner of Gama-chan stood out a white stain.

"Where did this stain come from?" Naruto thought.

Finally, he remembered. One day, while he was having lunch with Fukasaku and Shima, Gama-chan fell from his pocket and rolled across the floor. When Naruto realized that his wallet was missing, Sasuke had already caught it. Naruto tried to get the baby return the wallet, but Sasuke was delighted with it, he never had a toy before and Gama-chan seemed very funny.

"Sasuke, give me Gama-chan" Naruto commanded, extending his hand. The baby looked at Naruto's hands with a confused expression and ignored him, grabbing Gama-chan harder. "Sasuke! I'm not kidding! My money is all in there... give me the wallet now."

Instead, Sasuke brought Gama-chan to his mouth and bit it.

"HEY, TEME!" Naruto shouted taking Gama-chan from the boy's hand before his money got wet with drool. "Gama-chan is not food!"

The baby's eyes filled with tears and he began to cry.

"I think it's time Sasuke-chan gets his own toys" Shima said.

Naruto put Gama-chan in his pocket and picked Sasuke up, trying to calm him down.

"Sasuke doesn't want toys" Naruto said. The idea that Sasuke wanted to play with dolls was ridiculous. Yet there he was… crying because he wanted to play with Gama-chan.

Looking at the white spot on Gama-chan, Naruto felt a sudden urge to see Sasuke. Was he alright? Of course he was. Jii-chan and Baa-chan Sennin were taking care of him, but... was he happy?

Naruto tried to take care of Sasuke as he imagined the Sasuke he knew would want to be treated. He could not imagine Sasuke wanting to play with toys... he had never seen him having fun at the Academy and he had never seen him on the playground. When they weren't on missions, Sasuke used to train alone in his spare time. Naruto never saw the raven have fun. That was why he didn't buy toys for the baby... because he thought Sasuke wouldn't be interested in them.

But maybe Sasuke wanted toys, play and have fun. Maybe Naruto was so concentrated in the past Sasuke that ignored what Sasuke wanted now.

Shaking his head to dismiss those thoughts, Naruto paid his bill and went to the city's huge library. The librarian, an elderly and irritable woman, accompanied him to the scrolls on rejuvenating jutsus with an expression that plainly said "I'm watching you".

"Eh! But there are so many of them!" Naruto exclaimed, petrified before two huge shelves full of old scrolls.

"Shh! No noise in the library" the librarian scolded. "All these scrolls are very old and priceless. If you ruin something, I'll call the authorities."

"Yeah... Yeah..."

With her nose up and a suspicious stare, the librarian left Naruto.

"Ok... which one am I going to read first?" the blond thought, frightened by the size and thickness of many scrolls. "It's best to start with the smallest one."

Naruto pulled out a small scroll and sat at a table. He barely opened the scroll, his blue eyes widened in perplexity. It was only about cells, nuclei and DNA and a lot of things that he didn't understand at all.

"Someone get me out of this!" Naruto exclaimed.

But before the librarian came to him to pull his ears, Naruto vanished in a cloud of white smoke.


When he opened his eyes, Naruto realized he was no longer in the library. He had been summoned to Mount Myōboku by Fukasaku and Shima.

"Jii-chan Sennin?" Naruto asked, confused and rising from the ground. "Why did you call me back? I thought I could stay in town as long as I wanted? My things are still at the motel. "

The toad couple looked at each other. Naruto realized that they both looked exhausted and worried.

"What's wrong?" the blond ninja asked.

"Sasuke-chan..." Fukasaku said.

Naruto's eyes widened and he felt his heart beating faster. Oddly, the image that appeared in his mind was not of the Sasuke who he had fought against, but the little baby who used to fall asleep in his arms.

"Sasuke? What happened to Sasuke?" Naruto asked increasingly worried.

"He... disappeared. He was kidnapped. "

"Kidnapped? How? Who took him?"

Fukasaku continued.

"Three frogs that have resentment towards humans. Three days ago, we were resting by the lake when Gamakichi and I were attacked by one of them. It was only a few seconds, but it was enough to distract us... when we looked at his basket, Sasuke-chan was gone."

"Three days? And why didn't you call me sooner?" Naruto asked.

"We didn't want to worry you" Shima intervened. "We thought we would be able to find Sasuke-chan ourselves."

"But unfortunately, these three frogs know how to hide very well and we couldn't find their hiding even by trying to locate their chakra. The area is very extensive" Fukasaku continued.

"Sasuke-chan's chakra is almost nonexistent. We went looking for him for days without success. We need another Sage who knows his chakra."

Naruto gritted his teeth and went into Sage Mode. Along with Fukasaku and Shima, he ran through the foliage trying to sense Sasuke's chakra. The weather was cold and would start raining soon.

Naruto felt tight in his heart. Sasuke had been abducted while he was having fun like an idiot.

"I'm sick of this and I'm sick of you. You're not Sasuke. "

Those were the last words that Naruto had said before leaving. He remembered how Sasuke had become suddenly silent and his eyes filled with fear.

How could he say that him? How could he have been so selfish and cruel?

"I'm gonna find him" Naruto swore. "He has to be okay."

Fukasaku stopped and made a sign for them to stop too.

"What, Jii-chan Sennin?" Naruto asked. "Did you find anything?"

"I felt Gamajun's chakra... the frog that attacked us" Fukasaku said to Naruto. "He is a few feet away."

Naruto frowned.

"Let's go!" the blond exclaimed.

Gamajun swore loudly when it started to rain. Why the hell did he always had to be doing the dirty work? Well... the answer was obvious. Gamaru was bigger and stronger than him and if he disobeyed he could end up with two broken legs. Gamajun had always been Gamaru's henchman and as long as he obeyed, he'd never had to fight in his life. Being small and skinny, Gamajun never wanted to engage in combat. Working to Gamaru, he would not face any danger.

"I found him!" an angry voice shouted.

Before Gamajun could see who had had shouted, a fist went against his face and he flew several feet until he fell on the floor.

"Who ... who... is ...?" the little frog stammered.

Naruto was right in front of him, still with his fist raised and his yellow eyes filled with anger.

"Where is he?" Naruto growled, moving towards Gamajun and seizing him by the collar of his jacket. "Where's Sasuke?"


"Don't mock me! Where is he? "

Gamajun started shaking.

"I don't know what you're talking about ..."

Shima and Fukasaku approached them.

"He refers to the baby that you and your friends stole three days ago," the old frog interrupted quietly but with a frown.

"Baby? I know nothing about no... Ouch!" Naruto clutched his throat with force.

"Don't lie to me, kono yaro!" Naruto muttered. "Where is he?"

Gamajun was terrified. That man was furious and could even kill him. He had no other choice...

"...I left him in the woods nearly an hour ago" Gamajun replied. "I don't remember where..."

The fury in Naruto's eyes turned into horror.

"YOU WHAT?" the blond yelled.

"Naruto-chan, let this scumbag with us" Fukasaku said before the young ninja strangled the frog. "Go find Sasuke-chan. You're the only one who knows his chakra well enough. "

Naruto gritted his teeth and threw Gamajun to the ground before rushing to the middle of the forest of giant leaves.

Gamajun massaged his sore neck.

"It's no use" said the little toad. "Even if he finds him, the kid must already be dead. He barely moved when I left him. "

Shima glared at him.

"For your sake... he better be alive. We won't stop Naruto a second time. "

When the trickle of icy water began to fall on Sasuke's injured body, he couldn't even groan of pain or cold. On the last day, he had become apathetic to everything and everyone because nobody would give him comfort even if he cried or remained silent.

The little baby was lying to one side on muddy ground and completely naked. His weak breathing freed small clouds of steam in the cold air. His hands and feet were hurting him more and were getting blue.

Nobody wanted to know if he was dirty, hurt or sad. Nobody cared... he didn't matter.

He was alone. Nobody loved him.

He had no mother, he had already realized that. Maybe she didn't exist or maybe she had abandoned him. Either way, he knew she wouldn't save him.

The thunder echoed across the sky, like a roar of a monster, causing the baby to shrink.

It was very difficult to stay awake. He just wanted to sleep to escape that pain and loneliness. His eyes were closing. He wanted to sleep and never wake up, that way no one would be mad at him anymore. No one would yell at him anymore. No one would hate him anymore.

Naruto ran and ran, looking everywhere. The rain did not help in the search and forced him to remove the water from his eyes constantly. Naruto tried to concentrate on finding his best friend's chakra, but felt nothing.

It was so cold... and Sasuke was alone for over an hour.

"Why did I leave?" Naruto thought bitterly. "If I hadn't left... if I hadn't been a coward, this would never..."

Distracted by his thoughts, Naruto stumbled on a rock and fell to the ground. He was so exhausted that his Sage Mode ended.

"Shit..." the teen cursed, trying to get up. It was dark and raining, he could no longer enter Sage Mode... and Sasuke was there, lost and alone.

"Why? Why do I always lose you?" Naruto lamented. "No matter what I do... I always end up losing you... SASUKEEEEEE!"

Naruto's scream echoed through the forest. Desperate, the blond lowered his head.


Naruto lifted his head and looked around. He heard a groan. He was sure it was a groan.

"Sasuke? Sasuke are you there? "

Wasting no time Naruto moved by the thick foliage, knocking the leaves away from his way and looking at all sides.

When a lightning illuminated the forest, he saw him… next to a tree.


Naruto ran towards the baby.

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" the blond exclaimed, landing on his knees beside the child.

His blue eyes widened in horror. Sasuke's body was covered with bruises and scratches. His little feet and hands were blue from the cold. His lips were purple and half-open, the body completely inert, as if...

"No! Sasuke, no!" Naruto groaned, taking of his coat, holding the baby in his arms and wrapping him in it. "You're not dead, you hear me? You'll be fine. Will you open those eyes and you'll be fine! "

The baby didn't react. Naruto felt his eyes burning and his throat tight. He clenched Sasuke against his chest and rubbed his back.

"Do something, teme... please do something" Naruto cried. "You can cry. You can cry all night ... I'll never scream at you for crying. I swear. So... don't die on me, Sasuke. Don't die... "

Naruto leaned his head against Sasuke's face. The baby's black hair was dirty and sticky but Naruto didn't care. All he wanted was for Sasuke to wake up.

"Don't go..." the blond sighed."I don't ... I don't want to lose you. I don't want to lose you again. "

Naruto hugged the baby harder and patted his back as he cried.


The young ninja's eyes opened.

"Eeeemm... Uuuum..."

Naruto looked at Sasuke's face. The baby was moaning. He was alive.

"Sasuke!" Naruto exclaimed, staring at the boy's face. "That's... that's it... open your eyes... look at me."

Baby's eyelids quivered and opened slowly. His dark eyes seemed empty and confused but, in the end, he focused on Naruto.

"It'll be okay, Sasuke" Naruto reassured him with a weak smile. "I promise you… it'll be ok."

Sasuke continued to stare at Naruto for a few seconds before closing his eyes again, his little chest rising and falling as he breathed.

"Naruto-chan!" Fukasaku and Shima exclaimed at the same time when Naruto came out of the woods, carrying Sasuke in his arms.

"You found him" Shima said, approaching them to see the baby. "How is he?"

Naruto glared angrily at Gamajun.

"They beat him, scratched him... those fuckers almost killed Sasuke!"

Gamajun trembled but couldn't escape because Fukasaku had trapped him on a tree.

"We'll pursue his companions" Fukasaku said. "Gamajun already told us where they hide."

Naruto nodded and handed Sasuke to Shima.

"Baa-chan Sennin... take care of Sasuke."

To his surprise, Shima walked away.

"No, Naruto-chan" she said. "You will take Sasuke-chan to the hospital in Kenkyū. We handle this here. "

"What? No way! I have to find the frogs that did this to Sasuke!"

Shima stared at Naruto in the eyes with a serious expression.

"If you want to do something for Sasuke-chan, take him with you and take care of him" Shima retorted. "He needs you... more than you think. A frog cannot take care of a human baby. "


"She's right," Fukasaku said. "If you really care about Sasuke-chan, then stay with him when he needs you. Let us deal with the frogs. "

Naruto looked to his masters and then to Sasuke. All the young ninja wanted was to punch frogs that had hurt him, he thought it was the only way to unload all the rage and guilt he felt for having allowed them to take Sasuke. What could he do more for him but that?

Before he could talk back, Naruto saw smoke enveloping him and disappeared. When he opened his eyes, he was in a dry Kenkyū street, dripping.

Wasting no time, Naruto took Sasuke to the city hospital. As he entered the emergency ward he shouted that he needed help, he had a sick and wounded baby. What happened next was blurred. A group of doctors and nurses surrounded him and Sasuke disappeared from his arms. Shortly after, they took him into a room and when Naruto tried to follow them, they wouldn't let him go.

Naruto walked in circles impatiently in the waiting room, wondering why they were taking so long... why nobody told him anything...


Naruto turned around and saw a woman in a white coat. He recalled that she was one of the doctors who took Sasuke. How did she know his name? Did he say it when he went inside the hospital? He no longer remembered... everything was very confused in his head.

"Sasuke," the ninja asked. "He'll be all right?"

The doctor nodded slowly.

"Thankfully his injuries weren't serious" she said. "He broke no bones and we couldn't find any damaged organs. Within a few days he will be ready to go home. "

The relief made Naruto sit in the chairs, placing a hand on his chest.




"Could you tell me what happened?"

Naruto was taken to the doctor's office, he found out by reading a plaque, she was named Minami Keiko. After sitting down, Naruto told her everything. He told her he was a ninja and that he was taking care of Sasuke in Myōboku Mount, where the frogs who he summoned lived. He told her, with a huge feeling of guilt, that he had felt frustrated with the baby and gone to spend some days in the city, until the frogs reversed summoned him back because Sasuke had been kidnapped.

"I found him in the mud... alone... I thought he was dead..." Naruto said, feeling tears behind his eyes. "If only I hadn't left... he..."

Keiko was an understanding person and knew that taking care of a baby could be exasperating at times. And Naruto was very young.

"Doesn't he have someone else?" the doctor asked. "Can't another family member stay with him?"

"No" Naruto replied. "I'm all he has... and I blew it."

Naruto didn't leave the hospital.

Sasuke was lying on a cot and was still in isolation, so Naruto could not enter his room. Instead, the blond stood at the window of the bedroom door to look at the baby, making sure he was still alive and breathing.

When they finally gave him permission to enter the room, Naruto pulled a chair next to the crib and watched Sasuke while he slept. Most of the bruises were disappearing and scratches were barely visible.

Naruto realized how stupid and selfish he had been. He just thought of himself and how Itachi's jutsu had affected him rather than thinking about Sasuke and how he felt. He was so worried thinking about the adult Sasuke, who he knew, that he had hurt the baby Sasuke who he had become. Obviously Sasuke's feelings would change if he was a baby, but Naruto had wanted him to behave like before, that's was why he had felt angry with Sasuke.

Naruto had done exactly what Shima said. He had abandoned Sasuke because he was no longer the friend he remembered.

But he was still Sasuke, Naruto would never doubt that. With or without memory, Sasuke was Sasuke. And Naruto would accept Sasuke even if he was a baby.

Carefully Naruto patted the boy's black hair and smiled when he saw him sleeping so peacefully. Suddenly, Naruto felt something in his heart... a feeling of affection that he could not identify. It was gentle feeling, an increasing need to protect and this small baby in front of him. How come he didn't realize how sweet and perfect he looked? Why did feel like he could just watch him sleep for hours? Why didn't he want to leave him?

"What is this feeling?"

A nurse came in with a bottle in hand. As she saw Naruto, she stopped by the door.

"Oh? Good morning!" the nurse greeted with a friendly smile.

"Good morning" Naruto said, turning to her.

The nurse approached the crib and smiled when she saw Naruto's hand gently stroking the baby's head.

"Finally they let you be with your baby, huh?" the nurse said, convinced that Naruto was the child's father. However, Naruto didn't realize what she had implied.

"Yes. When can he come home?" Naruto asked.

"Soon" the nurse replied. "You're lucky. He is a very strong and brave boy."

Naruto smiled, a rush of pride growing in his heart.

"I know."

With the sound of voices, Sasuke groaned and began to wake. Naruto approached the crib and greeted the baby with a huge smile.

"Good morning! That was a big nap, huh? "Naruto said, making the nurse laugh. Sasuke stared at Naruto with a confused expression.

When the nurse came to give him the bottle, Naruto asked her whether he could do it.

"I haven't done this for awhile" the blond said.

The nurse nodded "Sure. I bet Sasuke-chan also misses that. "

Naruto bent over the crib and grabbed Sasuke. To his surprise, the baby moaned softly and stood rigid as a statue in Naruto's arms.

"Huh? Sasuke... what's wrong?" the blond asked.

Naruto was troubled when he saw Sasuke's face. The baby's eyes were wide open; his lower lip was trembling and he was white as a sheet.

"Sasuke? Are you in pain? Do you feel sick?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke did not seem in pain... he seemed afraid... of Naruto.

"Why is he like this?" Naruto turned to the nurse. "What's wrong with him? Why does it seem that he is afraid of me? "

"He's been like that with every person who touches him" the nurse said with a sad expression. "He's afraid to be hurt again."

"But I'm not going to hurt him!" Naruto retorted. "He knows me! I would never hurt him. "

"I know... but Sasuke-chan is too scared at this point. He can't trust anyone... not even you, Naruto-kun. He doesn't want to be hurt again. "

A few days later, Sasuke was discharged from the hospital and Naruto took him to the motel where he was still installed. A frog had brought a bag with diapers, milk bottles and clothes for the baby. Although the other two toads had already been caught, Fukasaku and Shima were busy with their trial. Besides, Sasuke was still not one hundred percent recovered and the best was to let him recover in a clean and warm room because it was very cold on Mount Myōboku. Besides, Naruto wanted to be alone with Sasuke and try to win back his confidence before taking him back to the frogs.

When Naruto brought Sasuke to his room in the motel, the baby had been still and silent in his arms, as if waiting for a beating if he made noise. When Naruto laid the infant on the futon, he noticed that Sasuke tried to keep as far away from him as possible. If he could, the baby would flee and hide.

"Sasuke... come on..." Naruto said, sad and a little hurt that Sasuke didn't want to be near him. "Don't be scared. It's me, remember? Naruto. The Dobe. "

The young ninja tried to pick up Sasuke, but as barely touched the baby, he whimpered and trembled. Not knowing what to do, Naruto once again put him down on the futon.


For a while, Naruto did what Sasuke wanted and kept his distance, approaching him only to change his diaper and feed him. The blond thought that, with time, Sasuke would trust him again if he saw that Naruto didn't harm him. But the raven was still scared and didn't want to be touched by Naruto.

Naruto missed being able to pick up the baby freely and see Sasuke smiling innocently for silly things like a funny face or a color. It broke his heart to see him so broken.

One day, Naruto could take no more. He picked up his futon and lay down next to Sasuke while he was taking a nap. When the raven woke up and saw Naruto, he was again startled by his presence. But this time, Naruto didn't leave. Instead, the blond approached the child and pulled his small body against him. Sasuke stood rigid as a board, but Naruto didn't drop him and patted his back and head with care.

"It's okay" Naruto said softly.

Sasuke remained quiet and moaned several times, but Naruto didn't let go. A few minutes later, the boy began to relax. That hug was so warm and comforting...

Before long the two fell asleep.

Naruto woke up when Sasuke began to whimper again. Feeling the smell, the ninja knew immediately why.

"It's time to go to the bathroom, huh?" Naruto said, almost amused. "C'mon."

Naruto took Sasuke to the bathroom, undressed him and took off his clothes. Not all wounds had disappeared from Sasuke's body and Naruto's eyes saddened when he saw a greenish black bruise on the little baby's back.

"I know! How about a warm bath?" Naruto suggested. Strangely, he felt he should talk to Sasuke, even though he couldn't understand him. "You'll be much better after a bath. Seriously! There is nothing better than taking a bath, wear your pajamas, eating and going to sleep. You have a dream life, huh teme?"

Naruto filled the sink with hot water and began to wash Sasuke gently with a sponge. Then, he poured a little soap in one hand and washed the baby's thin black hair carefully. Sasuke relaxed when Naruto began to bathe him, he liked when he touched and washed his skin. He liked to feel Naruto's warm hands. He recognized the blond person as his previous caretaker… before the pain came. He had returned and was treating him. But… why? He wasn't his mother.

Who was he? Who was he to him?

Naruto took Sasuke and wrapped him in a fluffy white towel, dabbing him softly not to hurt his bruises and scratches. Afterward, he took an ointment that the doctor had prescribed and rubbed into the baby's wounds.

"You'll be ok in no time" Naruto said.

Sasuke remained quiet as Naruto rubbed the ointment into his body until he saw something that caught his attention. A baby with black hair and eyes was staring at him. Curious, Sasuke stretched his arms towards the baby, the baby did the same. When Sasuke stretched one leg and wiggled his arms, the baby in front of him imitated him.

When all wounds were covered with the ointment, Naruto put it back inside it's box.

"All done! Now let's get you dressed, okay?" the young ninja asked. It was then that Naruto realized that Sasuke was making faces at the mirror. "What is it, Sasuke?"

The baby continued to wave toward the mirror, trying to touch your his reflection. Naruto remembered that there were no mirrors in Fukasaku's house, so Sasuke had never seen his own reflection.

"Ah! Want to see yourself in the mirror?" Naruto said smiling, holding Sasuke and sitting him in front of the mirror. "I didn't know you were so vain."

Sasuke stretched his arms and touched the mirror; his expression was a mixture of admiration and confusion.

"Ah... Sasuke? You know that baby is you, right?" Naruto asked, but Sasuke continued to watch his own reflection, more and more intrigued. "Don't tell me... you don't know you're human?"

Maybe Sasuke thought he was a toad! After all, he had been surrounded by frogs for the last three months. What if Sasuke started croaking and hopping all over the place like a frog?

"No! I have to stop it!"Naruto thought in panic. "Hey, Sasuke... you're a human being, you understand. You're not a toad. You're a human being."

Sasuke looked at Naruto when he came over and took the baby in his arms, facing the mirror.

"See? That's you" Naruto said, pointing to the mirror. "Those are you and me. We are human, you know? See?" Naruto grabbed one of Sasuke's little hands and placed it on his open hand. "We have the same hands and the same skin..."

Sasuke looked at the mirror and then to Naruto again. The baby's hand was a lot smaller and pale in comparison with Naruto's, but they were equal. Sasuke grabbed one of Naruto's fingers and felt the warmth of his skin.

"You also have eyes, a mouth and a nose like mine" Naruto continued, pointing to his face.

Sasuke reached out both arms and touched Naruto's cheeks, his nose and his mouth. Finally, he grabbed a lock of his blond hair.

"Yes. You also have hair like me" Naruto said, laughing. Sasuke let go of his hair and placed his hands on Naruto's chest, staring at him intently.

Naruto turned back to the mirror and Sasuke stared at their reflections.

"See? We are the same" Naruto finished.

Sasuke looked back at Naruto and then stared at the blonds' chest. Without warning, the little raven opened his mouth and rubbed his face in Naruto's chest.

"Huh? What are you doing, Sasuke? "

Sasuke continued to open and close his mouth, rubbing his face in Naruto's chest. It was almost like he was looking for his...

"AH! Sasuke, no!" Naruto removed the baby from his chest. "I... I can't give you milk that way!" the blond said, very red. Sasuke wanted him to breastfeed! "Sorry... no milk in my boobs…!"

Well… Naruto could use his Sexy Jutsu and… Oh, hell no! That was too weird! And just plain wrong!

Hungry and frustrated, the child moaned and his eyes filled with tears. Naruto hurried to dress him and prepared a bottle of milk. When he was ready, the young ninja sat on the futon with Sasuke in his lap and gave him a bottle. The baby drank the milk with delight and his eyes fixed on Naruto's face, who smiled at him and, with his free hand, stroked his back gently.

Sasuke leaned his face against Naruto and completely relaxed, closing his onyx eyes. Feeling safe, the baby fell asleep before finishing the bottle.

Hours later, Naruto lie down next to Sasuke and fell asleep with the baby pressed against his chest.

When the morning light illuminated the room, Sasuke was the only one to wake up. The baby made no sound, merely opening and closing his eyes slowly. He felt warm and at ease... he also smelled the odor of someone he knew, by instinct, cared about him.

His onyx eyes met Naruto's face, who was still asleep. The baby watched him closely and felt happy to be with that person. Slowly, Sasuke touched Naruto's face with his little fingers and stroked it slowly. In response, Naruto mumbled something in his sleep and hugged Sasuke harder, making the baby's face lean against the blonds' neck.

The baby felt safe. He knew that person would do him no harm and would protect him from pain and loneliness. With Naruto's warm skin against his cheek, Sasuke felt his heart overflowing with affection for him. He knew they were connected.

Love. He loved him. He loved that person so much... he just wanted to stay with him forever, because... he was family.

That was when Sasuke finally realized it. That person was not his mother... he had no milk and wasn't female, but it was the other parent. Sasuke had finally found him.


Neither Naruto nor Sasuke realized when the symbol of the Black Phoenix appeared on the baby's back and the two seals formed in their chests. After three months, the other half of Itachi's jutsu started working.

Sasuke had found his father.

When the Kanji "Father" appeared in Naruto's chest and Kanji "Son" appeared on Sasuke's chest. Naruto's chakra started to leave by his abdomen and formed a thin line that joined with the baby's navel. As minutes went by, Sasuke's chakra became increasingly similar to Naruto's.

The infant ended up falling asleep again, happy to be in his Daddy's arms.

When Naruto returned to Mount Myōboku with Sasuke in his arms, he was greeted with smiles and tears. Shima fell on him and tried to make sure that Sasuke was okay, but when she tried to pick up the baby, Sasuke grabbed on to Naruto, not wanting to be away from him.

"Don't be sad, Baa-chan" Naruto said. "When I took him to a few shops, all the ladies wanted to hold him but he refused to let go of me. He's very clingy."

Shima moved away but smiled.

"You two seem very close now" she said.

Naruto grinned.

"Naruto-chan... can you take Sasuke-chan back to his room. We have a surprise" Fukasaku said.

Naruto frowned and followed the frog couple. When they entered Sasuke's room, the blonds' eyes widened with amazement.

"Wow!" Naruto exclaimed.

A wooden cradle, decorated with a lot of frogs, was at the center of the room.

"Where did get this cradle?" Naruto asked.

Fukasaku blushed.

"Well ... I made it" the old toad said. "I wanted it to be a surprise. Hope Sasuke-chan likes it. "

"He'll love it. Right, Sasuke?" Naruto replied , landing Sasuke on his new crib.

The baby cooed and wiggled his legs and arms, keeping his eyes on Naruto.

"Oh! That outfit is so cute" Shima said looking at Sasuke. "He's adorable!"

Sasuke was wearing a brand new dark blue Jinbei.

"Yeah! I bought this yesterday when we went shopping "Naruto said, putting a bag on the floor. "We also bought him some toys and new t-shirts."

"T-shirts?" Shima said.

Naruto smiled and showed her the shirt he had bought. It was black and the middle was written: Mister Poopy Pants.

"You won't make him wear that!" Shima said, shocked.

"Oh, come on! It's funny! " Naruto replied. "And it's true most of the time."

Shima opened her mouth to reply but Sasuke began to wail in his new cradle. Naruto picked up the baby and sat on the floor with Sasuke in his lap.

"Well... since you received so many gifts today I think it's time to give you this" Naruto said looking at Sasuke and getting something out of his pocket. "This is for you, Sasuke."

Sasuke's eyes widened and he immediately stretched his arms, grabbing Gama-chan.

"Naruto-chan... you're giving it to him?" Fukasaku asked. "But it's your wallet."

"It's okay" Naruto replied, smiling when Sasuke nibbled Gama-chan. "I took all the money from it and filled it with dry leaves. I already bought an adult wallet for me. Besides... Sasuke adores Gama-chan."

And it was true; Sasuke grabbed the wallet again and shook it. When Gama-chan fell to the ground, the baby laughed. Naruto picked up the wallet and gave it to Sasuke again.

The two played with Gama-chan for hours. Naruto laughed almost as much as Sasuke, feeling strangely close to the baby.

Naruto and Sasuke didn't know it yet, but they were getting one step closer to becoming parent and child.

The End

To be continued on Phoenix Rising

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