TimxJason, with some off-side DickxKory

AU. Jason does NOT need a tutor, but that's okay - Tim doesn't need a student.

M for sexy things.


Note that Tim's parents are alive and well, Jason is two years older and Dick one year older than him—the two are brothers—and both adopted sons of Bruce Wayne. Tim is a relatively wealthy student at Gotham High, assigned by Dick (head of something-or-rather) to tutor rebellious, leather-wearing Jason Todd. I've basically bullsh-sorry, recreated Tim's parents.

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It was just for extra credit.

That was all.

"Tim, this is Jason," Dick smiled. "Jason, this is Tim. He's going to be tutoring you."

Immediately the mental note-taking began – instant and quick, as all of Tim's were.

Jason was taller than him. Huge in comparison to Dick. Almost as good-looking – not in the same way, though. The former acrobat had always been close to famed for having that handsome, Disney-prince look. Jason, however... More the allure type, apparently. Hadn't said hello yet. Wasn't smiling or wearing his uniform – must have changed out of it the moment the bell rang. White streak in his hair plus the fact that such a thing was strictly banned meant he was financially loaded but rebellious.

Intercepting any pleasantries that could be made, a snorting sound cut into what Tim was about to say.

"Him? Dick, he's just a kid."

Before the person of interest got a chance to feel hurt or offended, Dick turned to him and smiled again. "Yeah, a kid with a mind better than most adults I've ever met." It was directed at Jason but he was talking to Tim – something that made the youngest student bite his lip to stop his soft cheeks from glowing with pride. Jason sniggered audibly and dropped down with a loud grunt.

"Well," sighed Dick, obviously not impressed with his friend's rudeness, "I hate to leave in such a touching moment, but I'm late for stuff. If you need anything, you both have my number and the librarian is in her office. S'ya later."


"You know, I would really appreciate it if you got your feet off the table."

"You know, I would really appreciate a little less attitude."

This was how it'd been all evening – Tim attempting to get the book read, Jason apparently succeeding in drowning him out. Occasionally flicking back his white lock with a toss of his head. Mostly just spinning around slowly in the desk chair.

"I'm just doing what Dick told me to do," growled Tim. "I'm just trying to help."

"Ditto. Minus the help part, of course."

"You're a douche-bag."

Jason pulled his shoes off the varnished, previously-spotless wood, his eyes locked on Tim. "You're gay, aren't you, kid?" Eschewing off any response with a hand up, he continued quietly; "I saw the way you looked at Dick – if you want to suck his cock so badly, all you have to do is ask. I highly doubt he'd put up a fight against fucking a sweet ass like yours. You could try it on a desk next time he goes 'round to study, but he's super-traditional so it'll probably be missionary on a bed."

Tim's lips spluttered. He hadn't really just said that, right? Jason raised an eyebrow. "You don't waste any time pissing people off, do you?" he retorted in weak aggression.

"No denial, eh?"

"Dick is a brother to me as I am to him – that's all that's going on between us and that's all I want to go on between us."

"Still no denial," Jason sang, leaning into the cushioned back.

His mouth opened in shock. "I did deny it, you arrogant-"

"You denied having feelings for Dick, which I already knew to be the case. You clearly friend-zoned each other ages ago." He took a quick swig from the small bottle atop the stack of books, the one that Tim had already tried countless times to swipe from his grasp. Swished it around his mouth. Swallowed noisily. "You did not, however, deny having feelings for guys in general."

Tim's lips pursed. There was no way he could argue against this... this...

"Where are you going?" he cried. Jason took a last glug and aimed, threw and perfectly landed his empty bottle in the recycling bin. "Jason – we still have another hour."

"Whatever – tell Dick I split. You'll still get paid."

In an instant, Tim's significantly smaller body blocked the exit. He didn't know exactly what he was going to do. Getting knocked down with a single punch wasn't exactly on his Blackberry's planner. "You're not leaving."

Smirk. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." Tim gulped down the worth of his life. "How you place on the final exams reflects on me, too. I am responsible for the grades you get. I am the one who'll have failed if you do. I will be the one who wasted time in this place after school when I could be out, having a life, doing stuff-"

"-and kissing the principal's ass, I know. Why is your life so difficult?" Jason sighed dramatically. He then grinned and the expression scared Tim. It was a grin like that of a shark who smelled blood in the water. Looping an arm around his companion's neck, the older boy strode back in the general direction of their work spot. Tim subtly checked around for other people, anyone who could help- "Wanna know a secret, kid?"

"Not from you I don't."

"Huh. That's funny." It certainly wasn't funny when Jason shoved Tim against the nearest wall, knocking a couple of books to the floor in a way that would surely damage their spines.

"Jason! What the hell-"

"It's funny because, no matter what the answer, I'm going to tell you anyway." He snickered. "And I highly doubt you're the kind to block your ears and scream at the top of your lungs."

How? How was Tim supposed to answer that?

Apparently he didn't have to – Jason pressed himself closer, close enough that his breath on Tim's neck was easily felt and far too good. Part of Tim yelled his arms are up – elbow hit to the ribs, knee to the gut, foot to the chest and he's down.

And the other part...

He didn't want to think about it. Dismissed the thought.

"My secret is that I don't need a tutor."

Tim's eyes nearly slid closed as he tip-toed the brink of melting-point when the words hit his skin. "Bu-"

"Every year it's the same story – I do fuck-all during class, same for homework, but anything that means shit I do to an excellent standard. Dick wants to change that." He sighed. "Me? I don't really give a crap."

"Then why are you getting tutored?" Tim spat, earning a chuckle.

"Maybe... Maybe one day I'll tell you. Then again, maybe not." He pulled back just an inch and Tim let out a relieved swear. "For the time being, however, I have a proposition. A deal."

He didn't want to know what this "deal" was.

Especially with Jason eyeing his mouth like that...

"You're right-handed?"

Tim squinted.

Then strong, rough fingers clasped onto his arm and Tim reactively struggled. Jason either didn't notice or chose not to acknowledge it. Instead, he pressed his lips to the pale, thin skin revealed by his blazer's slipping. Tim immediately froze, then winced as Jason began to bite and suck.

"What are you doing?" he hissed.

Jason, once again, ignored him. Released with an obscene wet sound to admire his work. Shamelessly satisfied, he smirked and looked back at Tim. The boy gulped.

"When you're using this hand tonight for... whatever purposes, I want you to think of me. No-one else. Not Dick, not Edward freakin' Cullen, and definitely not some pimple-faced teenager in your year with their head in your crotch, just me."

"Why should I?" snapped Tim. The purple oval was already blooming, entwined red vines amongst magenta roses. "You think you just press me up against a-"

"One question at a time, please," Jason tutted. "And you'll do it because while you're out, and I quote, having a life, doing stuff, I will be inside my room, reading that book. It'll be finished by morning. You have my word."

Tim didn't really think through what he said next. "How do I know you'll stick to it? How do I know you won't just be going to another crack-house and getting high?"

"Because getting high is for losers whose realities suck, and my reality is awesome. I happen to rather like it. Also, what didn't you understand about the one-question-at-a-time rule?" Jason licked his teeth, sending Tim shrinking back into the wall. "But since you're such a nice little boy, I'll answer the other one, too. You can quiz me tomorrow, alright? Ask whatever questions you like about that horrible piece of literature and I'll get it down and dusted. Easy shit."

Then he wasn't pressing against Tim's body anymore, and the younger of the pair stumbled half a step, rubbing at his wrist and watching as Jason headed for the exit.

"How do I know you won't slack off and read the Wikipedia?" he asked.

Jason paused, turned. Shrugged.

"I guess we just have to learn to trust each other."


"How'd it go?" Dick asked as Tim approached the car.

His heart rate didn't ease its hummingbird pace, decided to increase and crawl up his throat.

"Fine. He left early, but I wasn't expecting the full three hours."

Dick shrugged. "What can you do?"

Once in the passenger seat, Tim proceeded with deep breaths. He'd been able to slow his lungs' intake for a while. Just a little while, though – enough to wish the librarian a good night and go without arousing suspicion.

"What's that?"


"On your arm. What is it?"

Tim jerked his sleeve down; "Nothing."

Dick sighed, backed the car into an empty slot. Tim pulled at the door-handle with a tad of distress in his gut – locked.

"He didn't hurt you, right?" asked Dick.

Blue eyes narrowed in his best I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about face. "What do you mean?"

A nervous laugh filled the silence for a moment. "Jason has a, uh, habit of messing up his tutors and classmates."

"You knew that and you put me with him?" Tim yelled.

Dick held his hands up submissively. "Not really messing up – just sort of screwing around with their brains. I figured if anyone could change him or his outlook on schoolwork, it'd be you. You're a pretty tough nut to crack."

Tim considered it for a second. "Nothing happened," he finally said. "Now let me out."

They both knew it wasn't the truth. Nevertheless, a click later and he was out in fresh air that smelled like Mexican. Their parents—Tim's, more specifically—would go mental if they knew that each Monday the two would go to a food cart on the side of the road, but it'd been a tradition since Dick could drive and neither one was in a hurry to abandon it.

"Want a chip?" Dick asked, gesturing to his paper bowl.

Tim grinned as he took one. "Graciez."

"Nessun problema."

Then Tim realised which hand he'd used. Immediately thought of Jason sitting beside Dick, stealing more of the cheesy nachos and laughing.

"Tim. Tim. You okay?"

"Fine," he assured Dick.

But he wasn't.

"So what's Jason's deal, anyway?" Tim asked as nonchalantly as possible.

Dick shrugged. "Smokes but doesn't do drugs, smart but doesn't try, heartthrob amongst the girls but none of them are... his type."


"Are you sure he didn't hurt you?" Dick persisted.

With a roll of his eyes, Tim cracked a smile. "Really, I'm fine! Quick question, though – did you tell him I'm a fag?"

A cat meowed at their feet and Tim tossed it a chunk of his taco's insides as Dick sighed, shook his head at his meal. "I really wish you wouldn't use that word."

"Why not? It only has so much power as we allow it to, and nobody's around anyway."

Dick was clearly avoiding the question. Lucky for him, it'd been a long day and Tim would leave it.



Tim turned the chair in his room around, rested his arms on the headrest and chin atop them. All night he could only think of Jason, and it frustrated him to the highest degree. And what the heck was wrong with him? Normal people didn't do those kinds of things. No way. Not that Tim was particularly gifted in that area of expertise, but nobody had to be a genius to know that the idiot probably wasn't even touching the damned book!

That idiot with an amazing jawbone...

Tim shook his head yet the image stuck. The face that mocked him. The hands that held him. The teeth that bit him.

Snap out of it, Drake! Don't give into him! Strangers aren't supposed to think of other strangers in such positio-lights. It just isn't appropriate!

Another voice triumphed, however; Jason wouldn't have to know, would he? If Tim just admired his slightly-off-centre nose (a result of a previous fight, he imagined) and calmed, teasing eyes. Or his shoulders and leather jacket, which just had to be concealing rippling muscles, judging by the build of his torso. Jason was, undeniably, pretty hot. Not the young, boyish type like a lot of the guys in his classes. Older, more experienced.


Plus, he had kind of... invited Tim to think of him like that.


Tim had to allow his mind to wonder further. After all, Jason would never know...

The memory from the library seeped in and Tim suddenly couldn't help it. What if they had been panting, not talking and taunting as Jason seemed to find so amusing? What if that had been the case? That minor detail would have changed the whole scenario.

What if they had been embracing?

Tim hummed a small laugh – there wasn't even the slightest possibility that Jason was the type to embrace.

But what if they had been naked?

The next one didn't take an incredible imagination.

Jason breathing hard into his ear, Tim completely elevated both physically and mentally, repetitively gasping out the other's names in between numerous other sounds.

And pretty soon he was grasping at the plastic of the chair, grinding up against its spine. Whimpering out the softest of breaths into his arm and flexing his feet at each wave of pleasure. Forcing the bulge in his pants to rub harder, constricted, as though it was being touched by...

A hand?

Jason's hand?

The fact that he didn't seem to mind the thought shocked Tim more than the actual idea did. Jason had pretty big hands. Ones that would fit just perfectly between his thighs to caress... well... everything.

Then it really hit – this was Jason he was fantasizing about! Jason, who smelled of smoke and booze, was this close to being expelled (if only the teachers could catch him and his dad wasn't rich) and wouldn't fucking read to save his life.

Tim realised too late that he'd lost his balance, sending the chair to the floor with a loud clunk and bringing him with it. His knees took most of the weight, instantly stinging with the pain, but it was his mouth that shot off in curses.

"Sweetie? I heard a noise – are you okay?"

"I'm fine, mom! The chair and I just had a-" He cast a glower at the furniture piece. "-disagreement."

"As long as you're alright. Oh, and dinner will be ready in half an hour."

Tim righted it and himself, erection still begging for attention despite its host's very-recent topple. Frustrated at his own body's lack of restraint, he pulled at his belt with his left hand, right at the ready, then imagined Jason watching and switched.

It seemed Tim's relationship with Lefty was to be taken to the next level that night.