Hey, everybody! I got this idea from a story I read in the Korra fandom. It's about Nolan and Dillon. Here we go!

Just another boring day in the York household. Nolan York, the former operative 2030, sat on his wheelchair by the couch, calmly reading the day's newspaper. "Hm… strange sightings of mysterious doors in the forest. That's odd…" he mumbled to himself.

He heard a pair of feet scurrying his way and put his paper down, seeing his 5-year-old son, Dillon York with a piece of paper. "Dad, Dad! Look what I have!"

"What is it?"

"I drew you a picture, Dad! Look!" he handed his father the paper. "It's you, Mom, and Ms. Dickson fighting the army of evil villains, like Mom told me!" Nolan observed the drawing of him and his friends, drawn as stick characters with smiling faces. Danika was colored black and had long hair, with some blue in the middle of it, Nolan was also colored black and had a bit more scribbled hair, and was sitting in what he assumed to be a black wheelchair, and April was colored red and had long, yellow hair. The three were on the left of the picture, while the right seemed to have a bunch of blackness scribbled, with angry faces inside of it.

"Hehe. You know we had a couple more people with us, right?" Nolan chuckled.

"Well, yeah, but…" Dillon shifted his foot along the floor, "I ran out of room. But she said it was mostly you, anyway. Do you like it, Dad?"

Nolan smiled and ruffled up his son's hair. "I love it, Son. It really brings back memories…"

Yeah, that was short, but I'm tired and I wanted to write something other than Firstborn, just for a little break. You know, speaking of these two, I was actually planning to extend a little more on my "First Day" one-shot, make it a longer story (by like, two more chapters), but I'll do that after finishing Nolan's story. But next time, we'll be continuing, to finish Jagar's story. Later.